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Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 370


Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 370 – The Hyuga Clan’s Compromise

In fact, it’s not just the Main Family second and third Elder, but most Hyuga Main Family clan members were shaken by the separation system. Just now, in Ryo’s “memory”, they saw Otsutsuki Clan on the moon lived harmoniously. Everyone had the same questions, was the Otsutsuki clan’s system better than theirs?

Seeing everyone fell into deep contemplation, Ryo didn’t bother them. He secretly established a Spiritual link with Tsunade. “Tsunade-sama, you lost your bet with me.”

“Hmph! I don’t need you to remind me that. If you agree to bet, you must be ready to lose. So, what do you want me to do?”

“Then I’ll get straight to my point. Tsunade-sama, I hope you will stay in the village and build a new medical ninja system with me.”

When Tsunade heard Ryo’s sound transmission, she raised her eyebrows. She was a medical ninja, and Ryo’s proposal suited her profession. But, Tsunade had a traumatic experience, that’s why she couldn’t involve in medical treatment for years. However, Ryo had treated her once with Genjutsu. And now Tsunade’s condition was somewhat better than in the original Manga. It’s still possible to participate in some medical research with her current status, which was why Yamanaka Ryo proposed that.

“Boy, what’s the new medical ninja system you just said?”

“There are three main aspects I want to improve. One, improve the medical skills of medical ninjas. Second, improving the medical ninja’s battlefield survival rate and improving the status of the medical ninjas.”

A faint smile lifted from the corner of Tsunade’s lips. “Healing, survival, status! Boy, you’ve thought it through, pretty good!”

“So, Tsunade-sama thinks that it’s possible?”

“Well, medical ninjas are undoubtedly a scarce resource in the establishment of ninja village. Most of them had mediocre combat skills, and there were a lot of medical ninjas that the village has spent a lot of time developing, but they died easily on the battlefield. That’s why I’ve settled on the three iron rules of medical ninjas. What you just said about the medical ninjas’ survival rate is the most important thing for me. As for status, I don’t think it really matters.”

Ryo frowned, “Tsunade-sama, you’re wrong about that. The medical ninjas status in the village must be raised. Nowadays, the village preaches the heroes, those who have made a great achievement on the battlefield. Even you were famous in the Ninja World because of your achievement during the Third Shinobi World War. A medical ninja’s status isn’t as high as an ordinary ninja, so most ninja students never aim to be a medical ninja after they graduate. As a result, the number dwindled, and Konoha’s medical system isn’t advancing well. Only by raising the number and status of medical ninjas, Konoha’s medical system would progress faster. And should a war occurred in the future, Konoha Ninjas’ survival rate will improve.”

Tsunade was taken aback by his words. After a few moments of contemplation, “Boy, I have to admit that you thought forward, more than I do. In this, I will fully support you.”

Hearing Tsuande’s promise, Ryo sighed in relief. In fact, before he had this idea, the current Konoha situation couldn’t be relied on to complete his plan.

In order to accomplish a change of this magnitude, a person with sufficient prestige would have to lead it. Tsunade was the grandkid of the First Hokage, the princess of Daimyou, the predecessor of Country of Fire, and the founder of the current medical system. She was the most suitable person to lead the reform system. With Tsunade as the lead, completing the medical ninja reformation system was a guaranteed success.

Thinking of this, Ryo smiled, “Thank you! Tsunade-sama!”

Tsunade glanced, nodded imperceptibly, almost ignoring Ryo. Ryo felt his Spiritual link was broken. At the same time, the Hyuga Main Family clan members had come to a conclusion.

Initially, the clan would be represented by Hyuga Hiashi or Hyuga Toyota. But now that Hyuga Hiashi was on Branch Family’s side, and Hyuga Toyota was clearly objected to abolishing the clan’s separation system. The Second Elder was selected as a representation.

“Tsunade-sama, Ryo-sama, after our discussion, we agree to release the Branch Family of their Caged Birds, with several terms and conditions.”

Tsunade showed an annoyed expression, “If you have any conditions, say them quickly! Don’t waste my time, or I’ll beat you again!”

The second Elder snapped and quickly said, “Yes, yes, of course! Tsunade-sama, we have three conditions. First, the Branch Family can’t hurt the Main Family clan members. Second, the female members of the Hyuga Branch Family are still not allowed to marry outside the clan. If they do, they must be engraved with a Caged Bird. Third, the solution of the Caged Bird cannot be made to the public. They should be known only to the future Elders of the Hyuga Clan.”

Tsunade nodded as she listened, “Seems fair enough. She turned on the Hyuga brothers, “What do you think of this, Hyuga Hizashi?”

“I’d like to ask the second Elder about the third condition. Is it eligible for the Branch Family clan members to serve as Elders?”

“Of course. In the future, the Elders of the Hyuga Clan will be selected from among the clan members.”

“What about the Secret Jutsu of the Main Family’s Gentle Fist?” Hyuga Hizashi asked.

“Well…” the second Elder hesitated, he glanced at his fellow Main Family clan members. “Since we’ve decided to abolish the clan separation system, there’s no need for the Secret Jutsu to be remained hidden!” A member of the Main Family said.

“Indeed! What do you think, the third Elder?”

The third Elder sighed at the words, “Alas! That’s the only way!”

The clan members quickly reached a consensus and nodded towards the second Elder. The second Elder was relieved at the situation and said, “The Main Family secret Jutsu will no longer be hidden. But one must contribute to the clan in order to learn it.”

A frown showed on Hyuga Hizashi’s face, “A certain contribution? It’s too general, isn’t it?”

The second Elder thought about it and then said, “How about this? The Secret Jutsu of the Main Family can now be learned by all the Jounin. What do you think?”

Hizashi nodded without the slightest hesitation, “Alright, seems fair enough.”

Seeing that the two sides had reached an agreement, Ryo smiled, “It seems that we’ve done discussing. So, does it mean that we can declare the end of the Hyuga Clan’s separation system?”

After exchanging glances, Hyuga Hizashi and the two Elders said in unison, “From now on, there will be no more clan separation, only Hyuga.”

“Then the Caged Bird…”

“Tomorrow, no, this afternoon, we will begin to release the Caged Bird. Until then, we want Tsunade-sama to explain to the Branch Family. Just in case they wanted to take revenge on us after we release the Caged Bird.”

Tsunade nodded, “Alright, leave it to me!”

Just when everyone thought everything was settled, Hyuga Toyota suddenly said, “Wait a minute, I still don’t agree on this!”

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