Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 357


Everyone glanced at Ryo because his strange reaction.

“Ryo, do you know Toneri?” Hana asked.

“Well… I… Yes I know him!” Ryo nodded. He looked at Toneri whose appearance was different than in the manga.

Minato frowned, he pointed at Toneri and asked, “Ryo, how did you know him?

“Don’t worry about that, if he’s really Toneri, then we should let him go. Korin, let him go!” Everyone wondered after they listened to Ryo’s word. But they didn’t object because they trusted him.

After giving Toneri in Hana’s care, Ryo and the others went to the underground prison. They opened the door using the information extracted from the Branch Family clan leader. The door immediately opened. Icy white eyes appeared from inside the door. The eyes glowed in the dark, exuding a shocking power.

“That’s the Tenseigan? The powerful Dojutsu at the same level as Rinnegan?” Ryo wondered, half praising.

“It’s true. I feel a strong sense of oppression, even when before we approach it. It’s even stronger than Shishui’s Eternal Mangekyou when he used the Complete Body Susanoo.” Minato echoed.

After a while, Ryo recovered from his shock and said to Hana, who was holding Toneri, “Lady Hana, may I observe the Tenseigan alone?”

Hana agreed without the slightest hesitation, “Of course! You helped me return to the moon.”

After she said that, she left the room with Toneri.

Minato and the rest of the team exchanged glances and also left.

Ryo and Korin were left alone in the castle dungeon.

Ryo held Korin in his hand and slowly approached the Tenseigan. The closer he was, the more he felt the eyes’ power oppressing him.

When they finally came face to face with the Tenseigan, Korin’s expression was solemn.

After a moment of silence, Ryo asked, “Korin, what do you think? Can you help me absorb Tenseigan’s power?”

Korin answered, “I think so. Now the Tenseigan is in a calm state, so it’s not hostile. Besides, Tenseigan is not like a Bijuu who had their own consciousness. There shouldn’t be any danger.”

“Yosh! Let’s do this!”


After reaching an agreement, Ryo manipulated his Spiritual Strength to slowly approach the Tenseigan. He guided Tenseigan’s power into him. Korin was responsible for guiding the integration between the Tenseigan and Ryo’s Mangekyou.

Initially, Mangekyou was a bit repulsive to the new power, and so was the Tenseigan. But under Korin’s guidance, after a stalemate, the Mangekyou began to absorb Tenseigan’s power.

Tenseigan ranked higher than Mangekyou because it belonged to Rikudou’s power. After Ryo finished integrating the two power, his Mangekyou began to move forward to a new evolution.

After a few hours, Ryo slowly opened his eyes. His Sharingan shared the same state just like Shishui got his Eternal Mangekyou. First, a tome rotated, the tome rotated again into a two, three, and six tomoe. Eventually, the six tomoe stopped its rotation and changed its shape into a hexagonal snowflake.

After his Mangekyou evolution completed, Ryo regained his Spiritual Strength and stopped guiding the Tenseigan. He closed his eyes again, feeling the changes. His Mangekyou had two different Dojutsu. The left one increased his Ninjutsu, and the right one was the Ice World.

Previously, his left eye increased his Ninjutsu by 20%. After he evolved, the number increased to 40%.

His Ice World also drastically changed. Compared to before, his Ice world now was more stable and larger. Previously, his Ice World was a space that existed between illusion and reality constructed by Dojutsu, Spiritual Strenght, and Natural Energy. Now, his Ice World felt more realistic, just like Kaguya’s Ice World. But unlike Kaguya, Ryo held absolute control over his Ice World.

The second was the Dojutsu. Ryo found out that after he absorbed the Tenseigan, his Mangekyo’s Dojutsu reached an extraordinary state where the Dojustu could be restored by the Mangekyou itself, without having to convert his body’ cell life force into Dojutsu.

This changed surprised him. Opening the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan would mean his Susanoo could also evolve to Complete Body. Learning from Shishui’s experience, Ryo speculated he’d need time to get familiar with his new power before he could evolve the Complete Body Susanoo.

He could wear the Susanoo of the Complete Body on Bijuu or Ice Giant, which would be a great improvement of his battle strength. Ice Giant armed with Susanoo’s destructive strength was terrifying. With this hidden card and Korin, he’s confident enough to take down Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama in a battle.

“After six years since I came into Naruto’s world, I finally climbed to the peak of power in this world.” Ryo delightedly exclaimed.

“Ryo! Congratulation!” Korin also exclaimed in delight after witnessing Ryo’s growth.

After some time, Ryo finally calmed down. He walked out of the room with Korin on his arms.

Minato and the rest of the group were relieved to see Ryo coming from the door. They had anxiously waited outside for several hours.

Relieved to see her big brother, Lain gazed at Ryo’s eyes, “Nii-san, did you succeed?”

Ryo nodded as confirmation. He opened his Mangekyou, and everyone smiled after seeing his eyes.

“Ryo! You have surpassed me now!” Minato proudly patted Ryo’s shoulder.

“I thought I could surpass sensei by opening my Eternal Mangekyou, but it seems I need to work harder to surpass Ryo-sensei! You opened the Eternal Mangekyou so quickly!” Shishui nodded.

“Now, now. Our problem isn’t finished yet.” Ryo helplessly reminded them about their enemies outside.

“Right! Hana nee-san’s clan member was put under a Secret Jutsu! We should not chat and relax here with nearly 10,000 puppets outside!”

Minato nodded, “Indeed, it’s not the right time to relax. Lady Hana, we had seen your clan member. What do you suggest?”

Hana pondered. After a while, she said, “My clan member was put under the Truth-Seeking Ball, it’s one of Tenseigan’s Dojutsu. The puppets outside are also powered by it. Now the Tenseigan is right in front of us. We just need to take control of it, and everything will be over!”

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