Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 381


Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 381, Yamanaka Ryo Vs. Tenshi.

Naruto and Sasuke glanced at each other helplessly. Kakashi was too strong. Just now, they had exerted all of their power but couldn’t even touch the bell. Let alone snatched it.

“It seems you all already understood how wide our strength gap was. Now, I should declare your failure, but your performance right now was very good for Genin. So, I decided to give you another chance. In the test, Sakura had the lowest performance. I would tie her up as a punishment. In the meantime, you both should eat. We will discuss it later after the lunch break. Remember, Sakura can’t eat her lunch. Otherwise, you all will fail.”

After saying that, Kakashi tied Sakura to a nearby wooden pile. Gave the rest of them two bento boxes and disappeared.

Cautiously, Naruto created a Shadow Clone to pick up the bento. After making sure it’s harmless, he handed it over to Sasuke. They hadn’t eaten anything since morning. After such an intense battle, they were unbelievably famished.

At the same time, Sakura, who was now tied to a wooden pile, stared at the two of them with envy because she was equally hungry. She could only gulp down her saliva and remained silent. She knew it was her fault that they failed the exam. If only she was stronger, they would have passed the exam.

While Sakura was still blaming herself, Naruto picked up a piece of grilled pork from the bento box and gave it to Sakura.


“Hurry! You haven’t eaten anything yet, right?”

“But if you give me a bento now, Kakashi sensei will fail us all. I can’t cause any more trouble for you.” Sakura said, lowering her head.

“Stop talking nonsense. Although you’re useless, without you, we can never have that bell. You don’t want to return to the Ninja Academy, right? Just hurry and eat it! We’ll figure out another way later.” Sasuke also encouraged her.

“That’s right! Besides, sensei isn’t here. So don’t worry.”

Sakura was moved by their encouragement. She opened her mouth and ate Naruto’s grilled pork. Then, Sasuke fed her some rice with his chopsticks.

Hiding in the bushes, Kakashi observed the three kids. The kids reminded him of Obito and Rin.

Kakashi suddenly stepped out of the bush, “You three! Don’t you remember what I said? Don’t give her food!”


“Naruto, stop it! Sensei, it’s my fault. They just…”

“Enough! You all… passed!” Kakashi, who was originally put on a frown on his face, suddenly smiled. Patting Naruto and Sasuke’s head.

The three people were stunned. After a while, Naruto asked. “We… passed? Really? Kakashi sensei?”

“Of course!”

“But why? We defied your order and gave Sakura our bento.” Sasuke asked in puzzlement.

“Because for me… In the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum, that’s true, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.” Saying that, Kakashi’s eyes were filled with reminiscent.

The three of them were overjoyed with their success in passing the exam. No one realized as Yamanaka Ryo observed the four of them from a tree nearby and sighed. Then, he disappeared from the village.



Once again, Yamanaka Ryo set his foot on the village that rains all year round. Without hesitation or any intention of covering up his face, Ryo ran straight towards Amegakure. As soon as he approached the village border, the rain fell heavily.

Ryo laughed, ignoring the rain. In front of the village’s closed gate, Ryo released his Spiritual Strength to condense the falling rain inside Amegakure into a small ice flower. With the flower’s help, he teleported inside the village.

As soon as Ryo entered Amegakure. Nagato, who was standing at a tower in the center of the village, suddenly opened his eyes.

Noticing her companion’s slight change of expression, Konan asked, “What’s wrong, Nagato?”

“Someone sneaked in… no, he suddenly appeared in the village.” Nagato said with a serious expression.

“Suddenly appeared in the village? Is it time and space Ninjutsu?”

“Most likely. Konan, take Chikushōdō with you and go see what happened.”

“Un! Leave it to me!”

After teleporting inside the village, Ryo went straight to the tower in the center of the village. He knew Nagato was there and sensed that there were two of his “old acquaintances” auras near the tower.

Approaching the tower, the gatekeeper ninja stopped him. Ryo laughed and was about to say something when a cold female voice was heard from inside the tower. “Let him in!”

“Yes, Tenshi-sama!” The two gatekeepers step aside and let Ryo walk in.

“I didn’t expect it to be you!” Coming inside the tower, Yamanaka Ryo looked at Konan with a complicated expression, “Konan, your old friend hasn’t seen you in such a long time. And your response is this cold?”

“As an old friend, I’ll give you one last advice. Leave Amegakure now, or you will die.” Konan’s tone was flat and calm as if she was informing something.

Hearing this, Ryo laughed. “As an old friend, I also would like to give you advice. Don’t stop me, or else Amegakure…”

“It seems we have nothing to talk about. Since you won’t leave, you will stay here forever!” Konan conjured a pair of paper wings. Lifting her body into the air.

“Tenshi? Is that what it looks like?” Ryo murmured to himself.

Konan ignored Ryo’s word, injected Chakra into the paper, and the ordinary pieces of paper became sharp paper blades that could claim other people’s lives. “Dance of the Shikigami!”

Countless pieces of paper came in like a wave, Ryo saw the situation and immediately condensed the water in the air into an Ice Wall. Blocking Konan’s attack and throwing Ice Scalpel in Konan’s direction.

Konan knew about Ryo’s teleport. So once she saw Ice Scalpel coming towards her, she immediately dodged. What she didn’t expect was that Ryo would actually appear at the position she had dodged.

“In the end, Kami Ninjutsu is still paper! But it looks like you’re not afraid of water, what about ice?” Said Yamanaka Ryo as he condensed the moisture in the air into ice and attached it to Konan’s pieces of paper.

The frozen pieces of paper were too heavy. Konan couldn’t use them to attack or fly, so she could only fall from mid-air.

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