Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 367


Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 367 – Releasing the Caged Bird (Part 1)

“Explain yourself. Why you all seem to be in a hurry?” Hyuga Hiashi calmly said.

“Hmph! Since ancient times, the children of the Hyuga clan will be marked with the Caged Bird curse when they’re 3 years old, and both of your daughters are 10 and 6 years old. And we’re the one who was in a hurry?” A Main Family clan member said.

“I see. You wanted to engrave my daughter with Caged Bird today?”

“It’s not about what we want. It’s the clan’s rules.”

“Haha… then let me see what you got.” Hyuga Hiashi opened his Byakugan as he posed for the Gentle Fist.

“Hmph! Don’t blame us for what’s coming. It’s all because of your arrogance!” Hyuga Toyota coldly snorted. He also posed the Gentle Fist.

Suddenly, Hyuga Hiashi’s residence’s atmosphere was tense. Both children, Hinata and Hanabi, were anxious after seeing the confrontation between their father and the clan members. They were hiding behind their Hyuga Branch Family female caregiver.

“Hmph! How could someone from the Main Family be so timid?! Hand them over!” Hyuga Toyota spoke to the Hyuga sisters hiding behind their caregiver. Both of them had never experienced such a thing that they were shivering from fear. The caregiver took care of the sisters since they were a baby, she naturally had a deep relationship with them. Although she was afraid of Hyuga Toyota, her motherly instinct made her dare to confront him. “Great Elder-sama, the two Young Lady are still too young…”

“Hmph! What makes you confident to talk back?” Hyuga Toyota coldly snorted. Urging the curse seal on the caregiver’s forehead. The curse seal acted instantly. The Branch Family wrenched in pain before she fainted.

Hyuga Hiashi’s complexion got pale, he asked, “Toyota, the Branch Family is also a part of the Hyuga Clan. You’re too harsh!”

Hyuga Toyota kept quiet. The third Elder on the side said, “The Branch Family has always been a helper for the Main Family. Clan Leader-sama is worried about these people, I guess.”

“Third Elder is right.”

“The Branch Family member should be punished for interfering.”


“Enough! I didn’t expect the Hyuga Clan’s Main Family to act like this. I see no need for the clan separation to exist!” Hyuga Hiashi’s words were stone-cold. The Main Family crowd was shocked.

The Branch Family clan members who guarded the gate outside contemplated. They didn’t expect the Clan Leader to be so protective of them, even saying there’s no need for such a separation system to exist. The guard glanced at one another until one of them said, “You should go and tell Hizashi-sama what happened.” His companion nodded and immediately ran.

Everyone was shocked by Hiashi’s words. For a moment, his residence atmosphere fell into a strange silence. A moment later, Hyuga Toyota said, “How dare you say such a thing?! It seems like you are no longer fit to serve as the Leader of the Hyuga Clan!”

“Hmph! I never wanted to be a Clan Leader. I’ve been tormented for years because Hizashi sacrificed himself so that I could become the Leader, but I’ve never been able to do anything for him. But yesterday, I finally know the way to lift the Caged Bird. There’s no need for the system to exist anymore.” As he said that, Hiashi ran to the unconscious Branch Family member woman.

He formed a hand sign with both of his hand, injected Chakra into the woman, and the green Caged Bird curse seals slowly fading away. The clan members were stunned at what just happened. They didn’t come forward to stop Hyuga Hiashi.

Hyuga Toyota was terrified, “No way… That’s impossible! How does he know about the method to lift the Caged Bird?!”

Hiashi snorted, “For years, the Caged Bird’s solution has always been kept secret by the Three Elders and Clan Leader, so why shouldn’t I know?”

“Elder-sama, how did the secret leaked?!” The rest of the Main Family who just recovered from their shock immediately asked the Three Elders.

The second Elder’s complexion went pale, he replied, “The solution to the Caged Bird has never been lost. But the clan has only been trying to get the Branch Family to accept their own destiny so they wouldn’t dare to resist. The Clan Leader has always cared too much about the Branch Family, so we didn’t tell him how to disable the Caged Bird. We already knew he would immediately use it after he found out about the method.”

As soon as the second Elder’s voice disappeared, the third Elder immediately said, “Clan Leader-sama had gone crazy. We must restrain him first. Just in case there would be a turmoil!”

The rest of the Branch Family clan members exchanged glances and immediately spread out and surrounded Hyuga Hiashi to protect him.

At the same time, Hizashi was informed about what happened in Hiashi’s residence. He immediately realized that this matter was urgent and immediately rushed to Hiashi’s residence. Not long after, Hizashi was stopped by Yamanaka Ryo and Tsunade.

“Tsunade-sama, Ryo-sama!” Hyuga Hizashi respectfully greeted the two.

“Hizashi, why are you in a hurry?”

“Something is going on with the clan, Tsunade-sama. I need to get to Hiashi-sama as soon as possible.”

Yamanaka Ryo immediately smiled, “Hehe… Hizashi, there would be a lot of Main Family clan members. You bear the mark of the Caged Bird. Going there right now will be your death. Let me help you.”

“Help me? But how…” Hizashi saw Ryo silently formed a hand seal and pouring Chakra into the Caged Bird on his forehead. A few seconds later, Hizashi felt like his chain was broken, he felt a sense of relief like he had never felt before.

“This… Ryo-sama, you… How is this even possible?!” His Caged Bird was now disabled, and Hizashi was too excited to speak clearly.

Tsunade looked at Hyuga Hizashi and smiled. She tapped on Hizashi’s shoulder and said, “Now, there’s nothing you can’t do. Go now, as far as I know, you’re the best Ninja among the Hyuga Clan. Go and help your nii-san!”

“Thank you! Tsunade-sama! Ryo-sama!” After he bowed to the two, he calmed himself and dashed to Hiashi’s residence.

At this time, Hyuga Hiashi was already cornered by the 11 Main Family clan members.

The Hyuga sisters hugged each other in fear. They hid in the distance, overlooking their father and the Main Family clan members’ battle.

“Nee-chan, is Father going to be alright?” Hanabi asked nervously.

Hinata squeezed out a smile to comfort her sister, “No, but our Father is powerful.”

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