Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 382


Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 382, Pain Rikudou.

Konan landed on the ground. Holding an Ice Scalpel against her neck, Ryo smiled and said, “Well, it looks like our Tenshi-sama can’t fly!”

Konan sighed. With a complicated expression, she said, “As expected from you.”

Ryo laughed and put away the Ice Scalpel. “You’ve improved quite a bit after all these years, but it’s not good to do it right away!”

Hearing this, Konan coldly snorted, “It’s because you broke your words! Where’s Yahiko? It’s been 10 years since he was resurrected.”

“You’re wrong. I never broke my promise. Believe me, Yahiko is fine and well.”

Konan sneered and said, “Hahaha. Ryo, do you take me as a fool?”

Yamanaka Ryo sighed and was about to explain when an indifferent voice heard, “Ryo, you’d better save your lies for deceiving others!”

Yamanaka Ryo looked in the voice’s direction and found that the one who spoke was Chikushoudou of the Six Paths of Pain.

After seeing the Chikushodo, Konan quickly said, “Yamanaka Ryo, for the sake of the fact that you saved us in the past, you should leave now!”

“Leave? With this corpse controlled by the Rinnegan?”

“You… How did you…” Konan was shocked to hear Ryo’s words about the Chikushodo being a corpse controlled by the Rinnegan. How did Ryo know about Pain’s secret?

Nagato was equally shocked. Pain Rikudou was his biggest secret and trump card, and Yamanaka Ryo actually knew about it. Nagato’s killing intent towards Yamanaka Ryo was infinitely magnified. Right now, he was more and more determined to kill him.

“Yamanaka Ryo, it seems you know what you shouldn’t know, so are you ready to die?”

“Nagato, you haven’t changed much after all these years. Still had the same arrogance! Are you worthy?”

As soon as the words fell, the Raiton Chakra on Ryo’s body erupted. Instant Lightning with the Mangekyou increased his speed to the extreme. In the next second, he appeared in front of the Chikushodo. Nagato was startled by Ryo’s speed and immediately asked Chikushodo to control the chameleon to hide itself, but unfortunately, the chameleon’s stealth speed was too slow, and Yamanaka’s Raikiri directly cut the chameleon’s body into two halves.

The chameleon disappeared, and Ryo grabbed the neck of Chikushodo and snapped it, “Again, are you still worthy?”

The entire fight took 5 seconds from start to finish, and in just 5 seconds, Yamanaka Ryo destroyed Pain’s Chikushodo. Chikushodo’s fights by summoning a beast. Ryo took advantage of his speed and gave no time for Chikushodo another opportunity to summon. Without the summoned beast, Chikushodo’s power is limited by 90%, which was quickly defeated by Ryo.

Konan looked at the Chikushodo’s corpse that had lost its mobility by one side. Her heart was overwhelmed by waves of shock. Pain has never failed, let alone being defeated. Konan felt complicated and was left speechless.

Inside the tower, Nagato was also feeling being provoked by Ryo. He snorted with a gloomy face and then controlled the other five Paths to go out of the tower.

“Why does a Puppet’s destruction surprise Tenshi-sama so much?

“Yamanaka Ryo, what do you want?” Seeing the scene earlier, when Ryo killed Chikushodo, made Konan tremble with fear. Her speaking tone and attitude changed a lot.

Ryo laughed, “You probably won’t believe it, but I’m here to look for someone.”

“Looking for someone? Who? For what?”

“Please, Tenshi-sama, you’re now my hostage. Have you ever seen a hostage asking so many questions?”

“You!! Hmph!” Konan coldly snorted, trying not to get caught with her emotion and ignored him.

Ryo didn’t intend to leave. At first, he just wanted to meet Obito, but now that he met Chikushodo, he suddenly wanted to have some fun with Pain Rikudou.

Except for Chikushodo, the other five paths came along.

Yamanaka Ryo glanced at the five paths and smiled, “Nagato, is this all your puppets? They don’t look good.”

Hearing this, Nagato didn’t say anything. With a gloomy face, he controlled Jigokudo to summon Yama and put Chikushodo into Yama’s mouth. After a while, Chikushodo came out of Yama’s mouth intact. Once Chikushodo was resurrected, he immediately summoned a huge rhino. The rhino instantly rushed towards Yamanaka Ryo.

Yamanaka Ryo threw Konan into the distance and condensed the water in the air into an ice Katana. And then injected the Wind Attribute Chakra into ice Katana, splitting the rhino in half.

From behind the rhino, Shurado simultaneously fired various ballistic shells at Yamanaka Ryo. Instead of dodging, Ryo conjured an Ice Wall to block the shells.

Shurado’s shells had no effect on the wall. Nagato then controlled Gakido to absorb the Chakra from the wall. What Nagato didn’t expect was after Gakido absorbed the wall’s Chakra, his movement became slower and slower, eventually frozen.

Yamanaka Ryo patted Gakido’s shoulder, “It seems you can’t stand my Chakra.”

After finishing Gakido, Ryo took his chance to condense ice. With Xiao Lin’s Chakra, he didn’t need to converge the arrows anymore. An ice arrow instantly generated the moment he pulled on the Chakra bowstring. Rushing towards the other paths.

Nagato felt threatened by the ice arrow. At the moment before the arrow hit his head, Tendo used Shinra Tensei to block the ice arrow.

Ryo smiled, “Nagato, don’t use that jutsu too often.”

The second ice arrow flew by, followed by other arrows. Nagato’s expression drastically changed. Immediately controlled Pain to separate. Unfortunately, Ningendo, Shurado, and Chikushodo reacted too slowly. They ended up frozen like Gakido.

“Nagato, you consider yourself a God, but you don’t know what a real God is. Not to mention the legendary Rikudo Sennin, you can’t even beat me! Don’t you think calling yourself a God is too much?” After he finished saying it, Ryo didn’t bother with the remaining Tendo and Jigokudo. He turned to leave.

Hearing Ryo’s words, Nagato was speechless inside the tower. He was confused.


After solving Pain Rikudou, Yamanaka Ryo went straight towards Obito’s location in Amegakure. He didn’t hide his Chakra. Black and White Zetsu had sensed Ryo’s arrival, as well as Ryo and Pain Rikudou’s battle. At first, he thought Pain’s power towers above Yamanaka Ryo. But the final result left him speechless.

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