Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 349


The girl in the room looked around 17 to 1 years old. She had long black hair and white pupils, just like a Hyuga, and her face was a little pale and sunk in.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw the unconscious villagers on the ground. Her expression immediately became tense, and she assumed a defensive posture reminiscent of the Hyuga’s gentle fist: “Who are you? What did you do to the villagers?”

Only when hearing the girl’s question did Ryo return to his senses. The girl just looked too much like Hinata from after the Fourth Shinobi World War. If it wasn’t for her different dialect and firmer tone, Ryo would have mistaken her for Hinata somehow returning from the future. 

“Well, we have no ill intentions; we’re just here to investigate.” The girl, like a grown up Hinata, looked so beautiful, and Ryo affectionately explained to her quickly.

As soon as he finished his words, Ryo could hear Shisui whispering: “Sensei, you’ve said that the Hyuga and the Shinobi of the Moon have the same ancestors, right?” 

“Yes. What’s the matter?”

“Nothing; she just reminded me a bit too much of that Hyuga young lady, Hinata.” Shisui whispered.

“Yeah, I thought she looked familiar!” Lain suddenly realized.

Ryo and the others were murmuring, but this girl was also a Shinobi, just hiding her Chakra to seem like a civilian, so she heard everything they said.

From their conversation, she could distinguish that these people were on the same camp as the current Hyuga clan, so she summoned up her courage and said: “You know the Hyuga clan?”

“Well, we and the Hyuga are companions from the same village. In fact, Shisui and I are considered somewhat of relatives to them.” As Ryo said that, he and Shisui revealed their Mangekyo.

“You’re descendents of the Hagoromo Otsutsuki?” The girl was very excited. 

“That’s right!” 

Getting a positive answer, the girl seemed to get even happier: “That’s great! I finally found you! My name is Hana Otsutsuki, a descendent of Hamura Otsutsuki.” 

“You were looking for us? For descendents of Hagoromo Otsutsuki?” Ryo asked frowning.

“Yes! Only you could help us now!”

“Help you? What’s happening on the moon?” Ryo asked.

“Come on it first! Things are a bit complicated, so I’ll need to explain to you thouroughly.” Saying that, Hana welcomed everyone in.

As soon as they entered, everyone could distinguish the smell of blood. Ryo also noticed that Hana was so weak; she could barely walk.

Without knowing if she was an ally or an enemy, Ryo did not plan to help her for the time being. Minato however could not bear seeing her like this, asking Lain to help her.

Lain nodded, holding Hana until she managed to sit down.

“Thank you!” Hana thanked her very politely.

“Don’t mention it. Just tell us what had happened on the moon.”

When Hana heard those words, she immediately began to speak: “Things have started over thirty years ago. Since you know about our ancestors, you must also know that Hamura sama had chosen to remain on the moon and guard the Gedo Mazo.

For the convenience of guarding it, our clan was divided into head and branch family. The Branch family was responsible for guarding the moon and the Main family, who were in turn responsible for the protection of the Gedo Mazo.

My father was the heir of the Main Family, and back when he was around 14 years old, the Gedo Mazo was suddenly summoned to Earth.

This incident caused a great uproar on the moon, and the family factions who had been living in harmony began to have conflict.

The Main family believed that the priority was the prosperity of both moon and Earth. If the Gedo Mazo was summoned, retrieving it and preventing the incident from happening again shouldn’t be more important than preserving peace.

The Branch Family thought otherwise. They believed that the summoning of the Gedo Mazo with your world remaining in war meant that Hagoromo sama’s world was a failure that was to be destroyed.

The two families argued over this matter for over two decades, all while beginning to secretly build channels to monitor your world. 

With that, the Branch Family learned about the return of White Zetsus, and they were more convinced of their thoughts.

The Main Family felt cornered by this information, and they had to compromise with the Branch Family. Suddenly however, the Gedo Mazo returned to the moon.”

Hearing this, Ryo realized that the first disappearance was related to Madara awakening his Rinnegan. The return of the Gedo Mazo was temporary, when Madara passed away.

“After the Gedo Mazo returned, the Main Family used that opportunity to suppress the idea of destroying Earth.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the Statue to be summoned again. After the Branch Family knew about that, they force-opened the channel between both worlds, planning to destroy yours.

When our family knew about that, they immediately sent people to stop it. However, as the Branch Family had controlled the Tenseigan, our family was taken down very easily.

By the end of it all, my father pushed me through the channel, sending me to your world to save my life.”

By the time Hana finished her words, she was all in tears. Ryo on the other hand found himself believing her, as everything she said made sense with what he already knew.

“Hana san, have the Branch Family been chasing you since you fled?” 

Shisui’s voice was a bit low, but was enough to interrupt Hana’s sorrow: “They must have sent some Tenseigan-controlled puppets after me.”

“That’s it!” Shisui’s Mangekyo was shining with hatred. Lain noticed his behavior, and deliberately changed the topic. “Hana ne san, was your injury also caused by the Branch Family?”

“Well, I was hurt early on by the Tenseigan, and these injuries wouldn’t heal. My time was running out, but I’ve finally met you!” 

In recent years, the injuries had been destroying Hana’s body, but she had no regard for her life. All she wanted to was to encounter the descendents of the Rikudo Sennin, and fulfill her father’s wish of saving peace.

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