Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 377


Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 377, Naruto’s Outburst.

Thanks to the curse, Mizuki’s power, and speed was greatly improved. His opponent’s sudden increase in power caught Naruto off guard. As time went by, Mizuki became familiar with the curse seal’s power. The battle changed tides, with Naruto at the losing end.

Growing up under Kushina’s protection for so many years, Naruto’s combat experience was scarce. After falling to the losing end, he had no idea how to reverse the situation and was beaten by Mizuki.

Yamanaka Ryo sighed. Thinking it’s necessary to find someone to stimulate Naruto so he would outburst his power. And Iruka was in this forest right now. Sensing Iruka’s location, he teleported near him.

Iruka wandered around the forest, still looking for the boy. Ryo did the same trick he used on Mizuki and led Iruka to the battle. After that, he disappeared.

Naruto’s sudden appearance and disappearance made Iruka feel something amiss. But when he caught a glimpse of Naruto in the distance, battling a tiger. He immediately cast his doubts and rushed.


At this time, Naruto, having no strategy to face Mizuki, was beaten. Iruka immediately appeared between the two of them, helping Naruto block Mizuki’s attack. At this moment, Iruka discovered the tiger in front of him was none other than Mizuki. They had known each other for years, but he never knew Mizuki had this ability, “Mizuki, what happened to you?”

“Hahahaha! This is the power that Orochimaru-sama bestowed on me.” Mizuki said with a laugh.

Hearing this, Iruka solemnly said, “Mizuki, there’s no great power given for free. It might end up hurting you.”

“Hmph!! What are you talking about, Iruka? How could you understand Orochimaru-sama’s greatness? Stop talking nonsense and hand over the Scroll of Seals to me. Only then will I spare your life. Otherwise…”

Looking at Mizuki, who had lost all his senses, Iruka ignored him and turned to Naruto, “Listen, Naruto! Mizuki is not a good person. Take the scroll back to Hokage’s Office and give it to Hokage-sama. Tell him what happened here.”

Naruto froze, never expecting his sensei would say that, “Iruka sensei, what are you going to do now? Mizuki had a special power beyond Jounin strength. You’re not his opponent.”

Iruka touched Naruto’s head and said, “It’s okay! I’m also a Chuunin. I can handle Mizuki. Now, run along, Naruto!”

Hearing this, Mizuki coldly snorted, “Hmph! Did you? Naruto, if you return the seal to Hokage’s office, you’ll be a dead man. Do you know the punishment for stealing the Scroll of Seals? Even Kushina and Yamanaka Ryo can’t protect you. And do you think this guy would protect you? He, whose parents died at the hands of Kyuubi? You’re the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. From the village’s perspective, you’re the Kyuubi. Do you think Iruka would protect his enemy? Don’t be foolish, hand over the scroll to me, and I’ll take it to Orochimaru-sama.”

Mizuki’s words were offensive and deceptive.

From a very young age, Naruto knew some people in the village hated him. At first, he didn’t understand why, but later he found out it was because of Kyuubi. But Naruto didn’t complain and silently walked as they mocked him. However, these people’s attitude affected Naruto. Since then, Naruto has become a prankster. On the one hand, he wanted to draw their attention to build a relationship with them, and on the other hand, he just wanted to vent the pain in his heart.

But no matter what he did, their attitude towards him remained the same. Naruto gradually became cold, he no longer did these things, and he would never forget those people’s indifferent eyes towards him. After hearing Mizuki’s words, Naruto subconsciously stepped away from Iruka. He was afraid that Iruka would hate him like those people in the village.

Naruto’s retreat made Iruka feel a little distressed. Indeed, at the very beginning, he refused when he knew he was going to be Naruto’s sensei. But when he saw the boy use pranks to attract the attention of the people who hate him, Iruka remembered his childhood. This was the resonance that made Iruka accept Naruto. Since then, he had considered Naruto as his younger brother.

“Naruto! Believe in me! I never…”

Just as Iruka started talking, Mizuki threw a shuriken at him. They were only a few meters away. With Naruto on his back, he couldn’t dodge. He turned and gritted his teeth as he hugged Naruto. Mizuki’s shuriken penetrated Iruka’s back.

“Iruka sensei!” Naruto didn’t expect Iruka to bravely protect him without thinking about his own safety.

Iruka held back the pain and pushed Naruto away, “Naruto! I’m fine. Quick! Go to Hokage-sama.”

“Still thinking of leaving? Iruka, you’re injured. And this little demon can’t escape from me.”

Mizuki dashed towards Naruto. Seeing this, Iruka hugged Mizuki with his last strength, protecting Naruto.

Mizuki couldn’t move for a while, he just coldly snorted and said, “Iruka, why would you do this? Why would you protect the demon fox? Don’t forget. He’s your enemy!”

“Naruto… isn’t… he’s not… a fox… he is… an excellent student. Naruto! Go!”

Iruka’s words made Naruto feel both touched and heartbroken. He clenched his fist and called out to Kyuubi, “Kurama, can you help me defeat him?”

“Naruto, did you forget who I am? Who do you think I am? A Jounin?” Kyuubi passed his Chakra to Naruto.

Red Chakra flowed to Naruto, and Ichibi’s Bijuu coat appeared.

The scene startled both Iruka and Mizuki, especially Mizuki. Mizuki’s curse seal turned into a tiger. He possessed the wild beast’s ability to predict danger. He felt grave danger at the moment Naruto entered the status of Bijuu’s coat. Subconsciously, he took a step back and finally turned around to run away, but Naruto won’t let him escape.

There was no suspense in their battle this time. Mizuki’s incomplete curse seal had no advantage when facing Naruto. He quickly finished Mizuki.

After removing his Bijuu’s coat, Naruto immediately went to check on Iruka. At this time, Ryo, who had been watching from afar, stepped out of the shadows. 

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