Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 371


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Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 371 – Problematic Students

Hyuga Toyota, the Great Elder of the Hyuga Clan’s opinion, was always regarded in the Hyuga Clan. Both the Main Family and the Branch Family respected him, so when he spoke, the room was instantly quiet.

“The Hyuga Clan separation system has been around since ancient times. Later on, for the sake of the clan’s blood purity, we established the clan separation and engraved the Caged Bird on the Branch Family. This was all the experience and wisdom accumulated by Hyuga Clan over all these years. What’s wrong with that? You people are about to abolish our separation system because of an illusionary ancestor? A family isolated on the moon? And you still…”

Hyuga Toyota’s word suddenly stopped. Everyone was frozen to found out that Yamanaka Ryo had sliced Toyota’s throat.

“What a nuisance. We all reached an agreement, and you suddenly said you object? Anyone else got something to say?”

Ryo’s cold tone was annoyed. Sending chills to the hearts of all the Hyuga clan members present. They immediately shook their heads.

“Well then, the matter is settled!” after saying that, Ryo turned around and left. Tsunade followed as she glanced at the Hyuga Clan.

Seeing both of them walked away, the Hyuga clan members breathed a sigh of relief. A moment later, the third Elder muttered to himself, “That was Yamanaka Ryo’s strength? It’s terrifying!”

“We all know that Yamanaka Ryo is strong. But I didn’t expect him to be this strong!”

Hiashi was also taken aback, “Hizashi, did you see how Ryo killed the Great Elder just now?”

Hizashi shook his head, “No, Ryo-sama’s speed is too fast! At first, he was still at the door, but at the next second, the Great Elder…”

“It was as if I saw Yondaime’s shadow in him. But unlike Yondaime, Ryo did this without any consideration at all. Although everything he had accomplished was good for the village, this man is too unpredictable.”

“Nii-san, as long as Ryo-sama did what was best for the village, everything else doesn’t matter.”

Hiashi nodded at his brother’s words and said nothing else.


That afternoon, Tsunade went back to the Hyuga clan again. Before her, the Hyuga clan’s separation system was officially abolished.

The two elders of the clan began to help to lift the Branch Family members’ Caged Bird. During the period, if there were someone who hated the Main Family, Tsunade would immediately attack them. After two days, all the members of the Hyuga Branch Family were released from the Caged Bird. From now on, there’s no Main and Branch Family, only one Hyuga clan.

After Tsunade finished the Hyuga clan business, she began to work on establishing a new medical ninja system. According to Ryo’s idea, they should first raise the medical ninja’s status. In other words, promoting medical ninja. So, Ryo specially designed the medical ninja training course.

Ryo taught the medical ninjas by himself. The medical ninjas here were all his students during the Third Shinobi World War. Only a few medical ninjas had come to learn. Ryo had no reason to rush, he just wanted to pull up the framework first. Both Tsunade and he were occupied by their own business so they couldn’t concentrate on the new medical ninja system.


Time passed by before he knew it, more than half a year had passed.

In the desert of Wind Country, Yamanaka Ryo sat his knees on a piece of ice. He had trained his eye power for more than half a year, trying to open the Complete Body Susanoo as soon as possible. Not knowing how long he had been sitting cross-legged, Ryo slowly opened his eyes. A row of light blue skeleton appeared around his body.

Ryo continued pushing his Mangekyou as arms and skull grew on his shoulders. Next, muscles appeared on the giant’s body, and a weapon resembling Chinese Ancient Sword appeared in its hand. After a few more seconds, the light blue giants grew its legs, and Ryo appeared on the giant’s forehead.

This was the highest stage of Susanoo that Ryo could reach before. But now, the changes didn’t stop. A layer of armor began to appear on the light blue giant’s body, enormous wings grew on its back, and a Tengu mask emerged on its face. The weapon on its hands became more and more vivid.

Eventually, as the Chakra and the eye power solidified, a light blue giant stood tall in the desert.

Yamanaka Ryo’s Susanoo was somewhat similar to Madara’s Susanoo. But his was lighter. His weapon of choice was a Traditional Chinese Sword, not a Katana that usually available in Naruto’s World. Like every Complete Body Susanoo, Ryo’s Susanoo also had wing and could fly.

Feeling the terrifying power of the Complete Body Susanoo, Ryo smiled. With this Susanoo and his Ice Colossus, he could finally have the strength to fight those at the top of the Hokage Pyramid.

After familiarizing himself with the Complete Body Susanoo, Ryo withdrew it with satisfaction. His whole figure disappeared from the desert.


Konoha Village, Ninja Academy.

Yamanaka Ryo teleported out of thin air and walked in.

Today is October 10, Konoha 58, it was Naruto’s tenth birthday. Every year, Ryo gave Naruto his birthday present. This year was not an exception.

Upon entering the Ninja Academy, Ryo saw Naruto and Shikamaru running on the training grounds. Ryo scratched the back of his head and walked into Iruka’s office. Coincidentally, Iruka was also worrying about Naruto at the same time. He looked out of his window at the two running boys and sighed, “Ugh! Those two boys!”

Both of them were the two problematic students that gave him the most headache. They were both averages in terms of overall grades, but Iruka was aware that they had more potential than that.

Unlike in the original Manga, Naruto now had Kushina to teach him. He also learned the Body Flicked Technique from Ryo. His strength was definitely the strongest among the freshman. However, Naruto didn’t inherit Namikaze Minato’s smart brain, he knew nothing about theories. Naruto fell asleep in the exam and handed out a blank paper.

As for Shikamaru, Iruka also punished him for sleeping in the class. But unlike Naruto, Shikamaru slept because the topics were too easy for him. Seeing at how easy it was, Shikamaru thought he could get it done in a few minutes, so he fell asleep, planning to deal with it in the last few minutes. However, he slept through the whole exam and ended up handing out a blank paper.

“Looks like my two kids are giving Iruka-sensei a hard time!” Yamanaka Ryo smiled as he entered the office and saw Iruka, who was frowning.

“Ryo-sama! What are you doing here?”

“Nothing. It’s Naruto’s birthday today, I’m here to pick him up. Iruka-sensei, what’s wrong with these two brats?”

Iruka sighed and started explaining their situation to Ryo.

Yamanaka Ryo looked embarrassed at the news, “These two little brats are a real disgrace to their elders.”

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