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Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 360


Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 360 – Hyuga Clan’s System

“Lain, that’s not the only reason.”

Lain was puzzled, she turned around to her brother and asked, “What do you mean?”

Ryo laughed, “Minato nii-san did that because he wanted the Otsutsuki Branch Family not to control the Tenseigan. Byakugan engraved with a Caged Bird is damaged, and Tenseigan couldn’t approve it. The second reason is, Minato nii-san wants to make their relationship like the Hyuga clan. In another way, to avert their hate. In Konoha, the Hyuga Branch Family only maintained their fake obedience to the Main Family. If their curses were lifted one day, the Branch Family would attack the Hyuga Main Family. Because Minato nii-san engraved the Caged Bird, he will be hated. But over time, the Otsutsuki Branch Family’s hatred will be transferred to the Main Family, who enslaved them with Caged Bird. In case the Branch House found a way to lift the curse, their object of revenge would be on the Otsutsuki Main Family, not us.”

After listening to her brother’s explanation, Lain only nodded. She didn’t fully understand about political matters.

“Ryo, do you know anything about this Jutsu?”

Ryo glanced at Minato and thought, ‘It seems like Minato nii-san had a plan to lift the curse seal from the Hyuga Clan Branch Family.’ He understood how Minato’s mind worked very well.

“Ryo, you haven’t answered my question!” Minato continued.

“It seems like Minato nii-san valued my opinion! Okay then, what I think about the Caged Bird Jutsu? Hmm, I think the true purpose is not about protecting the clan bloodline but also holding absolute control over the Branch Family. That’s all.”

Minato heard Ryo’s word and smiled. “It seems like we had the same ide. As far as I know, aside from the clan heir, they will be branded with the Caged Bird when the heir is 3 years old. This is the case with the Hiashi and Hizashi twins.”

After hearing Minato’s word, Ryo said with a smile. “Minato nii-san, I’m glad I was born into the Yamanaka family. Our Yamanaka clan’s strength and background are almost at the same level as Hyuga. But the Yamanaka clan gets along very well. There’s no difference between the Main Family and the Branch Family. In my opinion, our Yamanaka clan is better than Hyuga.”

“Not just Yamanaka, Ino-Shika-Cho clans were also famous for their bad sides in Konoha,” Shishui muttered.

Everyone was at the Kage level Ninja; they all heard his voice. Lain immediately refuted, “Well, the Uchiha Clan is also famous for their brother-and-brother conflict.”

“Hahaha! Shishui! It seems like the Uchiha clans’ glorious tradition is famous in Konoha.” Ryo said while he patted Shishui’s shoulder.

Looking at the three of them teased each other, Minato reluctantly said, “Ryo, our discussion isn’t finished! Please be serious!”

“Ahem… sorry, Minato nii-san! These two kids distracted me.”

Namikaze Minato waved his hand. He continued, “According to my research with Kushina, Caged Bird’s main role is to control and destroy the Branch Family members’ brain nerves. It’s connected directly. So, after the human died, the nerve system stopped working, and the Caged Bird is lifted. In order to lift it, the brain and the nerve system have to be protected first. It should be kept secret from the Main Family. If they found out, the Branch Family members will die as soon as the Main Family activates the curse seal.”

“Minato-sama, it seems like you’ve been planning it for a while now. We, the Uchiha clan, had studied it for so many years and come to the same conclusion as you. But you should know something.”

“What is it?”

“So, when I read my clan’s research logbook, I found that the Caged Bird can be lifted. Not like the Hyuga Main Family’s claims. The data in the logbook shows that the solution of the Caged Bird lies in the heir of the Hyuga Main Family.”

Ryo frowned, “That made sense why they keep the Jutsu a secret. How did the Uchiha clan found out about it?”

“Well…” Shishui looked at Minato and Ryo. He hesitated, but continued speaking anyway, “At the Second Shinobi World War, our clan secretly caught a member of the Hyuga Main Family.”

The two of them were shocked. There weren’t many Hyuga Main Family members on the battlefield. They were likely protected by a large number of Branch Family members. It’s impressive how the Uchiha clan could successfully capture them.

After a while, Minato recovered from his shock. He said, “I didn’t expect the Hyuga Clan had a method to lift the Caged Bird. Then things would be easier.”

“Indeed, it’s not difficult to get this done, right? Shishui!” Ryo turned to Shishui and said this.

Shishui glanced helplessly. With a cautious and solemn tone, he asked, “Sensei, are we going to use Kotoamatsukami?”

“Sure! It’s easier to use Kotoamatsukami to control our target than do it by force, right?”

“Well, it’s true…but”

Seeing Shishui’s nervousness, Ryo waved his hand and said, “Alright, I didn’t say we have to use it. But we still have to figure it out!”

Minato nodded, “Exactly! The Main Family had enslaved the Branch Family with Caged Bird for years. Their hatred for the Main Family won’t disappear easily.”

“Minato nii-san, if we couldn’t figure it out now, we can think about it later.”

Minato frowned, “Why?”

After contemplating, “I think the Hyuga clan will finish the matter without our help. The Hyuga Main Family current leader, Hiashi, is affectionate with his brother, the Branch Family leader Hizashi, right? Besides, Hiashi had 2 daughters, all of which had surpassed age 3, but he hasn’t engraved the Caged Bird yet. I think Hiashi also hates Caged Bird Jutsu. If we give him some time, he might solve this problem alone.”

Minato looked puzzled at Ryo, “Ryo, what’s wrong with you today? You actually hoped for the problem to solve just by counting on his affection to his daughters and brother?”

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