Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 396


Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 396, Jashin.

“Of course, I know. Elder Pakura-sama, a consultant from Sunagakure! Are you worried if she will discover me? Don’t worry! I learned how to hide Chakra from Sakumo-senpai! Absolutely work!” Jiraiya smiled warily.

“Uncle… did you see who entered the hotel with Pakura?”

Hearing this, Jiraiya shook his head after some contemplation, “No, I think it was a man! But I was so caught in her beauty that I ignored the man. Why? Was that man Sensor Type Ninja?”

Yamanaka Ryo’s expression darkened, “That man is me!”

“You?!” Jiraiya was startled, “Then… Is Pakura your….”


Jiraiya was panicked. He liked peeping on girls, indeed. But he still has a principle in peeping. He will never peep on his junior’s wife, “Ryo, wait! I can explain, forgive me!”

“Forgive? Ask the late Hokages for forgiveness. My responsibility is to send you over them!” Ryo appeared behind Jiraiya and took him to teleport somewhere else.


A few minutes later, Ryo walked into the hot spring hotel with Jiraiya, whose nose was blue and swollen.

“Sorry, Pakura. I ran into someone I knew. Come, I’ll introduce you”.

Just when Ryo was about to introduce the guest, Pakura interrupted. “Ryo, there’s no need to do that. Of course, I know who this man is. Hello, Jiraiya-sama! My name is Pakura, I’m Ryo’s…” Pakura hesitated, not sure if they should tell him about their relationship. She was Sunagakure’s Elder, and Ryo also had a high rank in Konoha. Their union is rather unique in Ninja World.

Noticing Pakura’s hesitation, Ryo smiled, “Uncle, this is my wife! Pakura, you are my wife, there’s no need to hide it, especially in front of Uncle Jiraiya. He’s someone I trusted the most.”

Jiraiya nodded, posing like a loving old man, “Right! I watched him grow up. You can relax!”

“Thank you, Jiraiya-sama!” Pakura seemed excited by Jiraiya’s approval. He was Ryo’s elder and also Konoha’s high-rank member. Getting his approval meant the world for her.

After the brief greeting, Ryo smiled, “Uncle, why are you in Yu no Kuni? It’s not because you want to peep in the hot springs, right?”

Jiraiya retorted, “What? Of course not! I won’t do such a thing! I came for a reason this time. Not long ago, I got information by accident. It’s said that Jashin, the people who previously raged Yugakure, appeared again. So I came to investigate it.”

Pakura frowned, “Jashin? Jiraiya-sama, do you mean that Jashin, who claims to have the Immortal Body?”

“Un! The same people! After the Second Shinobi World War, this organization appeared and quietly grew up during the Third Shinobi World War. Then, they disappeared from the world. Their doctrine is too cruel, and it’s under the Immortal Body’s banner. If they appeared again, it would bring another disaster to the Ninja World. So I came here to investigate.”

“Uncle, as far as I know, Jashin’s Immortal Body is real.”


“But how was that possible?!” Pakura and Jiraiya were shocked.

“It’s the truth, whether you believe me or not. Jashin’s followers always had things to obtain the Immortal Body.”

“Ryo, do you mean that the Jashinist in the Ninja World had an Immortal Body?” Jiraiya asked.

“Un! Uncle, do you remember Akatsuki? One of their members, Hidan, is a Jashinisht. They said he had an Immortal Body.”

After hearing Ryo’s words, Jiraiya was silent, and Pakura was still astonished.

“Ryo, how did they possess the Immortal Body?” Pakura whispered.

“I’m not sure about that either. Only Jashinist knows the secret. Uncle, do you know where they are?”

“They acted separately. I caught two Jashinist. Unfortunately, both of them were newly joined members, an ordinary Jashinist. They didn’t even have Chakra and had no clue where the headquarters was.”

“Leave it to me! I’m also interested in this organization.” Ryo said.

Jiraiya’s eyes brightened with Ryo’s word. He was convinced that things would be a lot easier with his help, “Well, be careful.”

“Alright. But Uncle, after this matter finishes, can you do me a favor?”

“A favor? What favor?”

Ryo smiled, “It’s very simple. Go back to the village and teach Ninjutsu to Naruto.”

“Naruto? What for? He already has you and Kushina!”

Ryo shook his head and continued, “We’re Naruto’s family, not his sensei. Naruto still needs someone to help him forge the path of forbearance and the way forward. You’re the most suitable person.”

“Haha! Now that you’ve said that, I’ll head back to the village after we finish. But if his attitude is bad, Gama Sennin won’t accept him as a disciple.”

“Un!” Ryo agreed.

After reaching an agreement, the three people left the hot spring hotel together. Ryo entered Sage Mode along the road and felt no Ninja nearby. He didn’t expect to meet a Ninja along the way, even though he couldn’t find much Chakra. “Yu no Kuni was really reckless. They had such a large country but so few Ninja.”

“Yu no Kuni was originally a resort and peaceful village. Ninja was only for their defenses. Of course, their Ninja was even less in the era of peace.” Jiraiya explained.

Ryo frowned, “It’s too reckless. This country will never be truly peaceful without Ninja’s protection.”

“Maybe. But it’s a beautiful country, right?” Jiraiya asked with a smile.

Yamanaka Ryo was about to refute. But suddenly sensed a weak Chakra on the right. Ryo immediately told Jiraiya about it, “Uncle, there’s someone on the right!”

Jiraiya nodded and sneaked in. The person seemed to not recognize Jiraiya’s presence. As Jiraiya got closer, he suddenly attacked. The person on the right had no time to respond and was caught by Jiraiya. 

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