Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 390


Yamanaka Ryo told Obito about Black Zetsu. Black Zetsu was a cunning man by nature, and also Kaguya’s lackeys. He also told Obito about Black Zetsu’s situation, so that Obito will be careful not to get in Black Zetsu’s way.

After learning about Black Zetsu’s true identity, Obito was shocked, “Ryo, is that true? Uchiha Madara was deceived by Black Zetsu all along?”

Ryo nodded, “Un! Black Zetsu first tampered the slate left by Rikudou Sennin and secretly turned Madara and Hashirama against each other. You can say everything that happened in the Ninja World right now is that man’s doing.”

“Black Zetsu… he had such a great ability!”

 “As Kaguya’s son, and her last hope to remain at the Ninja World, how can she leave him defenseless? After all, Black Zetsu is as blind as a rat. As long as you’re being careful, he won’t notice a thing.” Ryo said dismissively.

“Right, speaking of Kaguyahime… Ryo, just now you said that the Mugen Tsukuyomi is a Jutsu that absorbs the chakra of the people who were hit by the illusion and brings back Kaguyahime, so are you doing this to…”

“That’s right. My purpose is to revive Kaguyahime.”

“But… why? Isn’t this woman… terrifying?”

“Because there are existences out there that are more terrifying than Kaguyahime!”

“Out there?”

“Un! Kaguya isn’t’ from this world, she came from another world. As far as I know, there are a lot of stronger beings than Kaguyahime.”

“A lot?” Hearing this, Obito shuddered. He couldn’t imagine a stronger being than Kaguyahime.

Yamanaka continued, “Kaguyahime left behind something like coordinates when she came to the Ninja World. So it’s very likely that our world has been exposed to those people in Kaguyahime’s hometown. Rather than waiting for them to come here, we better start eliminating hidden dangers outside this world! That’s why I need to know from Kaguyahime, what’s going on in her hometown. What problem occurred there that she didn’t want to deal with in the first place.”

“But Ryo… Kaguya is already that strong. Can you win against her clan member?” Obito hesitated with Ryo’s method, and tried to convince him the other way.

Ryo laughed. “Relax, If I notice that her clan members are stronger than we imagined, I’ll stop and only erase the traces left by Kaguya.”

Obito had no choice but to agree.

After reaching an agreement, Ryo turned to walk away. Obito saw Ryo’s back and sighed.

Finishing his business with Obito, Ryo walked straight towards the tower in the middle of Amegakure. He sensed Nagato and Konan there.

In the high tower, Nagato also noticed Ryo’s presence approaching him. After hesitating for a while, he ended up summoning Pain Rikudou.

In the previous battle, Ryo ignored Tendo and Jigokudo. When Ryo went to meet with Obito, Jigokudou repaired the other four Paths destroyed by Ryo.

However, the previous battle had left a strong impact on Konan and Nagato. Especially Nagato. Previously, he considered himself as a god. With Rinnegan, he thought he was invincible. When Ryo destroyed the four Paths, Nagato felt something he hadn’t felt for a long time, fear.

Yamanaka Ryo casually walked into the tower while Nagato and Konan tensed up. They were both protected by Pain Rikudou. Through the gap between Pain Rikuou, Ryo saw Nagato’s body looked better than in the manga. His legs still work, his body wasn’t as skinny, and he looks like he could still put up a good fight.

“Nagato, we haven’t seen each other in years. Using these corpses to greet an old friend is kinda rude!” Ryo smiled.

Nagato snorted coldly, “I have nothing to talk about with a Konoha Ninja!”

“Oh? Looks like you have some misunderstanding about us Konoha ninja! However… Since you’ve got it all wrong, what do you say I shouldn’t bother explaining and simply let this become a thing?” After saying that, Yamanaka Ryo suddenly appeared behind Tendo’s back.

Startled, Konan and Nagato immediately withdrew.

Ryo ignored them and observed Tendo Pain with interest, “Is this Yahiko’s body?”

“Ryo, what exactly do you want to do?” Konan and Nagato intensely glaring at Yamanaka Ryo. For both of them, Tendo was special and shouldn’t be destroyed, no matter what!

“Nagato, Konan, we were friends before! Why did you guys become hostile towards now? I’m really sad! Can you tell me why?”

“Reason? Hmph! Didn’t you say you would help resurrect Yahiko? Twelve years had passed, but where is he now? And Konoha’s battle with Kumogakure a few years ago… do you know what it did to Amegakure?”

Ryo hadn’t expected Nagato would answer directly. If it’s about Yahiko, Ryo could understand. But why did he bring up Kumogakure again?

A few years ago, a war broke out between Konoha and Kumogakure. It was because they were obsessed with the Hyuga clan’s Byakugan and kidnapped Hinata. Therefore, Hatake Sakumo declared war towards Kumogakure. The war lasted for a short time with Konoha as the victors. The impact didn’t spread and the scale of war was relatively small. Ryo couldn’t figure what this war had brought to Amegakure.

Nagato sneered and spoke loudly, “Of course you great Konoha people don’t know. After Kumogakure’s defeat in that war, you urged Kumogakure to compensate for a lot of resources to your village. Kumogakure had no resources left and pressured our village. At that time, our village’s power was unstable. We were afraid to confront them so we had no choice but to compromise. Do you have any idea how many of our people suffered because of you? It was only after this incident that I truly saw Konoha’s nature, no… the nature of this world!”

Nagato was enraged, Ryo asked, “The nature of this world?”

“Resources cause wars, wars cause pain, chains of pain spread in every corner of the Ninja World. Pain this is the nature of this world.”

Yamanaka Ryo was a bit speechless at the news. The inertia of history was really scary, Nagato’s thoughts were still leaning close to the manga.

Yamanaka wasn’t saying anything, he wasn’t Naruto, he didn’t have a skill to persuade people. Also, now wasn’t the right time to absorb the Rinnegan. Feeling helpless, Yamanaka Ryo sighed and disappeared from the tower.

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