Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 352


A few minutes later, Ryo and the other reached the end of the passage.

“As soon as we get out of here, we’ll be on the moon. It is now entirely under the Branch Family’s control. After bypassing the guard at this point, we shouldn’t need to hide anymore.” Hana said in a serious tone.

“Aren’t there puppets all over the moon?” Ryo asked.

“No, at least not when I was here last time. The moon was completely separate from Earth, and in fact, you are the 1st visitors to ever lay foot here. There was never a need to keep the entire area guarded. In fact, there should be no patrols even. The puppets we encountered earlier should only be there in case I would try to return.” 

Hearing Hana’s explanation, Ryo smiled: “If that’s the case, then we should have no trouble. Right, Ni san?” 

Minato nodded and said: “Well, it should be hard for us to keep ourselves hidden. But that’s only if nothing had changed over the years.”

“Indeed. Now, I have another question. How about air and gravity on the moon? How do they compare to our world?”

After some thought, Hana said: “Back when Hamura sama entered the moon, he used a special method to change its environment. Therefore, all those factors are more or less like what you have on Earth. The difference is mainly related to animals and vegetation, which are far scarcer here.” 

Ryo was now completely relieved. He did have some plans, however, in case the moon was like the one from his past life. He would ask Korin to help them store oxygen and use her Chakra as a massive shield to protect them from space radiations.

“Shisui, throw in a Flying Thunder God Kunai, and use some force to get it a bit far from the entrance.” 

“Yes, Sensei!” 

“Alright, we are ready now. Ni san, first, checks if there are people around the Kunai. If it’s safe, teleport back to us and take us in.” 

“Alright! Shisui, here’s the Kunai.” Minato gave the Flying Thunder God Kunai to Shisui.

The latter took it, and a massive skeletal green arm appeared on top of his shoulder, throwing the Kunai away.

It flew extremely fast, not being even noticed by the puppets near the portal.

Minato teleported to its landing spot, and he looked around. The environment looked a bit different, even though it felt completely similar to that of Earth, and no one was around.

“So this is the moon? It’s more desolate than I thought.” Minato murmured to himself.

After some investigation, Minato confirmed Hana’s speculation, returned to everyone, and then teleported with them back to the Kunai.

After reaching the moon, lain and Shisui looked around curiously, while Ryo glanced away with no interest.

The moon right now was no different from what he saw in the Manga.

“Hana san, how should we proceed now?” Among the team, the only one who knew anything about the moon was Hana.

Moreover, judging from the first encounter with her, the people of the moon seem to have the ability to interact with Natural Energy. Therefore, Ryo and Minato did not dare to enter Sage Mode.

After looking around, Hana pointed to the right and said: “Our home is in that direction.”

With her leading the way, Ryo and his team followed closely behind.

After walking for several hours, Ryo saw strange buildings in the distance. 

Because of their long-term isolation, the architectural style on the moon was very different from that of Earth.

After seeing her family’s homes, Hana’s face was covered with a hint of sadness: “I’ve been away for many years… Everyone might already be…”

“Ne san, don’t be sad! Things shouldn’t have reached that point!”

“Lain is right! Your clan should be safe now!” Ryo confirmed his sister’s guess with great certainty.

“Really? Lain, Ryo, why do you think so?” Hana asked with both eagerness and fear.

Ryo smiled and said: “It’s very simple. If all your clan was already dead, they wouldn’t put all this effort into protecting themselves from you and you alone. As for why they didn’t just kill your family after defeating them, I have no idea.”

Minato here also confirmed this thought: “Indeed! Them sending such troops to guard both ends of the passage means that they don’t just fear what you could do to them, but what your family would do if you would free them!” 

Hana’s face showed some relief, and she smiled ever so slightly.

“Ne san, does your family have any secrets that the branch family doesn’t know? If that’s the case, they should be safe!”

“Secrets? Right! Indeed! That’s why! That’s why they didn’t kill them!” Hana thought of something, and then she was instantly convinced of the group’s theory.

“Well, with you confirming their safety, we should not waste time. We need to take action as soon as possible!”

“Hold on, Ryo! We can’t get any closer. Our clan has the same Kekkei Genkai as the Hyuga clan, and we’ll be easily detected.”

Ryo was stunned at the thought of him not actually thinking of such a detail. He was indeed too implosive.

Minato also frowned. During the wars, he had cooperated with the Hyuga many times and knew all too well how powerful their perception was.

“Hana san, have the Main Family placed any seal on the Branch Family’s Byakugan?” Minato asked.

Hana shook her head and said: “No! If we did, they wouldn’t have been able to use the Tenseigan against us!”

“Then this is really big trouble! They should be able to see the whole world in 360. Sneaking in is impossible!”

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