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Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 368


Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 368 – Releasing the Caged Bird (Part 2)

“But… Father… Father seems like he is about to lose.” Hanabi’s voice trembled after seeing Hiashi was cornered.

Hinata immediately hugged Hanabi behind her and firmly said, “Hanabi, don’t be afraid. No matter what, onee-chan will protect you.”

Hyuga Hiashi’s power was one of the best among the Hyuga Clan. Otherwise, he wouldn’t serve as the Hyuga Clan Leader for so many years. However, Hyuga Hiashi alone couldn’t win against the 11 Main Family clan members.

The battle situation was getting dire for Hiashi. The second Elder seized the opportunity to use Eight Trigrams: Vacuum Palm on Hiashi. The Jutsu hit Hiashi’s shoulder and knocked him down. The rest of the Main Family clan members immediately rushed toward him.

At the crucial moment, the door of Hiashi’s residence slammed open, and a silhouette instantly protected Hyuga Hiashi.

The silhouette was Hyuga Hizashi. He deflected all the Main Family clan members’ attack with Hyuga Clan’s strongest defense Taijutsu, the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven. The Main Family was struggling at his defense.

“Hizashi! How dare you intervene with the Main Family’s business! You shall be dead!” The third Elder immediately pressed the Caged Bird curse seal. He was shocked to see Hizashi was immune. The third Elder’s face turned pale. Hizashi’s Caged Bird seal was already lifted.

On the other side, Hizashi helped his brother to stand up again, “Onii-san, are you alright?”

Hyuga Hiashi laughed, “Never been better.”

“I haven’t fought together with you for a long time. I looked forward to this day!”

Hearing his brother’s words, Hiashi’s memory flashed at the scene of him and his brothers fighting side by side in the Third Shinobi World War. He couldn’t help but feel melancholy. He gazed at Hizashi and nodded.

“Hizashi, you traitor! How dare you lift the Caged Bird without our permission!”

The two brothers looked up. Hizashi smirked at the third Elder. “Hehehe… do you guys think you could win against the Hyuga Brothers?”

“Hmph! Hizashi, you’re being arrogant. Lifting the Caged Bird won’t change anything! You will still die here!”

The Main Family soon rushed again; the two brothers glanced at each other’s, posing in defense of Gentle Fist. They had experienced countless battles together since the Third Shinobi War. Their battle senses and understanding were far from the Main Family members could comprehend. As for their strength, Hizashi’s innate talent alone was far above Hiashi. For so many years, his Caged Bird limited Hizashi’s Byakugan. But now, it’s no longer the case.

The two brothers worked together to block their opponents’ attacks. The Main Family swayed after noticing Hizashi’s power was far above them.

Although Hizashi managed to keep their opponent at bay, he was also worried about Hiashi’s injury and his two nieces’ safety. The situation was a stalemate for a while.

At the same time, Ryo and Tsunade took the opportunity to help to lift the Caged Bird from the Hyuga Branch Family Jounin or above. Of course, they only helped those who had little to no dangerous resentment towards the Main Family. After being freed of their Caged Bird, the Branch Family members would fight to defend their rights. These people needed to be less hostile to the Main Family. Otherwise, they would seek revenge as soon as their Caged Bird was lifted, and the Main Family would perish. Their goal would stray from Namikaze Minato’s original intention.

Ryo and Tsunade naturally didn’t know every Branch Family clan member that should be released of their Caged Bird. Ryo got his old friend from the Branch Family to help him. Having fought side by side for so many years, Ryo trusted his friend. Under Hyuga Ming’s guidance, Ryo and Tsunade released more than a dozen Jounin from the Branch Family. With the Jounin, Ryo and Tsunade rushed to Hiashi’s residence.

Before they entered the house, Tsunade suddenly asked, “Boy, tell me. Do you think those two can win against the Main Family?”

“I’m not sure. If both of them joined forces together from the beginning, the Main Family wasn’t their opponent. But now, Hiashi-sama had fought alone for some time, he must’ve been wounded, and there are Hiashi-sama’s two daughters…”

Tsunade frowned, “You mean the two brothers can’t win? Boy, you underestimated Hizashi’s power.”

“Tsunade-sama, you expected too high. If Hizashi weren’t restricted by the Caged Bird for so many years, he could easily defeat them. But not this time.”

“Alright, let’s bet on it!”

Ryo smiled. He felt he was right, so why would he refuse to win? “Alright, what’s the bet?”

Tsunade immediately said, “If I win, you will help me pay all of my debts to Orochimaru.”

“I see. What if I win?” Ryo asked with a smile.

“I owe you a favor, and I’ll help you.”

“Seems fair enough. Alright, then.”

After a while, the two arrived at Hiashi’s residence. Tsunade pushed the door of Hiashi’s residence and saw that she lost the bet.

The two sides that were fighting were startled when they saw the door swung open. Both sides thought reinforcement from the enemy sides was coming. After seeing Tsunade, both sides were relieved. But Tsunade’s expression turned pale.

Ryo said with a smile and said, “Hahaha! Tsunade-sama, it looks like you lost. You owe me a favor now.”

“Tsunade-sama! Hyuga Hiashi and Hizashi wanted to betray the Hyuga Clan. Tsunade-sama, please help us defeat them!” The second Elder pleaded to Tsunade.

Hearing this, Tsunade coldly snorted. She flashed towards the second Elder and slammed him down with a punch. The entire Main Family clan member was stunned at the scene, but Tsunade didn’t stop. She muttered something as she continued beating, “Damn it! How could I lose! To a young boy!”

In less than a minute, the rest of the Main Family clan members were beaten by Tsunade. Everyone presented in Hyuga Hiashi’s residence was stunned, except for Yamanaka Ryo.

“This is Tsunade-sama’s real strength? How terrifying!” The young Hyuga muttered beside Ryo.

Ryo laughed, “Ming, you’re too naïve. Tsunade-sama didn’t even use half of her strength. Otherwise, they’re all will be dead by now.”

Hyuga Ming heard this and immediately glanced at the defeated Main Family members. Indeed, they’re still breathing.

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