Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 391


Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 391, Shukaku and Gaara.

After leaving Amegakure, Yamanaka Ryo didn’t teleport directly to Konoha. Instead, he came to Sunagakure.

During the last 2 years, Yamanaka Ryo often visited Sunagakure. His relationship with Pakura went smoothly. If the relationship between the two villages had reached closeness like in the original story after the Fourth Shinobi World War, he would marry Pakura.

Ryo teleported to Pakura’s office. At that moment, Pakura’s disciples were helping her with Sunagakure’s business. Ryo’s sudden appearance didn’t surprise her. After all, she had seen it countless times.

Seeing Ryo coming, she casually asked, “Ryo, what are you doing here?”

“Nothing. There’s nothing interesting going on in the village, so I decided to see you.” Ryo walked to her desk and hugged Pakura. Pakura gave him a blank look but didn’t break free.

After work, Ryo took Pakura and directly teleported to her home.

Pakura’s older sister was married a few years ago to a Jounin of Sunagakure. So, she had no one to cook for her. She spent her time training or working. After her sister left the house, it was a bit troublesome as she can’t cook.

But it’s a good thing for Ryo. That means he can do everything he wants. After making dinner for her, they talked during dinner about recent events.

Ryo told Pakura everything, and so was she. Except for Sunagakure’s classified information, she shared everything with Ryo.

While they were talking about recent news, Ryo suddenly interrupted. “Wait, what did you say?”

Pakura was surprised, but she continued, “I said, Gaara just graduated. But because of his distant and quiet character, no one wants to be teamed up with him. Then he arranged his sister and brother to join him.”

“Perfect! You know what? Naruto has graduated too!”

“Naruto? Your nephew? Konoha’s Kyuubi Jinchuuriki?”

“That’s right! That kid is too clumsy, and his grades in the academy were a mess. But a Ninja doesn’t need that kind of thing! So, he graduated anyway.”

“What about his strength? You and Kushina-sama taught him, so he couldn’t be bad, right?”

“Un! Just good enough not to embarrass us! What about Gaara? In the beginning, his seal should be perfect, and he should be able to use some of Ichibi’s power, right?” Ryo asked with a smile.

Pakura shook her head awkwardly. “Gaara’s…a bit complicated. For some reason, Shukaku and Gaara didn’t get along very well, so…”

Hearing this, Ryo frowned. To perfect Sunagakure’s Jinchuriki, Ryo especially helped them build a perfect seal. He had also instructed Gaara and Shukaku to get along. Hearing Pakura’s words, something should’ve happened.

“Pakura, what happened?”

After a moment of hesitation, Pakura clenched her teeth and said, “Well… This… I shouldn’t have told you when it comes to Sunagakure’s secrets. But you designed Gaara’s seal, and you have a right to know. When Gaara was 9 years old, Rasa wanted to test Gaara’s power over Shukaku. So he sent an Anbu to test Gaara. The Anbu Ninja momentarily missed and accidentally hurt him, which caused Gaara to go berserk.”

“At that time, Gaara and Shukaku still get along pretty well, so Shukaku helped him. None of the Anbu Ninja who went to test him that day returned.”

“Rasa was disappointed in Gaara’s inability to control Shukaku and reprimanded him in public. At that time, Gaara was still a child. He felt it all was Shukaku’s fault, so he blamed it all on Shukaku… You know Shukaku’s temper… After Gaara blamed him, he simply cut ties to Gaara and never responded to him again.”

Ryo coldly snorted, “Hmph! Your Kazekage sure does love to find trouble!”

“Well… it was initially to test Gaara’s potential. And I also agreed to it.” Pakura lowered her head.

“Pakura, it seems you still don’t understand what I mean. Bijuu is just as sentient and emotional as us humans. And compared to us, Bijuu has existed in this world for hundreds and thousands of years, and they have seen countless humans. That’s why they have far more insight and vision than us humans.”

“But there’s one emotion Bijuu had, even simpler than humans. If you give your heart to him, he will truly help you. That’s why Jinchuuriki was sealed with Bijuu from a young age. Because a child’s heart is the simplest. No matter what kind of person the Jinchuuriki will grow into, at least when they were young, they had a trace of goodwill in their hearts towards the Bijuu. This kindness was the one that allowed Bijuu to help humans. But you guys destroyed that goodwill between Gaara and Shukaku.”

“….Or do you think Shukaku and Gaara’s 9 years together is enough to make Shukaku truly recognize him and lend him his strength?” Ryo’s tone was cold and indifferent, Making Pakura couldn’t help but shiver.

This was the first time Pakura heard Ryo speak in such a tone. And for a moment, she was a little panicked. She even bowed to Ryo, “Ryo, I’m sorry!”

Looking at Pakura’s nervous expression, Ryo realized the weight of his words. “That… Pakura, I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have spoken in that tone.”

Pakura shook her head, “It’s okay. You didn’t blame me, although it was our fault. Is it far too late to fix their relationship?”

“I’m not sure. Most Bijuu had their own personalities. Shukaku had a big temper, it will be hard for him to forgive Gaara.”

Pakura sighed at the news, “Ugh! It seems that the Jinchuuriki we’ve been plotting for so long is hopeless.”

Yamanaka Ryo smiled at her words and said, “Why is it hopeless? I said it would be hard for Shukaku to forgive Gaara. I didn’t say it was impossible!”

“Ryo, you have an idea?” Pakura asked in surprise.

Ryo nodded, “If Shukaku still has a hint of recognition for Gaara. Maybe.”

Pakura asked again, “How do you know if Shukaku still has any recognition for Gaara?”

“Well, you’ll find out later. But for now, let’s eat first and don’t let Shukaku disturb our times together.”

After finishing dinner, Ryo went to bed early with Pakura in his arms.

Early in the next morning, the two of them went to Gaara’s place.

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