Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 351


“Thank you, Ryo!” Hana bowed sincerely.

Ryo waved his hand and said: “No need to thank me. It was Korin who could save you; I’ve just done the final treatment.” 

Hearing those words, Hana glanced down at the beautiful cat in Ryo ‘s arm and said: “Thank you, Korin sama!” 

Her manner of speech not only showed how thankful she was, but how afraid as well.

Korin just ignored her, crawling back into Ryo’s backpack to continue sleeping.

This made Ryo rather embarrassed, and he coughed a few times before changing the topic: “Hana san, your body has recovered and you should be able to go on with your mission soon.” 

“Mission?” Hana was surprised.

“We were going to the Moon anyway you know!” Minato said with a smiled.

“Really?” Hana became instantly excited.

“Yes, we were …” Minato was about to explain, when Ryo interrupted him: “Ni-san, let me explain.” 

Minato froze, and then nodded silently.

Ryo pointed to Shisui and said: “His companions have killed by moon puppets before. We’re here to investigate this matter. I’ve learned from you just now that these puppets were sent here behind you. So yes, of course we’re here to get our revenge!

Hana remembered the look on Shisui’s face, and then look at him. Seeing him get tense when Ryo talked, she believed what she heard.

“Ni san, you’re too frank! You were going to tell her that we’re going there for the Tenseigan, weren’t you?” Ryo telepathically said to Minato.

“But… it’s not kind to deceive her like this!”

“What deception? I just told her some of the truth…”

Ryo’s words left Minato dumbfounded, shaking his head and not saying much.

Hana on the other hand had no idea about their discussion. She was too immersed in her excitement to notice their expressions.

“Hana san, you haven’t answered yet. Can we get moving?”

“Oh… we might need to wait a little; my Chakra needs some time to recover.”

“Then, we’ll leave tomorrow! We’re not in too much of a hurry!” said Minato.

Early the next morning, Hana led everyone to the lake at the entrance. There, there were over a dozen puppets patrolling the area.

“Shisui, were these the puppets you’ve encountered before?” asked Ryo.

“No, they looked different last time.”

“These ones are more refined than the ones sent first after me! What did the branch family do?!” Hana exclaimed. 

“More refined? Do you mean that they are actually stronger?” Ryo frowned.

Hana nodded and said: “That should be the case. The more care and detail is put into a puppet, the stronger it is.” 

“Sensei, I’ll deal with them”! Shisui proposed.

After thinking for a while, Ryo agreed: “Yeah, I also want to know how strong these puppets are. However, be careful; don’t let your anger and hatred make you too rash. Stay safe.

“Yes, Sensei!” As soon as his words were finished, Shisui flickered to the puppets.

This was the first Minato saw him flicker for many years.

“Ryo, your apprentice is to feared! I can’t think of anything that would exceed this speed, other than teleporting!” 

“It’s an honor to get the Yellow Flash’s praise!” Ryo smiled slyly. 

“So, Shisui is a speed type Ninja like you and I?” 

“Well, he’s known as Shisui of the body-flicker, and he’s known for both his speed and Genjutsu.” 

“Genjustu? Well, that’s to be expected, with him being an Uchiha.” 

Lain interrupted the two, saying: “Oni san, Minato sama, look!” 

Shisui seemed to be manhandling the puppets. With just a Kunai in his hand, he dismantled them almost instantly.

But these things recovered quickly, and as he grunted, Shisui released his Susanoo!” 

“This… What is this?” For the 1st time, Hana was stunned by Shisui’s massive power.

“Is that a complete Susanoo? How does it feel stronger than my Wooden Man Jutsu?” Lain muttered, under her breath.

“That’s because you haven’t worked hard enough! The 1st Hokage’s Wooden Man was able to deal with Madara’s complete Susanoo wrapping the Kyubi itself!” Ryo teased his sister.

Shisui controlled his Susanoo, smashing puppets again and again, but they just kept coming.

But a few dozen times later, the Puppets finally seemed to run out of internal power, and they didn’t get back.

Witnessing the horrifying destructive power of Shisui, Hana couldn’t help but shiver, and she turned around to Ryo wondering: “Ryo, do you have such power?” 

“Well, this is Susanoo, a power inherited from the Rikudo Sennin’s son Indra by a few elite of his descendents.”

“How about Ashura’s descendants? Have they inherited similar powers?” 

“Yes, they inherited the power of Ashura!” Ryo pointed to Lain. 

The latter opened her palm, and a small sapling slowly grew out of her hand.

Feeling the strong Yang Chakra and vitality in the sapling, Hana was even more shocked.

A few moments later, she regained her composure. She looked at Ryo and other others and said with a complex look in her face: “I did not expect that the Descendants of the Hagoromo would be so strong!”

Ryo smiled and didn’t answer, and Hana made up her mind: If the group was to succeed, she was to never let the people of the moon be the enemies of those of earth!

With the puppets destroyed, all 5 jumped into the lack, led by Hana. At the bottom, they found a seal engraved with special Runes.

Activating her Byakugan, Hana figured out how to unlock it, and the group went into the passage.

“Wow! This is no normal passage! It bends the time-space fabric. No wonder the trip to the moon is so short.” said Minato in admiration..

“On the moon, we are not bound by space-time constraints. This passage was built upon a technique left to us by Hamura sama.”

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