Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 354


“Control the Tenseigan? How?” With both anticipation and awe, Ryo asked.

“The Tenseigan is formed by the fusion of several Byakugans of past Otsutsuki clan members. Now the members of the clan can control it with just their Byukugan.”

In the past, we’ve been too negligent, giving the Branch Family control of the Tenseigan as we guarded the Gedo Mazu, and that’s how they managed to overpower us.” 

“So you’re saying that it doesn’t matter if one is from Main or Branch family; as long as they have the Byakugan, they could control the Tenseigan?”

“Yes, that’s indeed the case.”

“Then, does that mean that the Hyuga could also control it?” Ryo asked.

Hana shook her head after some thinking: “No, they shouldn’t be able to. The use of their eyes is not advanced enough, and without Chakra like ours, they couldn’t control the Tenseigan.”

“Chakra? Well, if I may ask, is your Chakra mostly Yin and Yang Chakra?”

“Well, that’s no secret. Because of our bloodline and our Chakra refining methods, most of our Chakra is indeed composed of Yin and Yang.”

“Bloodline? Is it purer than that of the Hyuga?”

“Oh…” Hana hesitated for a moment and then answered: “Actually, the descendants of Hamura sama who remained on earth have an actually purer bloodline.”

Hearing that, Ryo understood why Toneri wanted the eyes of Hyuga Princess. It wasn’t surprising that the pure eyes of the Uchiha, along with the special Chakra of the Otsutsuki, would grant one absolute control over the Tenseigan.

As for why the many Byakugan on the moon could evolve into a Tenseigan, Ryo speculated that since the Otsutsuki’s ancestors had BOTH the purer bloodline and the Yin and Yang Chakra, their eyes were primed to transfer into that.

The Tenseigan’s power was massive enough to mobilize the moon and control a great amount of ever-regenerating Puppets.

“Hana san, do you know where the Tenseigan is?” Minato asked.

Hana pointed to a castle-like building in the distance saying: “There.” 

Minato looked there frowning. Shisui and Lain also seemed to be a bit gloomy at the scene before them: “The castle was really far, and the way was paved with Ostutsuki Ninjas and puppets.”

Noticing the look on their faces, Ryo said: “I’ve read the memories of the guards, so you wait for me here. Ni-san, give me a Kunai. I’ll infiltrate, and then you just teleport over to me.”

Minato nodded: “That seems to be indeed our only option. Ryo, be careful!” 

“Don’t worry! Shisui, Lain, be prepared. When you get inside, you might be in for an all-out battle!” 

“I was wondering when the boring bits would end!” Shisui said excitedly. 

“Alright! I’ll get going!” After saying that, Ryo took back the shape of the guard, and he went towards the center of the castle. 

With the man’s memories, he could easily blend in and react calmly to the people he met along the way.

At the entrance of the castle, he was stopped by the standing guards: “Jiani, what brought you back? shouldn’t you be at the outside passage?” 

“Indeed. Earlier, I’ve found a trace of outsiders’ invading. Tonachi Dono said I should report to him directly if I detect anything.” Tonachi, who the Leader of the Branch Family at the time, did indeed ask Jiani that.

“An outsider? A Hyuga? Or is it Hana sneaking back?” The guard asked quickly.

“I have no idea, to be honest! I should tell Tonachi dono, and he should tell us what to do next!” 

“Indeed! Hurry up and go!” The guard rapidly opened the way to Ryo.

As soon as he entered the castle, Ryo used his spiritual power to scan the whole area.

On the higher levels of the castle, there weren’t many Moon Shinobi. Bellow him. However, there were hundreds of them!

Ryo frowned, and he rushed towards the lower floor. Along the way, he carefully made sure not to be detected.

As he arrived at the ground floor, he found the members of the Main Family who were imprisoned by the Branch.

They looked stiff, standing side by side like soldiers. 

“Jiani! Why are you here?” Smiling, a guard approached.

“Well, I…” Ryo repeated what he had said to the first guard.

“Whoa! You should already be telling Tonachi dono of this! What are you wasting time here for?” 

“Well, I just thought I might be able to learn something about Hana from these guys!”

“That’s a waste of time! These guys are too stubborn. We all gave up on learning anything from them long back!” 

“Alright, then I’ll be going to Tonachi dono right away!” Ryo turned around and left.

After leaving, Ryo went to an empty spot on a middle floor and unlocked the seal on the Kunai that Minato gave him. Immediately after, Minato and everyone else was on his side.

“Listen well, for I’m keeping this short. The Main family is bellow. However, there’s something abnormal about them. They are all standing there, motionless.”

“As for the Branch Family members, they are spread around the building. As for the Tenseigan, I still didn’t find it.”

Hana nodded: “My people should be bound by the power of the Tenseigan. They might be even under its control. As for the Tenseigan, it should actually be below their level. But if there’s a seal in the way, then the only way that could allow us to break through should be getting its unlocking sequence from the Branch Family Head.” 

Ryo heard that and smiled: “It seems like conflict is inevitable! Prepare yourselves!” 

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