Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 343


“Well! I don’t have to hide anything from you!” Ryo then explained the situation on the moon to Minato.

Listening to him, Minato’s face went gloomier and gloomier. Ryo’s description of the Moon Shinobi made them sound like a ticking time bomb.

Still, Minato had been Hokage, and his political manner of thinking made him immediately lean to not taking any actions. If the group commits angered the Moon Shinobi, that would only provoke them to act faster.

Ryo knew that Minato would probably have such concerns, so after he finished his explanation, he added the details about him needing to get his eyes stronger, and how this quest could help in that.

Minato smiled and said: “So that’s the case. For you Ryo, I could look away and ignore my political first judgment!” Minato owed Ryo his life, probably more than any owed there life to him before.

Seeing how he didn’t hesitate, Ryo felt very touched.

“But Ryo, I still need some time; I’m not as good as I used to be with Space-Time Ninjutsu.”

Ryo nodded, for he didn’t need to act right away. Shisui was still getting stronger, and this was indeed not the best time.”

“Alright! Then during this time, Shisui and Lain would be practicing with me. Whenever you get to your past level, tell the toads to tell me.”


“Okay Ni san; I’ll get going now!” After saying that, Ryo and Lain teleported to Shisui, and then took him to Orochimaru’s base.

For the two to get rapidly stronger, Orochimaru was the man to go to. On top of that, he had injected Tsunade with White Zetsu cells, and she had been in a coma. Ryo was worried about her condition and wanted to check on her.

“Well, you two stay here with Orochi san and practice. Lain, ask him for Earth Release Jutsus. As for you Shisui, work on utilizing your Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. By the time Minato recovers his past level, you should be able to harness your eyes’ full potential.”

Lain flinched instinctively when hearing Orochimaru’s name, but she knew how important this mission was to Ryo. Therefore, despite her fear, she could only agree.

Shisui also nodded, as Ryo was always there for him.

After sending the two away, Ryo went straight to the lab. There, Tsunade was still unconscious, while Orochimaru was conducting some more experiments of his own while observing her state.

“Orochi san, how’s Tsunade hime?” Ryo whispered.

“Her cells had not yet changed significantly, and her amounts of Chakra did increase slightly.” 

“You mean the experiment succeeded?” Ryo was somewhat surprised.

“It’s still too early to draw conclusions. Ryo, you check her out yourself and see.”Orochimaru shook his head.

Saying that, Orochimaru used a scalpel to get some drops of Tsunade’s blood. Rin, on the other hand, glared at him and immediately started treating her wound.

Observing Lin’s skillful treatment, Ryo was impressed by Rin’s improvement, and rather speechless. “Orochi san, do you often extract Tsunade hime’s blood samples?”

“No, only ocationally.” Orochimaru looked stun, and then he shook his head.

“Seven times a day, at least. Is that occasional, Orochimaru sama? If Tsunade hime was awake, she’d hammer you into the ground.” Rin said as politely as she could.

Orochimaru’s frozen face showed embarrassment: “Cough! Rin, you still can’t appreciate scientific research. Now, Ryo, come with me!”

Ryo shook his head sighing and then followed Orochimaru to the higher platform where the bigger scanning machines were placed.

After watching some tests, Ryo knew what Orochimaru meant.

He had been studying Hashirama’s cells for so many years, and even gave the Wood Release ability to two people. He knew Hashirama’s physiology very well. Ryo did as well, and he saw that there was something missing in Tsunade’s cells’ morphing process. They were getting closer to Hashirama’s cells, but they didn’t seem to be getting her Chakra changed qualitatively.

“Orochi san, why do you think this is?”

“It should be a problem of lack of vitality. Of course, it could also be that her Yang Chakra is not enough.” Orochimaru gave his analysis.

“It shouldn’t be a lack of vitality; the cells you’ve injected her with should make up for any deficiencies on that front. I believe it’s the lack of Yang Chakra. Tsunade hime is a descendent of the 1st Hokage. She has so much Chakra, that it would require her to have a lot of Yang Chakra to transform the rest of it.”

After some thinking, Orochimaru agreed with Ryo.

“With that being the case, Ryo, do you have any solution?”

“I don’t, but she does!” Ryo put his hand inside his backpack and patted Korin’s head.

She opened her eyes, complaining: “What the hell?! Some of us need to sleep you know!”

Ryo patted her head some more: “You only wake up at night these days. You’re getting lazier and lazier. Now, help me with this situation!” 

As Ryo said that, he held Korin and walked up to Tsunade.

“This woman…. So BIG!” Korin glared at Tsunade’s bosom with envy!” 

“Why would a cat envy her for that?! Hurry up and help me!” 

“What’s wrong with cats? Someone might become a human in the future!” Korin muttered softly, and began to examine Tsunade body.

“Is she lacking Yang Chakra? This woman seems to be on the verge of awakening a Kekkei Genkai, but she doesn’t have enough Yang Chakra.”

“You help her then!” 

Providing Yang Chakra was no problem for the Current Korin. She put her little paw in Tsunade’s palm, and warm Chakra began seeping into the latter’s body.” 

“Alright! This much should be enough!” Ten seconds later, Korin stopped, jumping into Ryo’s arms.

“You’ve worked so hard these past days!” Ryo sarcastically said as he patted Korin’s head.

“Don’t bother me in the near future!” She crawled into her “home” and went back to sleep.

Watching the whole process, Orochimaru’s eyes shined, and half an hour later, he cut Tsunade’s finger, again!

As he did so, Ryo saw the corner of his mouth twitching. If the newly Yang-Chakra-treated Tsunade was to wake up all of a sudden, he would be hammered into the ground indeed.

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