Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 364


Hokage Ryo Path Chapter 364 – Negotiation with the Ino-Shika-Cho Team!

It was late at night after they finished the discussion in the Hatake clan residence.

Although the Senju Clan residence was empty all year round, some villagers and Ninja cleaned the house every three weeks, making it habitable. Tsunade took Shizune to her old house.

Ryo naturally returned to the Yamanaka clan residence. When Tsunade and Ryo went to Hatake clan’s residence, Lain returned to Yamanaka clan residence and told Yamanaka Nori that her son had returned.

As soon as Ryo entered the house, he was greeted with a table full of home-cooked meals prepared by his mother. It was all his favorite meals. Ryo smiled at his mother and ate his dinner with delight. 

After dinner, Ryo went to Yamanaka Inoichi’s room and called Inoichi, who had fallen asleep. “Ryo? Can’t this wait until tomorrow? It’s midnight.” Yamanaka Inoichi complained.

“I’m sorry, Inoichi nii-san, but this matter is crucial. Wait for me in the living room. In the meantime, I will call Shikaku nii-san and Choji nii-san.”

Not long after, Ryo returned to the Yamanaka clan’s living room with two sleepyheads. Ryo served tea to the three-person. After sipping the tea, the caffeine kicked in. The three people were fully awake now.

The three of them exchanged glanced, Inoichi said, “Ryo, what’s with you calling us this late at night?”

“Well, Uncle Sakumo and Tsunade-sama had an idea to free the Hyuga Branch house from the Main Family. But now, we’re not strong enough to accomplish this. So I want the Ino-Shika-Cho team to join forces.”

After Inoichi heard Ryo’s explanation, he frowned and said, “Sorry, Ryo! I can’t promise you anything! This is a huge matter! If I agree with you, that means the Ino-Shika-Cho would directly clash with the Hyuga clan. Our relationship with Hyuga is good. I don’t think this plan is good.”

“Inoichi, don’t quickly jump into conclusion, I think Ryo’s plan is quite promising.”

Inoichi was surprised by Nara Shikaku’s words. He said, “Shikaku! Have you lost your mind? We’re going to confront the Hyuga clan!”

Akimichi Chouza hurriedly calmed down his friend, “Calm down, Inoichi. Shikaku must have some reason when he said that.”

Nara Shikaku seized the chance to ask, “Inoichi, who is the closest person to the Ino-Shika-Cho team? The kindest one?”

“Who? Of course, it’s Hyuga Hizashi…” Yamanaka Inoichi stopped his sentence halfway. He suddenly realized it was the Hyuga Branch Family clan that usually maintained a good relationship with the Ino-Shika-Cho clans. The Hyuga Main Family clan members rarely appeared. Their leader, Hiashi, only appeared in the conference room.

Nara Shikaku glanced at Inoichi and continued, “You understand now, Inoichi? The one who’s always been kind to the Ino-Shika-Cho clans is Hyuga Hizashi, who was from the Branch Family. Are you afraid to clash with a big clan? Think again, the ratio of Hyuga Main Family and Branch Family is 1:50, did you understand? The Hyuga clan members are close to 2.000 people. The Main Family consists of less than 40 people. The rest of them belongs in the Branch Family! Konoha’s biggest clan is the Hyuga Branch Family, not the Hyuga Main Family!”

Before Shikaku could finish his sentence, Ryo continued to say, “Shikaku nii-san is right. Once the Branch Family is free, the new Hyuga clan will be established. By then, the newly formed Hyuga Clan, which was composed of the Branch Family, will certainly be grateful for our help. Inoichi nii-san, you worry for nothing.”

Inoichi was stunned, unable to say anything. After he heard Ryo and Shikaku’s words, he was also a little bit excited. After successfully persuaded Inoichi, Shikaku shifted on Ryo, “Of course everything I say is based on the possibility if the Hyuga Branch House successfully separated from the Main Family. As far as I know, there’s no way to lift the Caged Bird, even if there were a way, the Hyuga Main Family would never say it to us. And the Hyuga clan’s Byakugan had a high resistance to Genjutsu. Maybe your Mangekyo could affect them, but I don’t think you’ll be able to extract such valuable information. So, Ryo, we can believe you only after you tell us the way to lift the Caged Bird Jutsu.”

Ryo had guessed that Shikaku would ask this. The way to lift the Caged Bird was the key to separate both Families. “Shikaku nii-san, believe me, the Hyuga Clan Main Family had a way to lift the Caged Bird. As for how I will extract the information, I will rely on this.” Ryo pointed his eyes and continued saying, “Once the Mangekyou Sharingan opens, there will be two special Dojutsu. These Dojutsu have their purpose, and it’s powerful. Shishui’s Mangekyo Dojutsu is called Kotoamatsukami. It can directly enter the target’s brain without being noticed and controlled its target into the user’s puppet. I plan to use Shishui’s Dojutsu to control one of the elders from the Hyuga Main Family to extract the Caged Bird solution.”

“The Elder? Why don’t you target Hyuga Hiashi? He’s the leader of the entire Hyuga clan. He should have the method to lift the Caged Bird.” Akimichi Choza asked.

“Because I need him for another reason. We will immediately kill the Elder after we extracted the information. And we cannot kill Hiashi yet.” Ryo explained.

“Why do you have to kill the puppet?” Akimichi Choza asked again.

“The only reason we help the Branch Family to lift their curse is to be free from the Main Family. If they find out we are the ones who help them, the Branch Family will be upset with the village. So, uncle Sakumo will tell the Branch Family members that it is the village that helped them.”

“Why can’t Hyuga Hiashi die?” Akimichi Choza continued to ask.

Ryo laughed, “Once the Hyuga Branch Family is out of the Main Family’s control. They will certainly hold grudges for the Main Family. Although there aren’t many Main Family members, I know the core of the Hyuga Clan’s secret Jutsu. Without these secret Jutsu, their clan’s strength will decrease sharply. If the Hyuga Clan lost their power, the village would be troubled. And now, the clan leader of the Main Family is Hyuga Hiashi, with his brother, Hyuga Hizashi as the Branch Family clan leader. Both of them had a good relationship. Hyuga Hizashi will definitely restrain the Branch Family clan members not to destroy the Main Family.”

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