Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 356


Ryo didn’t hesitate. Not after he initiated the attack, he used Instant Lightning to teleport behind the child and knocked him down with a kunai. He hauled the child and returned to his team’s location.

Everyone was shocked to see him carrying a child. Especially, Hana, she was somehow delighted to see the child. Ryo noticed her expression and was about to ask when Minato returned with the Otsutsuki Branch Family clan leader.

As soon as the clan leader saw Hana, he immediately understood how the Earth Shinobi went to the Moon, “Hana! What have you done?! Did you work together with the Earth Shinobi to invade the Moon? Your action will be the cause of our clan’s extinction!”

Hana coldly laughed, “Our clan’s extinction? Isn’t my clan already extinct?”

“I haven’t hurt your clan member. They’re all alright. They’re here right now.” The clan leader defended himself.

“Hmph! That’s because you didn’t know the secret of the Tensaigan evolution! You didn’t kill my clan member because you wanted to ask them the secrets!”

Branch Family clan leader was silent after hearing Hana’s word. It’s true, that was the exact reason why he didn’t kill the Main Family members.

“You’re silent now? Why? Because I was right?”

“So what? The Branch Family clan members did this to inherit Hamura-sama’s willpower. Something went wrong with Earth, so we corrected it, what’s wrong with that? On the contrary, you and the Main Family was weak and timid. Earth was convicted in a constant war for thousands of years. Otsutsuki Hagoromo’s world obviously failed, so we had to destroy it. And you’re saying we should make peace with them and lived together in harmony? You’re ridiculous!”

Hana laughed at Branch House clan leader’s words, “We’re ridiculous? Don’t you realize? Hagoromo-sama’s four descendants could break through the Moon’s defense and hold you captive. We will perish if we wage war with the Earth Shinobi!”

The clan leader snorted, “Nonsense, we have Tenseigan! Tenseigan’s power could destroy the wood giant!”

“I don’t know what method you used to control the Tenseigan. But I know I have to transfer my power to my Byakugan to use the Tenseigan. It rendered me blind for more than 10 minutes just from using it once! Ten minutes is enough time for the Earth Shinobis to kill you over and over again!”

Branch Family clan leader’s expression changed, “Bullshit! If I used my full power to empower the Tenseigan, I could instantly destroy the Earth!”

Looking at the flustered clan leader, Hana felt relieved.

After a brief second, she continued, “You and I both know the after effect of using Tenseigan with full power. You can exert a great destructive power by pushing all your power into the Tenseigan at the cost of the user’s blindness. Are you willing to sacrifice your eyes?”

Branch Family clan leader lost his words. He didn’t want to damage his eyes, so he commanded his nephew to control the Tenseigan.

The quarrel between the two of them didn’t tickle Ryo’s interest. He wondered if he could get into the clan leader’s memory with the Yamanaka clan’s secret Jutsu and get every information about Tenseigan while the two quarreled.

Unfortunately, he found that the clan leader’s Spiritual Strength was connected to the Tenseigan.

Ryo had to separate the clan leader’s Spiritual Strength from the Tenseigan so he could enter his memory.

Having the clan leader willingly separate his Spiritual Strength from the Tenseigan was out of the question. So, Ryo decided to use another way to falter his strength.

Ryo smiled and said, “Hana-san, please stop torturing him. Of course, he didn’t dare to sacrifice his eyes to use the Tenseigan’s full power. The Branch Family was stupid enough to choose this person as their leader. No wonder they were so ignorant and challenged the Earth Shinobi.”

Branch Family clan leader glared at Ryo and said, “You lowly Earth Shinobi! You have no right to talk that way about our Otsutsuki clan!”

“Lowly Earth Shinobi? Really? Do you think the Tenseigan is the most powerful eye in the world?”

“Of course! Byakugan is the eye of our ancestors, Hamura-sama and his mother. Tenseigan was evolved from Byakugan, so of course, it’s the strongest!” Branch Family clan leader proudly boosted his clan.

“You’re ignorant. Indeed, the Tenseigan is very powerful. But the Earth also had a Dojutsu with the same level of it, the Rinnegan!”

The clan leader wondered, “Rinnegan? What is that?”

“Rinnegan is the eye of Otsutsuki Hagoromo. Also, we don’t even need to use the Rinnegan to deal with Tenseigan. Shisui, open your Mangekyou and let him see!”

Shisui nodded. He opened the Mangekyou Sharingan. The clan leader felt a tremendous amount of power coming from Shisui’s eyes. He stood there, frozen.

“There were several more people with the same eyes as me on Earth. Let alone Rinnegan, whose power exceeds mine!” Shishui’s cold words pierced the clan leader.

Branch Family clan leader couldn’t accept it. His Spirit Strength wavering, he kept muttering, “That’s impossible…”

“Shisui, I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“Got it, sensei!” shortly after, Shisui used Genjutsu on the clan leader.

The clan leader had always thought that Tenseigan was the strongest Dojutsu in the world. He had believed and relied on Tenseigan’s power.

When Ryo proved that his beliefs were wrong, the clan leader was shocked. His Spiritual Strength wavered, and the bond with Tenseigan was set loose.

Shisui was able to take advantage of and use Genjutsu on the clan leader.

As soon as the clan leader was put under the Genjutsu, information flowed smoothly. He was able to find the place to release Tenseigan and the method to release the seal.

After they had the information they needed, Shishui used his Mangekyou to damage the clan leader’s Spiritual Space. He considered this as an act of revenge on his fallen comrades.

Korin, on the other hand, also planned to kill the child to prevent future troubles. But once Hana saw her intention, she immediately stopped Korin.

Ryo frowned and said, “Hana-san, this isn’t the right time for mercy! This child can control Tenseigan!”

“I understand, but this child is different from the rest of the Branch Family members.”

Ryo shook his head, “I don’t think he’s different. Just a few minutes ago, he used Tenseigan to destroy Lain’s Mokuton.”

“The Branch Family clan leader must’ve told him to do that. Believe me. I know Otsutsuki Toneri. He’s a good child.”

“Otsutsuki Toneri? His name is Otsutsuki Toneri?!” Ryo was relieved upon hearing the child’s name.

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  1. ACYNED . ACYNED . says:

    Frick, SO that guy’s Toneri! I was doing some research on what the Tenseigan and Jogan actually is, and I found out who Toneri is.
    I honestly haven’t actually watched Boruto. I really wasn’t motivated after all the changes made, like Naruto and Sasuke being completely nerfed, Naruto somehow being protrayed as not a family man when he can literally deal with half the war all alone with shadow clones in Shippuden and some of the female cast becoming fat for stupid reasons; like why did they do that to Mei Terumi and Anko!? It does seem like a good show once you can move on from all those facts, but yea…
    Thanks for the interesting chapter anyways!

    1. bobthebuilding says:

      Oh. My. God. You hit the nail on the head.

      You’re telling me snake-sama’s disciple Anko can’t use a single freaking body slimming jutsu? Or that a former kage would get fat?

      Such nonsense ugh.

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