Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 342


Ryo remembered the Manga, and back in there, the Akatsuki began to make some heavy moves two years after the events of the story began. Now was year 57, and that was 57 years away.

Ryo knew all too well that things had changed, but he still had enough time to deal with the seal in Obito’s mind.

Therefore, he had another matter to attend to right now. Years ago, Sakumo sent Shisui with a team to perform a task. The team was slaughtered, including one of his very close friends, which activated Shisui’s Mangekyo.

Back when he had learned about the task, Ryo asked Sakumo to keep information about this task a secret. This was because the location described in the mission report reminded him of something: The passage to the moon from the movie: Naruto the last.

The moon was now inhabited by the descendents of Hamura, the Rikudo Sennin’s younger brother.

The two brothers had sealed Kaguya back in the day. In order to guard the Gedo Mazu, Homura lived on the moon, but some of his descendents remained on earth. With time, they turned into the Hyuga clan.

After the death of Homura, the Main and Branch families among his moon residing descendents argued about the interpretation of his will.

While the Main Family believed that the peace of earth needed to be left to its inhabitants, the Branch family had their own convictions, believing that earth was doomed to remain in strife as the Shinobi of Earth couldn’t help but wage war. They believed that the only way to end this was the complete destruction of Earth.

This conflict led the Shinobi of the moon to get into their own war, which ended up by the destruction of the Main family.

Nowadays, all that was left on the moon were lunatics wanting to destroy earth. Therefore, after seeing the mission report, Ryo decided to cover the matter up, and go to the moon himself.

He had two purposes: One was to eliminate this lurking future threat, and the other was to perhaps get the Tenseigan.

He didn’t want to transplant them into his own eyes, but he believed that some of their power could help him turn his own eyes into Eternal Mangekyo Sharingans. 

The Tenseigan was above the Mangekyo, and belonged to the same tier as the Rinnegan. With both sharing the same root, it should be able to make up for the deficiencies of Ryo’s current Mangekyo.

In fact, Ryo previously wanted to capture some of Nagato’s Rinnegan’s power. However, he found it hard to believe that Madara wouldn’t have a trap set for him there.

Therefore, after giving the matter a lot of thought, he felt that going to the moon was the best course of action.

Different from the Rinnegan, the Tenseigan had two types. The first was actually the fusion of an immense amount of Rinnegan. With so much Dojutsu power, this eye’s power was incredible. 

The second type was the result of Byakugan evolution through life experiences, owned by the Hyuga.

In the film, the 1st type was destroyed by Naruto and Hinata, and disappeared. 

The second type was the one wielded by Toneri, who had translanted the eyes of Hanabi Hyuga.

Obviously, the one that Ryo was going for was the first. 

However, as strong as he was, Ryo wasn’t sure he could pull this mission off on his own. 

Still, in the past, he had spared no efforts trying to get Minato even more powerful than before, and Shisui was now more powerful as well as he had his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

While Ryo had no clear idea on how strong Minato was right now, as he hadn’t visited him in a while, Shisui was steadily getting stronger as of late, as his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan hadn’t stopped getting more powerful.

In fact, just yesterday, he had a training fight against Sakumo himself, and he actually won!

Ryo felt great about this growth. Not only will this make his chances of success greater, it also made him proud.

The final teammate that Ryo intended on bringing along was Lain. With her new training at the Shikkotsu Forest, her Wood Release abilities should have gotten incredibly powerful. 

Besides the branch family on the moon, the strongest combat power the moon Shinobi possessed was that of their puppets.

They could be resurrected indefinitely, and would be a great hassle to deal with. With Lain’s Wooden Puppets at hand however, the team should be able to restrict these puppets and eliminate them from the equation.

In the afternoon, Ryo went to the Forest of Death to visit Lain. After observing her strength, he was completely relieved.

When she went into sage mode now, she could use Wood Release on a level that seemed reminiscent of that of the 1st Hokage. This should be more than sufficient to deal with those puppets.

Ryo then explained his plan to Lain, who immediately agreed. After telling Sakumo that they were leaving, the two teleported to Mount Myobuko. 

Minato immediately sensed that they arrived, and also realized that this was Ryo with another familiar Chakra.

Ever since Ryo left him, Minato was adapting his body to Space-Time Ninjutsu. Now, he was at 70% of his level before his death.

This was only normal, as he had worked diligently on his technique for over 10 years before his death, and the quest to regaining his previous level was surely no easy task.

A few minutes later, Ryo appeared in front of Minato with Lain.

“Hello, Ni san! Long time no see!” Ryo greeted him happily.

Minato smiled: “Indeed. I’ve heard that you’ve resolved the conflict between the village and the Uchiha clan; that’s something I’ve wanted to accomplish for a long time. I didn’t expect you to be the one to pull it off, and to be honest, I feel ashamed of myself as Hokage!”

Hearing Minato’s words, Ryo was speechless for a second: “Ni san, you’ve died once for the village! Why so humble?” 

“Haha, sorry sorry!” Minato scratched his head with embarrassment. 

After some chatting, Minato finally asked!: “Ryo, what brought you here with Lain?” 

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