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Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 365


Hokage Ryo Path Chapter 364 – Operation Start!

“Ryo, what do you need us to do?” After listening for a while, Yamanaka Inoichi realized Ryo hadn’t mentioned what the Ino-Shika-Cho three clans needed to do.

“It’s simple.  I need the Ino-Shika-Cho three clan to recognize this new clan and help them get their rights from the high-ranks at any cost after the Hyuga Branch Family left the Main Family.”

Nara Shikaku heard it. He smiled, “Alright. It seems simple enough.”

“Shikaku…” Nara Shikaku quickly stopped Inoichi’s Word.

He replied, “Relax, I’ll explain later. Anyway, we agreed to cooperate.”

Yamanaka Ryo nodded and said, “Alright then. I’ll head to my room to rest for the night. The operation will start soon. You should all remain silent for the time being.”

“Relax, I know what to do.” With Shikaku’s assurance, Ryo turned and left the living room to rest. As soon as he left, Inoichi and Akimichi Chouza glanced at Nara Shikaku, demanding an explanation.

“Shikaku, ‘from the high ranks at any cost’? This isn’t a joke! Why did you agree?” Akimichi Chouza asked directly.

“You two must be dumb. Can’t you see this is our chance to improve our three clans’ status?”

Inoichi and Chouza were dumbfounded. They both exchanged a glance before Inoichi asked, “What do you mean? Make it clear!”

Nara Shikaku stared at his two friends, “Here, who has the greatest influence in the entire village?”

Chouza immediately answered, “It must be Hokage-sama. The Uchiha clan also respected Hokage-sama, we also respected him. And Tsunade-sama will also support Hokage-sama.”

“Then what are you afraid of? Why do you doubt Ryo when Hokage-sama himself supports him? The result of the high ranks’ conference is already determined. Our first task is to support the Hyuga Branch Family. It’s not a difficult task. So, what’s the Branch Family’s opportunity?”

Inoichi slapped his thigh in realization, he said. “I see!”

Nara shikaku helplessly sighed, “I’m surrounded by idiots.” He immediately left after getting up.

The next day, Ryo went to the Hokage Office early in the morning.

“Uncle Sakumo, everything is ready! Let’s do this!”

“Yes, I’ve summoned Hyuga Hiashi and Hyuga Toyota. Ryo, are you sure Hiashi will approve the Branch Family’s separation?”

Last night, he, Tsunade, and Sakumo talked all night long. They decided to directly summon Hyuga Hiashi and the Hyuga Clan Great Elder, Hyuga Toyota. Then Shisui, disguised as Anbu, would use Kotoamatsukami to control Toyota’s mind and obtain the secret of the Caged Bird Jutsu. Hatake Sakumo agreed to the plan. But one thing he couldn’t understand was why Ryo was so convinced Hiashi would agree to let the Branch Family to be separated from the Main Family. If Hiashi really would agree, why didn’t they just extract the Caged Bird information from him? Why they had to work harder and involved Hyuga Toyota? Ryo didn’t explain to Sakumo. He just said Sakumo would understand soon. Sakumo initially hesitated, but he finally agreed to the operation plan and trust Ryo.

“Hokage-sama, The Hyuga Clan Leader and Great Elder are here.” An Anbu Ninja informed him, interrupting his thought.

After a few formalities, Hyuga Hiashi said, “Hokage-sama, why we were summoned today?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to talk to the Great Elder.”

“To me?” Hyuga Toyota was taken aback. He looked at Sakumo, “Why would Hokage-sama…” Hyuga Toyota didn’t finish his voice. A scarlet Sharingan controlled his mind, slowly blurred out his consciousness.

Hyuga Hiashi immediately noticed the abnormality. He turned on his Byakugan and saw Toyota’s Chakra was in disarray. Hyuga Hiashi’s expression was offended. He immediately stepped back and asked, “Hokage-sama, what’s the meaning of this!”

“Hiashi-sama, please calm down.”

“Yamanaka Ryo?! Why are you here? Hokage-sama, what the hell is going on here?” After seeing Ryo, Hiashi relaxed his defensive posture. He understood that he couldn’t win against Ryo.

“Hiashi-sama, what do you think about Hyuga Clan’s Caged Bird?”

For a moment, Hiashi was puzzled. He didn’t know why Ryo asked this all of a sudden. After hesitating, Hiashi said, “It’s none of your concern.”

“Really? What if I said I want to release the Hyuga Branch Family from the Main Family? What will you do?”

Hyuga Hiashi smirked, “Hahaha… that’s impossible! Do you think using cheap Genjutsu to control the Great Elder would lead you to know how to lift the Caged Bird? Our Byakugan is highly resistant to all Genjutsu.”

“I see, so Hiashi-sama doesn’t believe me. It’s fine. Then we should hear it directly from Elder Toyota!” Before Ryo finished his word, Shisui gave orders to Toyota. Toyota easily spoke the method of lifting the Caged Bird without hesitation. Sakumo observed Hiashi’s expression. After he heard the method, he wasn’t angry. In fact, he was relieved.

Sakumo said, “So, it seems that Hiashi-sama also disapproves of the Caged Bird Jutsu!”

Hiashi hesitated for a moment. He continued, “I do. I hate the Jutsu.”

“If my guess is correct, does that mean Hiashi-sama doesn’t know how to lift the Caged Bird?” Ryo asked with a gentle smile.

“Indeed. I didn’t know the method. Otherwise, Hizashi and his son wouldn’t have the curse seal for such a long time.” When speaking of Hizashi, Hiashi’s eyes gleamed with sadness.

“Why don’t you have it? As the Clan Leader, shouldn’t you be the one controlling the Caged Bird?” Hatake Sakumo expressed his astonishment.

Hiashi sighed, “It’s because of my attitude towards Hizashi. I was attached to him because I feel sorry for him. The Elders knew about my affection for my brother. They were afraid if I would release Hizashi’s caged bird. That’s why they never tell me about the method.”

After listening to Hiashi’s word, Ryo laughed and said, “So it’s true! Hiashi-sama, I happened to know the method of lifting the Caged Bird off Hyuga Hizashi. Would you cooperate with us?”

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