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Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 380


Hokage Ryo’s Chapter 380, The Battle For The Bell.

Kakashi’s expression made the kids tremble with fear, especially after saying, “Are you ready to wake up?” After saying that, he deliberately released his murderous intent. Being the Captain of the Anbu for so many years, he had killed a lot of people. His murderous intent turned Naruto and his friend pale.

“Well! Just kidding!” After saying Kakashi suddenly withdrew his murderous intent, the three sat paralyzed on the ground in sudden surprise. Kakashi got the effect he wanted. The three kids were instantly being honest. After a while, Sakura glanced at Kakashi and whispered, “Sensei, what are you doing?”

“As I told you yesterday, it was your real graduation exam, and it seems that all three of you didn’t listen to me properly.”

Hearing Kakashi’s words, Sakura quickly said, “No, no! We already know it’s a graduation exam, I mean how it’s going to be.”

“Didn’t I say that yesterday?” Saying that Kakashi looked at the three of Naruto and saw Naruto’s confused face, that’s when he said, “It seems to be true that I didn’t tell you. so I’ll tell you now, your graduation exam is this.”

Kakashi took out two bells and showed them to the three of them, and Naruto asked curiously, “How do you take a test with the bells?”

“It’s simple, your test today is to grab these two bells from me. I’m sure you’ve seen, there are two bells, which means only two of you will graduate. One of you will have to go back to the Ninja Academy to continue your education. Lastly, I’ll give you advice, get used to my killing intent. Or else you won’t be able to grab it. So let’s get started!”

Saying that, Kakashi took out an alarm clock and set the time for twelve o’clock. Then put his hands in his pockets and walked away towards the distance, giving the kids time to discuss.

“Wait a minute, Kakashi-sensei, this alarm clock is…”

“As you can see, you are given until 12:00 only, and the one with the worst performance is to be tied to a tree and watch the other two eat lunch.” As soon as he finished talking, Kakashi ignored the trio and continued to walk away.

“Sasuke, Naruto, what are we going to do? Sensei looks so strong.” Sakura asked in a small voice.

“If we rob him hard, the three of us combined are no match for him. Naruto had the strongest Taijutsu here. So, Naruto, you hold him back. I’ll be in charge of interfering with Ninjutsu. Sakura, go hide and look for a chance to steal the bell.” Sasuke said after thinking about it.

After hearing Sasuke’s words, Naruto was surprised. Naruto didn’t think Sasuke would actually offer to cooperate, and after a moment’s hesitation, Naruto agreed to Sasuke’s proposal.

“Sakura, go hide now, Naruto let’s go!” As soon as Sasuke finished speaking, Naruto was the first to rush out.

When Kakashi saw Naruto, who was rushing straight at him, he muttered to himself, “He really looks like Kushina-sensei!”

As soon as Naruto reached Kakashi, he gave a sidekick directly to Kakashi’s waist. Without missing a beat, Kakashi reached out and grabbed Naruto’s foot, throwing Naruto out of the way. And at the moment Naruto flew off, a huge fireball appeared on the other side.

“Oh, Grand Fireball Technique! Sasuke?” Said Kakashi as he stamped his hands, creating a wall of earth to block Sasuke’s fireball.

As he formed the hand seal, Naruto rushed again to him. This time, he chose to fight with Kakashi. Naruto’s Taijutsu is based on Yamanaka Ryo’s training from the Body Flicker Technique. If it was replaced by Asuma or Kurenai, he would give them a headache. But Kakashi is a close friend of Yamanaka Ryo. He knew some of his techniques, including his Body Flicker Technique. So, Naruto’s pride, Taijutsu, was no use against Kakashi. Once again, he was thrown by Kakashi.

Naruto said to Kyuubi within his body, “Kurama, lend me your power!”

Hearing this, Kyuuby nodded. After a while, the red Chakra began to appear around Naruto’s body.

“That’s… Bijuu’s coat?” Kakashi was surprised. He looked at Naruto and said to himself, “Kushina sensei and Kyuubi also had a good relationship. So, it’s normal that her son was able to use Kyuubi’s power.”

With Kyuubi’s help, Naruto’s speed and strength improved greatly. Kakashi was finally getting serious.

On the other side, Sasuke had never seen Naruto in this state. He was also surprised. But he understood, rather than that, there was a more important thing to do now. To get the bell!

Thinking of this, Sasuke no longer hid it and opened his Sharingan. Two years ago, Sasuke had awakened his Sharingan. Now, Sasuke’s Sharingan in his right eye was a Double Tomoe.

“Naruto! Don’t forget what I said!” Sasuke shouted to Naruto.

Naruto didn’t say anything, just nodded his head. And Kakashi heard Sasuke’s voice looking over at him and found Sasuke’s Sharingan.

“Now, that’s an interesting brat.” Kakashi also opened his Sharingan.

Kakashi didn’t realize that Naruto and Sasuke had reached this level of strength. Naruto’s Ichibi Bijuu coat and Sasuke’s Sharingan would really turn the battle outcome upside down if he wasn’t careful. That’s why Kakashi opened his Sharingan. Against Kakashi’s Triple Tomoe Sharingan, Naruto’s speed granted from Ichibi Bijuu coat had no meaning anymore. The situation had returned to the previous state.

“Damn it! Kurama! Help me!” Said Naruto as he stamped his hands and with the aid of the Kyuubi’s Chakra, he created a dozen Shadow Clone Jutsu with Ichiju Bijuu coat. The Shadow Clone Jutsu swarmed up as he ran towards Sasuke. They glanced at each other and then formed hand seals.

“Katon.Great Fireball Technique”

“Fūton Great Breakthrough!”

Combining wind with fire, Sasuke’s Great Fireball mixed with Naruto’s Great Breakthrough, and a huge fireball flew towards Kakashi’s direction. Kakashi was held by Naruto’s Shadow Clones. There was no way to dodge that fireball.

“Now that’s not a bad brat!” Said Kakashi pulling out his short blade. In a flash, the Ninjutsu that Naruto and Sasuke unleashed with all their might was sliced in half instantly.

Naruto and Sasuke were stunned by Kakashi’s action. When Sakura, who had been hiding in the shadows for a while, suddenly appeared and unleashed a small illusion spell on Kakashi, her hand reaching for the bell.

Unfortunately, Sakura didn’t know that Kakashi had the Triple Tomoe Sharingan. Her little illusion was directly bounced back by the Sharingan, and the moment Sakura’s hand touched the bell, she was frozen in place.

Kakashi ignored Sakura. And after clearing the Shadow Clones, he said to Naruto and Sasuke, “It’s a shame, it looks like you’re going to fail your test!”

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