Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 374


Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 374 – 2 Years

In the desert of Wind Country, a Bijuudama with 1-meter size exploded in the desert. The explosion blasted the sand mid-air, the sand flew all over like rain falling from the sky.

Ryo was surprised when he saw the power of Yin Kyuubi’s Bijuudama. It’s reasonable to say that Yin Kyuubi should have half the power of the original Kyuubi, since the Kyuubi was split into two. So his Bijuudama’s power should be about half. But now, his Bijuudama’s power was very close to the original Kyuubi’s power, which surprised Ryo.

Yin Kyuubi was equally surprised as he had been staying inside White Zetsu since he split from the Kyuubi and never used his power ever since. But this time, in order to show his power to Naruto, he came out of White Zetsu’s body. He never expected that his Bijuudama would be that powerful.

Ryo glanced at Yin Kyuubi as an array of blue ribs appeared around his body to protect Naruto. After a while, the debris from the explosion had calmed down. Ryo lifted his Susanoo and Naruto could see clearly that there was a massive crater in the place where Bijuudama just exploded.

“Ku… Kurama… was that… did you… did that?” Naruto nervously asked.

Kurama nodded and pointed his finger to Naruto. He said, “This is our power. The Kurama sealed within you is as powerful as me. Now what you have to do is to learn how to control this power!”

Naruto was startled when he heard Kyuubi’s words. He hesitated for a while before asking, “You think…I can do it? But…  Kurama is so strong…I-“

“Don’t worry, Naruto! Your mother had done this before. If she can do it, then you as her son should believe in yourself!” Ryo cheered Naruto with a warm smile.

Upon Ryo’s encouragement, Naruto’s eyes were determined. “Un! I’ll do my best!”

“Yosh! From now on, I’ll teach you how to control Kyuubi’s power. Naruto, I’m a very strict person, you have to be diligent!”


The next day, Yamanaka Ryo took Lain and Naruto into the depths of the Forest of Death.

Kyuubi’s strength was not trivial. Even with Kyuubi’s cooperation with Yamanaka Ryo, he dared not have the slightest carelessness.

Besides, Naruto was only 10 years old. If his willpower was not firm enough and accidentally eroded by Kyuubi’s Chakra’s negative emotions, if he were to berserk in the village, it would be trouble. For safety measures, Ryo chose Forest of Death, with Lain to restrain Naruto if he went berserk.

“Yosh, Naruto! Our training is about to begin. First, you sit down here. I’ll talk to Kurama inside your body first.”

Naruto nodded in obedience and sat cross-legged on the ground. Ryo put his hands on Naruto’s shoulders. His consciousness entered Naruto’s body. Unlike the manga, Naruto had no seal in his body, and the Kyuubis wasn’t restricted at all.

“Yo! Kurama! Long time no see!” Once he entered Naruto’s body, Ryo greeted Kyuubi warmly.

“Did you see my Bijuudama yesterday?” Kyuubi opened his eyes and gazed at Ryo. He wasn’t interested in Ryo’s greeting and went straight to the topic. “Boy, what were you going to do yesterday? I heard it too. Do you think it’s okay to let Naruto handle this power?”

“With your cooperation, I think it’s okay. There’s my younger sister outside, she excels in Mokuton and can restrain Naruto if he went berserk.”

“It looks like you prepared well. I’m relieved to hear that. So, what do you want to do?”

“What you did to Kushina nee-san, so Naruto didn’t have to suppress the negative emotions in your Chakra?”

Kyuubi was startled. “Boy, do you know what you just said? The negative in my Chakra isn’t something Naruto can resist.”

“Kurama, Naruto is the son of Minato nii-san and Kushina nee-san. He’s not a fragile flower in a garden we should always protect. As a Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, he needs to undergo the process of it all to be familiar with and combat these negative emotions. He’s not a baby you should take and protect all the time. You don’t need to suppress the negative emotions in your Chakra in combat! There are me and Lain outside, just let all you Chakra free, let Naruto familiarize with the negative emotions. I will let Lain use Mokuton to restrict Naruto if something goes wrong. So, don’t worry!” 

Ryo’s word made Kyuubi speechless. Kyuubi knew that he was right. In order to get stronger, Naruto had to go through this. In the end, Kyuubi couldn’t help but cooperate. After saying that, Ryo’s consciousness left Naruto’s body and returned to his body.

Kyuubi let go of his suppression of the negative emotions in his Chakra. Because there’s no seal, the negative emotion in Kyuubi’s Chakra immediately eroded Naruto’s mind. Naruto seemed like he was in pain.

“Lain, suppress Kurama’s Chakra! Kurama! Just let it all go, it’s all right!” Ryo said to both of them.

After she heard it, Lain suppressed the majority of Kyuubi’s Chakra. Naruto’s expression was much relieved. A lot of negative emotions in his mind were reduced. Naruto steadily coped with it, and slowly began to combat these negative emotions.

Ryo smiled on the scene. If it continues like this, Naruto will be able to resist all the negative emotions and can use the Bijuu Mode one day.


Spring went by as the autumn came. Time went by, and it’s suddenly Konoha 60. The ninjas in the academy of ninja were preparing their graduation exams.

In the past two years, Naruto had been training with Ryo and Lain in the forest of Death, and now he could adapt to the Nibi Bijuu Mode. Both Ryo and Kyuubi were pleased by Naruto’s growth. Especially Kyuubi, who had seen Kushina growing up. Kushina was not as good as Naruto when she was 12. When Naruto used the Nibi Bijuu mode, his speed, strength, and defense greatly improved. Unfortunately, the current Naruto’s strength was too weak to exert the real power of Bijuu mode.

After today’s training, Ryo invited Naruto to eat with him at Ichiraku Ramen shop.

“Naruto, tomorrow is the graduation exam. Are you confident you can pass?”

“Well, Iruka sensei said that the graduation exam is Three Bodie Technique. Relax, I’m absolutely fine!” Naruto patted his chest and boosted his power.

Ryo smiled at the news and said, “I know you’re okay with it, but uncle has a benefit for you, let’s see if you want it.”

“A benefit? What benefit?” Naruto brightened at the news and looked at Ryo with some anticipation.

Yamanaka Ryo smiled and said, “A chance to read the Scrolls of Seals.”

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