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Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 359


Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 359 – Return to Ninja’s World

The Otsutsuki Branch Family clan members immediately came to the castle as soon as they received words from their leader. But after they arrived, the Otsutsuki Branch Family clan leader didn’t give them any orders. It confused them. They were even surprised more to see the Puppets on the Moon gathered around the castle.

The Branch Family clan members figured out the clan leader was in danger. They still had great respect for the man as he was the one that led them to take over the Moon—making them the real master on the Moon. Now that the clan leader was in danger, it’s the right time to prove their loyalty. The clan leader would appreciate their help.

The castle had unique barriers. Branch Family clan members’ Byakugan couldn’t see what’s going on inside the barrier. After some discussion, they sent their top teams into the castle. But the team never returned. The clan member outside was getting impatient and sent a few more people, only to get the same result.

By then, the Branch Family clan members realized something was wrong. They were even more anxious and sent dozens of their members at the same time. But the result was still the same. There was still no news. They were more anxious and decided to send a lot of members at once without knowing the assigned members were all defeated by Minato and his team.

Soon, the numbers of Branch Family clan members dwindled into half. Their huge loss made them understand they should join together. The Branch Family clan members agreed to attack together, but suddenly, the puppets around the castle simultaneously collapsed.

“What…what happened? Why the puppets paralyzed?” An elder asked, his face was pale.

“Elder is the Tenseigan…” the clan member beside him whispered.

The Branch Family clan Elder’s expression was nervous. The Tenseigan fueled the puppets’ energy. If the puppets were paralyzed, did that mean the Tenseigan was no longer under their control? After thinking about it, he got even more nervous, so he was the clan member.

The Elder saw his clan members started to panic and quickly said, “Quiet! Don’t be scared! The Tenseigan is under the full control of our Clan Leader. There shouldn’t be any problem.”

The clan members heard the Elder’s word and gradually calmed down.

“Elder, what should we do now?”

“Right now, we don’t know what’s going on in the castle. But one thing is certain. The clan leader is in danger, so we should not hesitate to…”

The Elder’s word was left hanging as he saw the castle gate opened. The Main Family clan member walked out behind Otsutsuki Hana. Branch Family clan members were shocked at the scene. The Main Family was out of the Tenseigan’s control?

“Why are you so surprised to see us?” Hana glanced with irony at the Branch Family clan members.

“How did you get out of the Tenseigan’s control? What happened to our clan leader?!” Branch Family Elder asked.

“He’s dead. Our kindness will only make your ambition grew bigger!” The Clan Leader of Otsutsuki Main Family said.

“Father, we shouldn’t wage war with the Branch Family,” Hana whispered.

“Clan Leader-sama, we shouldn’t let them alive. This is enough lesson to let them wander free.” The Main Family Elder said.

The Main Family clan leader was hesitating. They were all descendants from Otsutsuki Hamura. But what the Branch Family had done is too terrible. If they didn’t kill them, they could plot revenge on the Main Family.

“Clan Leader-sama, there’s no need to kill them all. In our village, Konoha, the Hyuga Main Family clan, used a Secret Jutsu to restrain the Branch Family.” Minato said after seeing the Main Family clan leader’s hesitation.

“Minato-dono, are you possibly referring to the Caged Bird? Does the Hyuga Clan still have this Jutsu?” the clan leader asked in surprise.

“Yes, the Hyuga Main Family clan still had this Jutsu.” Minato nodded.

Otsutsuki Obi, the clan leader, asked him, “Did you know how to use this Jutsu?”

“To be honest, I don’t know how to use it. But Shishui knows. The Uchiha and Hyuga clan are descended from the same family. Maybe he will know.” Minato glanced at Shishui on his side.

Shishui smirked, “Hehe… well yeah, the Uchiha Clan did some research on the Caged Bird Jutsu. At that time, my clan researched this Jutsu to find a way to lift the curse. The idea is that once we have an understanding of the Jutsu, we will lift the curse from the Branch Family members so they will take revenge on the Main Family who had enslaved them. So the Hyuga clan will be extinct. It’s a pity that this research didn’t progress much in 10 years because it’s only effective on Byakugan. So, my clan gave up the research. I heard from my genius grandfather, if I remember correctly, the special formula of the Caged Bird is…”

After obtaining the formula from Shishui, the clan leader placed the curse on the Branch Family clan members. Many Branch Family clan members committed suicide rather than being a slave for the rest of their life. In the end, around 300 Branch Family clan members were planted with the Caged Bird.

Otsutsuki Toneri was the only one from the Branch Family that didn’t have the Caged Bird. Under Hana’s guarantee, Otsutsuki Obi finally made an exception for the child.

That ended the conflict over the Otsutsuki clan on the Moon.

Ryo and his team parted with Otsutsuki Main Family and left the Moon the next day. On their way back, Lain was feeling a bit weird about Minato. After some hesitation, she finally asked, “Minato-sama, why did you propose the Otsutsuki Main Family with the Caged Bird? I thought you hate this Jutsu?”

Minato smiled, “I hate the Jutsu because the Hyuga Main Family used it to control the Branch Family. In my opinion, both families deserved to be free and treated equally because they are a member of our village in Konoha. That’s different for the Otsutsuki Clan. The Branch Family clan members’ ambition is a threat to the Ninja World. They had to be restricted.”

Lain was enlightened, “I see!”

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