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Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 373


Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 373 – Endurance Check and Practice!

“Why so serious? What are you two talking about?” Kushina, who just finished washing the dishes, came over with a tray of tea and snacks.

“Nothing, I was just telling Kurama some stories that happened these past few years,” Ryo answered with a smile.

“I see! Yeah, there’s been major even in the village these past few years. All of which were planned by you and Sakumo-senpai!”

Yamanaka Ryo pretended to be surprised, “Kushina nee-san, since when you become this smart?!”

Kushina sneered, “Hehehe Ryo, I’ll give you one more chance to retract back what you said.”

“Uh… I gotta go. I just remember I had an appointment with Uncle Sakumo. I’ll be going now! Bye!” As soon as he said it, his figure disappeared from Kushina’s house.


Early in the next morning, Ryo went to the Ninja Academy again. He learned from Iruka that Naruto’s culture class was a mess. So, he wanted to know Naruto’s strength. He was lucky, Naruto’s class had a duel. He hid behind a tree, smiled at Naruto, and the familiar figures from the original manga.

First, the kunoichi appeared one by one, after that, it was the male ninja’s turn.

“Next, Yamanaka Ino, Haruno Sakura!” Iruka shouted and the match began.

At first, Ryo had some expectations with Ino, but after seeing their duel, Ryo face palmed himself. After they finished doing some Jutsu, one of them accidentally grabbed their opponent’s hair. In return, both of them didn’t fight like a ninja, but like two little girls.

Iruka also sighed. Called in the next ground, “Hinata, Reina!”

As the eldest daughter of the Hyuga clan, Hinata always received a high-grade and elite education. She had no problem in dealing with commoner ninja.

Later, Choji and Shino’s opponent were also commoner ninjas. They won easily.

“Next! Shikamaru, Kiba!”

“How troublesome.” Shikamaru scratched the back of his head, looking stoic.

“Why am I paired with him again? Iruka-sensei, please replace him!” On the other side, Kiba immediately protested only to get ignored by Iruka. And Kiba proceeded to fight with Shikamaru.

At first, Ryo wondered why Kiba was reluctant to practice with Shikamaru? After seeing the two fight, he immediately understood. At the beginning of the battle, Shikamaru stood guard in front of Kiba. He formed hand seals with both hands, a shadow rushed out of Shikamaru’s feet. The shadow split into two, they target both Kiba and Akamaru. Kiba moved nimble to avoid the shadow Jutsu, but Akamaru could dodge.

Under normal circumstances, Kiba usually protected Akamaru in his arm. But he would have to put Akamaru down if he wanted to use ninjutsu. The Inuzuka clan’s ninjutsu was specialized in Ninken. As soon as Akamaru was put down on the ground, Shikamaru’s shadow immediately locked him. Kiba couldn’t win this duel, so after a stalemate, Kiba surrendered.

The next few battles were all commoner ninja battle. Perhaps because they grew in peace, their talents were too average except for Naruto, whose talents were good. While Ryo almost fell asleep from boredom, Iruka called Naruto’s name. “Next! Naruto! Uchiha Sasuke!”

Heard his name, Naruto and Sasuke stood up at the same time. They exchanged a cold glance at each other and snorted coldly.

Ryo saw the two’s act and murmured, “These two were really in a mutual love and hate relationship!”

After the two formed some hand seal, the battle began. At first, both of them collided with taijutsu. Naruto’s taijutsu wasn’t as good as Sasuke’s, he was pinched. But Naruto used the Body Flicker Technique Ryo taught him to take control of the situation.

A few years ago, Ryo taught Naruto how to use the Body Flicker Technique. He was a slow learner, but after years of practice, his Body Flicker Technique progressed. He used his speed to gain an advantage, Sasuke gradually seemed to be struggling as well.

Sasuke knew he would lose if they continued, he quickly retreated. “Naruto, your Body Flicker Technique is difficult to defeat. But this time, I won’t lose!” Sasuke said. A tome appeared in his eyes.

“That’s Sharingan?” Naruto asked as he looked at Sasuke’s eyes.

“Yeah. My Sharingan opened a few days ago. This time, it will be your loss!” Sasuke rushed as soon as he finished his words. With Sharingan, Sasuke easily saw through Naruto’s movement. After a few minutes, Naruto finally lost!

After watching the entire battle, Ryo muttered to himself, “I didn’t expect Sasuke’s Sharingan to be opened now. It’s interesting!”

In the original manga, he remembered that Sasuke’s Sharingan was opened on the night of Uchiha Clan’s extermination. But with lack of Spiritual Strength and guidance, Sasuke couldn’t really open his Sharingan. He could fully open his Sharingan after he graduated.

However, he wasn’t particularly surprised. After all, not every Uchiha clan member was killed. He was taught by Fugaku. So it’s normal if Sasuke’s talent was improving. As for Naruto, after he watched their battle, Ryo felt it’s time to teach Naruto how to control Kyuubi.

After school, Ryo picked up Naruto and took him to the Country of Wind desert. Yin Kyuubi was already waiting there.

“Kurama? Why are you taking me here?” Naruto wondered, looking at the surrounding environment.

Ryo didn’t answer and asked back in return, “Naruto, how did you feel after losing to Sasuke today?”

“Of course, it’s frustrating! I will win next time!”

“Win over him? I don’t think so. Sasuke had opened his Sharingan, he will progress faster.”

“What?! Then…what should I do?” Naruto panicked at Ryo’s word.

Ryo laughed and said, “It’s easy, you just need to know how to control Kurama’s power.”

“Kurama’s power?”

“Yup. Kurama, show him your power!”

Naruto always thought Kurama as an uncle who had immense Chakra. But at the next moment, Naruto’s imagination was crumbled entirely.

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