Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 376


Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 376, Naruto’s First Battle.

“Not just an ordinary Chunin? Do you mean he had a hidden identity?” Hatake Sakumo asked with interest.

Yamanaka Ryo nodded, “That’s right. But Mizuki shouldn’t be able to use that power just yet. I’ll help him when the time comes.”

“Help him? You’re not afraid of hurting Naruto?” Hatake Sakumo helplessly responded.

“Uncle Sakumo, are you looking down on me, or yourself? Mizuki’s strength is at most ordinary Jounin. How bad could it be?”

Upon hearing Mizuki’s strength is just an ordinary Jounin level, Sakumo was relieved and said nothing. They saw as Naruto dived into Hokage’s office, stole the Scroll of Seals as instructed by Mizuki, and cleared the traces before leaving.

Seeing Naruto’s skills, he nodded, “Ryo, you and Kushina had taught him well! He also knows how to cover up his traces. Naruto’s Ninja skills were better compared to his peers.”

“Well, Uncle… We didn’t teach him that. Usually, Naruto likes to prank people. This was all based on his own experience so that people won’t be suspicious of him.”

“Ahem! Ahem!” Hearing this, Sakumo was a little flustered. He coughed twice to end the topic.

Naruto sneakily left Hokage’s Office, Ryo immediately followed him. And Sakumo informed the Anbu Ninjas and told them the news of the Scroll of Seals had been stolen. After that, he told them to inform the Ninja Academy’s sensei. Anbu Ninjas were confused. Isn’t this the right time to find the Scroll? Why would they need to inform those sensei? But Sakumo didn’t explain anything. Despite their puzzlement, the Anbu Ninjas obeyed Sakumo and ran towards Ninja Academy sensei’s residence.

While at the same time, Naruto was running wildly with the Scroll of Seals on his back. Only stopped after he reached the depth of the Forest of Death. Originally, the Scroll of Seals had a Fuinjutsu. But for Naruto’s convenience, Ryo specifically asked Sakumo to release the seal. This was also the same in the manga, where the Third Hokage released the seal on the Scroll so that Naruto could learn the Ninjutsu.

When he opened the Scroll of Seals, he was shocked to see what was inside it. These Ninjutsu were at least at B-rank. Most of them were Forbidden Technique with incredible destructive power. After relieving his shock, Naruto first looked at the first Ninjutsu, Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu, and turned to the end to see Futon Rasenshuriken.

Still hiding, Ryo was surprised at the scene. He didn’t expect that Naruto would only look at the first and last Ninjutsu. Just after Naruto wrote down the two of the Ninjutsu, Mizuki suddenly appeared.

“Naruto! You had the Scroll of Seals, right? Give it to me, and you’ll graduate!” Mizuki hurried after seeing the Scroll in Naruto’s hand.

After hearing Mizuki’s words, Naruto smirked. When he was about to tease him, Iruka, who received the news came to the Forest of Death. Shouting to Naruto, “Naruto! Don’t believe him! We never give you such a mission!”

“Iruka? Damn, you found out!” Mizuki saw Iruka and knew he could no longer pretend to be innocent.

“Mizuki, why did you tell Naruto to steal the Scroll of Seals? Do you want to betray the village?”

“Betray? No… From the first place, I’ve never been loyal to the village. I was Orochimaru sensei’s disciple, I’m still his disciple now! Iruka! You’re a nuisance! Go to hell!” Mizuki pulled out a large shuriken and threw it at Iruka.

Iruka, being a Chuunin, couldn’t finish to hit him with such a straightforward attack. Iruka shifted to his right and easily avoided Mizuki’s shuriken. Mizuki took advantage of the situation and rushed to Naruto, who looked frightened and just stood there, frozen. Mizuki showed a diabolic smile as he stabbed his kunai to Naruto’s heart.

What he hadn’t expected was that he just stabbed Naruto’s clone. His clone turned into a white mist and disappeared.

“Body Clone Technique? That shitty little demon! When did he do that ….” Mizuki was furious and looked around for Naruto’s trace.

Iruka found out that Naruto wasn’t here and left. These three people were playing a little game of hide-and-seek in the Forest of Death. And Yamanaka Ryo had been secretly observing the scene. After a while, Ryo was getting impatient as he had wasted so much effort today. On the other hand, he wanted Naruto to read the Scroll of Seals. But he also wanted Naruto to sharpen his battle skills by letting Naruto experience a battle between Ninjas. It wouldn’t work if he continued hiding.

With this at his thought, Ryo transformed into Naruto with Henge no Jutsu and intentionally let Mizuki see him, leading Mizuki to the real Naruto. Mizuki followed him and approached the real Naruto.

When Naruto saw Mizuki, his instinct told him to run, but Yamanaka Ryo’s voice sounded in his mind, “Naruto! Kill him!”

Knowing Ryo was in this area, Naruto decisively turned to face Mizuki. Seeing Naruto had no intention to run away, Mizuki was delighted and rushed towards him.

Their battles were mainly Taijutsu. Recently, Ryo and Kushina hadn’t taught him any Ninjutsu. Just to help him control Kyuubi’s power and increase his Chakra amount. Whereas Mizuki was only a Chuunin. His Ninjutsu was mostly at C-rank, not very effective as Taijutsu. Mizuki felt he was only facing a freshly graduated Genin, so he didn’t feel the need to use Ninjutsu. What Mizuki didn’t expect was Naruto’s Taijutsu and physical fitness were actually superior to him, and he fell to the losing side.

“What? Is Chuunin this weak nowadays? Let me help you!” Ryo quietly injected Xiaolin’s natural Chakra inside Mizuki.

Mizuki was originally planted with Orochimaru’s experimental curse seal. At that time, the curse hadn’t joined the natural Chakra. But basically, this curse seal requires special force to activate.

The power of the curse seal emerged from inside of his body. A powerful Chakra instantly wrapped Mizuki’s body. A moment later, Mizuki, looking like an upright tiger, appeared in front of Naruto.

Looking at Mizuki, Naruto was puzzled, and so was Mizuki. He was surprised by the changes in his body, but soon, Mizuki fell in love with the powerful feeling. 

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