Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 355


Ryo’s team had the power of Mangekyou, Eternal Mangekyou. Lain with her Mokuton, and Minato, the Yellow Flash. The strength of their team alone was enough to face one among the five Great Ninja Villages.

The puppet controlled by the Otsutsuki clan from the moon with Tenseigan was also strong. They had a fierce battle.

To Hana’s surprise, Ryo and the rest of the team advanced. Shisui immediately opened his Mangekyou. A green giant emerged in the castle. Its immense chakra attracted the puppet’s attention.

More puppets were attracted. Shisui coldly smirked, he shot countless of green light rain. Directly piercing the puppets’ chest, destroyed the puppets into pieces.

Shisui grasped Ryo and the rest of the team on his giant Susanoo arm. He walked forward, trampling over the recovered puppet’s pieces.

The castle was huge, but Shisui only encountered puppets along the way. After coming to the castle’s entrance, Shisui finally saw the first member of the Otsutsuki clan.

Having witnessed the power of Shisui’s Susanoo, the Otsutsuki clan member was terrified. His face turned pale, with no intention to fight back.

Shisui coldly glanced to the Otsutsuki clan member, he stretched his arms to control the Susanoo, instantly crushing the clan member.

At the death of his fellow clan member, Hana shivered. She was about to start talking only to get interrupted by Namikaze Minato. He said, “Never show kindness to your enemy. Don’t forget who imprisoned your family.”

Hana hesitated. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, contemplating her father and clan members.

As they went further into the castle, they encountered stronger Otsutsuki clan members. The puppets’ number increased, making Shisui had difficulties in taking care of them all. Judging the situation, Lain jumped to Shisui’s left arms and performed hand signs. Shortly after, a Mokuton with the same size as Susanoo appeared.

The two giants worked together to exterminate the puppets they encountered along the way. Their movement was violent and ruthless, and every strike was fueled with full force. The purpose of using full power was to temporarily disable the puppets so they would take a longer time to recover.

The battle with the puppets was a lot easier than they had expected. Lain carelessly said, “These puppets aren’t strong! Nii-san was just…”

Her words stopped as a silver light flashed from the sky towards Mokuton.

Ryo noticed a deadly threat from the sky. He immediately teleported to Mokuton and snatched Lain. Just as the two of them left the Mokuton, the silver light impaled the Mokuton and split it in half.

Ryo put Lain down and muttered, “I didn’t expect the very person we were looking for already noticed us.”

“Nii-san, do you mean the one that attacked my Mokuton was the Branch Family Leader?”

“You should understand once you saw Hana’s expression. That Jutsu must be one of Tenseigan’s ability.”

“Hana nee-san, is that true?” Lain quickly asked for confirmation from Hana, whose expression was pale.

Hana nodded, “Yes, that was the power of Tenseigan.”

After Hana’s confirmation, Lain was surprised, “What?! I didn’t expect Tenseigan’s power to be this strong! It instantly split my Mokuton!”

“Tenseigan is a Dojutsu at the same level as Rinnegan. Not to mention the clan leader of the Otsutsuki Branch Family had cultivated the Tenseigan on the moon for so many years. You underestimated our enemy.” Ryo frowned.

“Okay, that’s it! Lain is still a child!” Minato defended Lain, and shifted to Shisui, “You should lift Susanoo. A big object is an easy target.”

Shisui nodded as a response and immediately lifted Susanoo. The clan leader of the Otsutsuki Branch Family didn’t conduct another attack nor showed up. Ryo felt something was wrong. The clan leader already attacked, but why did he hide again?

“Quick! Find him now! He cannot use Tenseigan power all the time!”

Upon hearing Hana’s word, Ryo and Minato immediately entered the Sage Mode and started searching for the clan leader. Under the Sage Mode’s high perception power, both of them quickly located the remaining Branch Family members in the castle.

“Minato nii-san, don’t worry about the others. Judging from the previous attack’s position, one of the two people above must be the clan leader! Let’s catch them!”

“Got it!” Minato responded, their silhouette disappeared.

Otsutsuki Clan was the descendant of Otsutsuki Hamura. They were naturally sensitive to the Natural Energy, including Sage Mode. So when the two of them entered Sage Mode, the clan leader realized that they were looking for him.

Initially, the clan leader of the Otsutsuki Branch Family planned to hide. He told his clan members and puppets to attack their opponent’s team. He was surprised by Ryo and Minato’s speed. He was blocked by Minato even before he could leave the room.

Minato looked at the middle-aged person in front of him. He suspected he was the clan leader.

The Branch Family clan leader was also carefully inspected Minato. He found out that his opponent had no Yin-Yang Chakra attribute. He was relieved to find out the person in front of him wasn’t the person that controlled Susanoo and Mokuton. He felt Minato wasn’t Hamura’s descendant so that he wouldn’t possess a threat. The clan leader opened his Byakugan and put on a combat-ready posture.

But the clan leader was mistaken. His Byakugan couldn’t capture the man’s movement. In the blink of an eye, Minato appeared in front of the clan leader with the Flying Thunder God Kunai on his neck. The cold touch of the kunai made the clan leader trembled. He didn’t expect Minato to be that fast, and he couldn’t even resist! He fully understood that if Minato wanted him dead, he would’ve already killed him.

On the other side, Ryo’s expression was grim. Ryo felt an inexplicable force from the child in front of him. Even Korin, who was asleep in his bag, was awakened. She crawled out of the Ninja Tool Bag and jumped to Ryo’s shoulder. Ryo asked her, “Korin, is the power coming from this child, Tenseigan?”

“I think so! I didn’t expect a child was the one who controlled the Tenseigan just now. Now his eyes are blinded temporarily. Let’s use this chance to capture him!”

“That’s what I thought! Although it’s a bit rude, we should cover his face. We don’t want to take a risk when facing the Tenseigan.”

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