Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 350


Seeing how desperate Hana was, Lain whispered: “Ne san, my brother is an excellent Medical Ninja. Would you like him to treat you?”

“Your brother?” Hana turned around to the three men present.

“If you allow me, I can treat you.” said Ryo with a smile. Now that he was basically sure that Hana was no enemy, he was willing to help her in every way.

After all, Hana was originally from the moon, and her being there healthy among their ranks could only help them in their mission.

On top of that, Hana could actually hide her presence from Ryo’s Sage Mode, a feat not even accomplished by Black Zetsu. She had a secret powerful technique that could be worth learning.

But above, the girl was innocent, in pain, and looked too much like Hinata!

“Why would I not allow you? Didn’t you say we’re ‘relatives’? But I believe it’s too late for me; just telling you what I know should be a better…”

“You never know if you don’t try!” Ryo nodded to Lain, who helped him examine Hana’s body.

A moment later, he understood her situation.7

In fact, her body mustn’t have been hurt too seriously as she left the moon. She was affected by the Tenseigan’s Dojutsu power, and not superficially hurt.

Still, this Dojutsu power remained in her body. This reminded Ryo of radiation harm from his past world. The power remained corroding her body, eventually causing an open wound where she was hit, and not allowing her to heal through normal Medical Ninjutsu.

The only way to heal her was to first clear her body from the Tenseigan power, and then use ordinary Medical Ninjutsu to help her heal.

The Tenseigan, just like the Rinnegan, was a level higher than the Mangekyo. To clear it her body from its power, Ryo had to get Korin’s help, as he couldn’t do it himself.

He took her out of his bag, and after yawning and rubbing her sleepy eyes, she said to him: “What do you want?” 

Ryo did not speak to her directly, using his clan’s telepathic techniques to say: “Korin, didn’t you say before that integrating the Tenseigan’s power into my eyes should be impossible? Well, now there is a chance for you to experiment first.” 

“Experiment?” Korin looked around, and finally her eyes landed on Hana.

“Ryo, this Hyuga had been injured by the Tenseigan?”

“She’s no Hyuga. She’s actually a descendent of Hamura.” Ryo then proceeded to explaining the situation to Korin.

Hearing him, her eyes lit up, and then she jumped from his arms to look at Hana with interest.

When Korin first appeared, Hana didn’t pay much attention to her. Such a kitten should be harmless, and she wasn’t too amazing compared to what she had seen, even if she spoke.

However, as Korin approached her, Hana felt a very familiar power, reminiscent of the Gedo Mazo.

The aura from the little kitten felt very similar, and the two were obviously the same kind of being.

“Does your world have a new Juubi?” Hana’s face turned pale instantly. 

“Don’t worry Ne san, Korin is not malicious!” Lain answered.

“Korin? Is that this cat’s name? What exactly is she?” Hana asked.

Ryo did not expect her perception to be so acute. He quietly looked at Minato for advice, and the latter nodded.

“Hana san, your feeling is correct. Indeed, Korin could be considered a Juubi like being.”

“It’s true! Then she…” 

“Hana san, rest assured. Korin is not the same as the Juubi from before.” Ryo then told Hana some details about Korin.

As she listened to him, Hana was frozen, glaring into his eyes in awe: ‘What kind of a man is he? He could actually create his own Juubi! Perhaps it’s him; perhaps he could save the people of the moon.’

Seeing the change in her expression, Minato asked: “Hana san, this story about Korin sounds bizarre, I know. I wonder if you believe Ryo?”

Hearing that awakened Hana who nodded strongly as she said: “Yes! Yes! I do!” 

Minato smiled, and looked at Ryo, who told Korin to continue.

Sensing the Tenseigan’s power in Hana, Korin jumped into her arms to observe it more closely.

The moment she jumped, Hana froze!

All she had been hearing since birth about the Juubi told her about how powerful and evil it was, and how much her people had to protect the Gedo Mazo to insure that it would never return.

A while later, Korin fully understood the Tenseigan’s power, and jumped out of Hana’s arms, letting her finally breathe.

“I’ve checked. This power is similar to that emitted by the simulated Truth Seeking Ball I’ve made before. It’s actually mostly Yin and Yang Chakra!” Korin said.

“Can you deal with it?” 

“Of course! If I can’t deal with such a small amount of power, how would I be able to help you deal with Tenseigan itself when you get to the moon. Alright now let me work!” 

Hearing her optimism, Ryo smiled, and gave her some space.

Korin then closed her eyes and began trying to mobilize the Tenseigan power in Hana’s body. With her help, this power was quickly dissolved into Yin and Yang Chakra.

Korin then controlled the Yin portion to flow to Hana’s eyes, while she mobilized the Yang part to stimulate the healing of her body.

Now this amount of Yang Chakra wasn’t going to heal the long eroding wound of Hana. Therefore, Korin urged Ryo to step in and help with the treatment.

Soon the old wounds mended with their joint efforts, and Hana’s pale face gradually turned rosy!

Minato saw her complexion and knew that Ryo was successful.

After the treatment, Hana found that her injury was fully healed, and she was very glad and excited, gazing gratefully at Ryo.

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