Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 339


Unlike the Hyuga and the Uchiha, the Sarutobi clan did not have any strong Kekkei Genkai. Their status was mainly built on the shoulders of the 3rd.

During his administration, all clans were polite to them, and they had enough breathing room to take the chance and cultivate a large number of outstanding Ninjas, mainly users of Fire Release.

However, ever since the 3rd retired, the growth of the clan slowed down significantly. 

The head of the Sarutobi clan, Sarutobi Heizo, was well aware of the problem, and actually rather anxious about it. He was a man of great ambitions, wanting his clan to get on par with, and even surpass the Hyuga and the Uchiha.

It was a pity that he had never found a chance.

Therefore, when he heard that the Hokage was letting other families get some of the Security Department rights, he was ecstatic!

After sending people to confirm that the Uchiha were indeed understaffed, Heizo immediately held clan-wide meeting.

There were nearly a hundred Sarutobi clan members gathering. The matter was of great importance, and Heizo did not beat around the bush, explaining everything straight-away.

Everyone from the clan that was present at the scene agreed after getting just a few answers to some minor question: this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that’s not to be missed!

But then suddenly, a woman that had remained silent all the time stood up and said: “Heizo Dono, I don’t think things would be that easy.”

The members of the clan turned quiet. This was the daughter in law of the 3rd, and was once one of his close guards.

After the 3rd retired, many of his Anbu naturally followed suit. 

Today, even though she was a mere housewife, she was one of the strongest people in the clan, and no one dared to ignore her opinions.

“Could you explain further?” A Jonin asked cautiously.

“I think it’s better to be cautious. This thing is too appealing, and it couldn’t be without a price. The Sarutobi clan is now strong enough, and we have no need to get in control of the Security Department. Of course, this is just my opinion. If Heizo dono doesn’t agree, he could just ignore it.” After she finished talking, she left the meeting room. 

As soon as she left the door, the meeting room turned noisy again, but this time, they were discussing her words and not so eager to get involved with the security department. 

“Enough!” Heizo put his fist against the table, and everyone instantly went silent.

“Regarding the Security Department, our clan cannot just let the pie be split and watch. The Uchiha have had a great tragedy, and with less than a 3rd of them left, they are at their weakest.

Moreover, their clan still exists, and they could be in front, shielding us. If they could be on top of things, we could get our share without being harmed.

Also, do not forget about the Hyuga and Ino-Shika-Cho alliance. If we don’t move and they do, won’t we be left behind? Do not forget, with the Hyuga’s Byakugan and the Yamanaka’s techniques, both these parties are more suitable than us for the job. Once they get the power of the security department, our clan would no longer have room to grow and prosper.”

Heizo’s words made the most hesitant of people decide to support him instantly.

At the same time, a similar discussion was being held by the Hyuga clan.

The grievances of the Hyuga and Uchiha clan had roots in the war for resources during the Warring States Period and then in the disputes between the larger clans in the village. Both clans had Dojutsus, and they were like fire and Ice.

In fact, the ones who wanted to take down the Uchiha the most, besides Danzo and his pals, were the Hyuga. Right now, they had an opportunity to share the rights to the Security Depatement with them, which should give them more of an edge over their already weakened foes.

Therefore, they would never give up on this chance, and they felt that they were finally going to become the number one clan in Konoha.

At the same time, they were also worried about the involvement of the Sarutobi clan and the Ino-Shika-Cho alliance.

“Hizashi, you take some men to monitor the Sarutobi and Akamachi clans. Come back and report to me any movements you detect.”

“Yes, Hiashi Dono!”

“Wait!” Hizashi was about to go, when an elder of the clan stopped him: “Hizashi, why don’t you let him monitor the Yamanaka?”

“Elder, the Yamanaka’s spiritual power is too powerful. It is very likely that they would detect us. Just monitoring one clan of the three should be enough to monitor them all.” Hiashi explained.

The elder sighed helplessly and said: “Of course, we’re not worried about all the Yamanaka, right? I guess the real threat is Ryo Yamanaka!”

Hearing Ryo’s name, Hiashi looked still and did not said anything. Hizashi barely nodded, and then left the room and started his task.

The next morning, Ryo arrived to the Hokage’s office and told Sakumo about the alliance’s decision.

Sakumo smiled when he heard his words: “Sure enough, I can’t fool Shikaku. That guy is too cunning.”

“Yes! But the situation is different with the other clans. I felt it last night; the Hyuga have sent people to monitor the Sarutobi and Akamichi clans.”

Sakumo nodded: “Seems like the fishes are hooked!”

“Well, we’ll see who’s most generous; the Sarutobi or the Hyuga.”

In the next few days, more “disturbances” occurred in Konoha, with Sakumo’s Anbu disrupting the lives of the villagers, and the Uchiha continuing to look helpless.

The two clans, Hyuga and Sarutobi, began an all out espionage “battle”. In order to not raise suspicions, the Ino-Shika-Cho joined them in this little game.

Another week later, Sakumo felt that everything was ready, and he arranged for his Anbu to cause disturbances in the village on the largest scale yet. With this, the villagers sent a representative to the Hokage’s office once again.

Sakumo was “forced” to intervene, summoning the top of the village and the Uchiha clan for a meeting.

In the conference room, the Hyuga and the Sarutobi sat down face to face with sparks in their eyes.

Sakumo glanced at Ryo, and then looked at Fugaku who was sitting in the back, just to find him extremely alarmed.

“Ahem!” Sakumo’s light cough was enough to attract everyone’s attention.

“Elders, patriarchs, the reason why I’ve summoned you today is presumably clear to everyone. You can all express your views!” said Sakumo.

Everyone looked at each other, and no one wanted to take the lead. Seeing that silence had lasted a bit too long, Hiashi was the first one to stand up.

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