Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 395


Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 395, Encountered Jiraiya.

“Ryo, why did you suddenly ask if that person is a girl or boy? Do you find her beautiful?”

“Not at all! I just felt a familiar Chakra from that kid.”

“Familiar Chakra?” Pakura frowned, looking at Naruto’s direction.

At this time, Naruto and Sasuke teamed up to deal with Haku. Haku’s Hyoton Kekkei Genkai was developed significantly, stronger than most Yuki Clan members Ryo knew.

[Author’s note: No matter from which clan Haku was, I will write he was from the Yuki Clan. I will also modify some plots because Kakashi was stronger than in the original manga, so we can’t follow the original manga storyline.]

Haku was a prodigy. Most of the Yuki Clan members were already killed by Obito. Without his elders to teach him, it wasn’t easy to develop his Hyoton Kekkei Genkai to this level. Yet he managed to develop them alone.

In the original manga, they were defeated by Haku. But right now, Naruto and Sasuke were stronger than in the original manga. Naruto was taught by Ryo and Kushina, while Sasuke grew under Fugaku’s teachings. Their strength right now was far stronger than in the manga.

Soon, Naruto and Sasuke pressed Haku with Taijutsu. While Zabuzas’s situation wasn’t good either. Haku sighed, forming hand seals with both hands, the air temperature suddenly dropped by a few degrees.

“Hyoton: Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals!”

“It’s that…. The 1.000 ice needles? The same Hyoton that Uncle Ryo had! Sasuke, be careful!” With Ryo’s endless teaching, Naruto could easily recognize Hyoton.

“Hyoton? From the Yuki Clan? If I remember correctly, my father said the Yuki Clan was exterminated! How could someone still have Hyoton?”

On the other side, Pakura realized once she saw Haku’s Hyoton, “It’s Hyoton! No wonder you felt familiar. Is she the Yuki Clan orphan?”

“Un!” Ryo only nodded.

Naruto and Sasuke didn’t continue attacking recklessly like before because they’re afraid of Hyoton. They raised their vigilance and kept an eye for Haku. Haku’s Chakra wasn’t sufficient to launch a large-scale Hyoton Ninjutsu continuously. So if they don’t work out, they can’t win.

At the same time, Kakashi and Zabuza’s battle had come to an end. Zabuza had the strength of an Elite Jounin, and he wielded Kubikiribocho in his hands. He was a well-known figure even among the Elite Jounin. Unfortunately, his opponent was Kakashi.

Over his Anbu years, Kakashi had merged his Tainjutsu and Hatake Clan’s Blade Technique. His strength only goes a little below Hatake Sakumo. Even he could compete with Hatake Sakumo with Sharingan’s dynamic vision. Thus, Kakashi was far beyond Zabuza’s reach.

Perhaps tired of fighting Zabuza, he took out the short blade from his Ninja Tool Pouch. The sword gleamed, and Zabuza’s Kubikiribocho was cut off by Kakashi. Seeing Zabuza’s Kubikiribocho was cut off, Haku’s expression drastically changed. “Zabuza-sama!”

Naruto and Sasuke exchanged glances. While Haku was looking at Zabuza, Naruto used Body Clone, and Sasuke used the Grand Fireball Technique against Haku. Shocked, he quickly avoided the attack.

Haku’s movement was already predicted by Sasuke’s Sharingan. Sasuke shouted, “Naruto! On the right!”

“Got it!” Naruto used the Body Flicker Technique and teleported to the right. Before Haku could react, Naruto’s Kunai rested on his neck.

Pakura’s eyes widened when she saw Naruto use a Body Flicker against Haku. “Ryo, did Naruto just use your blink Jutsu?”

“Un! Well, he’s still Minato’s son. Even if he wasn’t the Yellow Flash, he should never lack speed! So when he was still a kid, I started teaching him Body Flicker Technique.”

“So, that’s how it is.” Hearing this, Pakura nodded.

“Okay, let’s wrap it up and get going now. The battle outcome is clear. So, how about we go to Yu no Kuni and have a vacation at the hot spring?” Ryo suggested.

“Let’s do it! It’s my day off anyway!” Pakura agreed without the slightest hesitation.

“Then let’s go! Xiaoyin, you’ve worked hard for the past few days! I’ll make it up to you later.”

“Un! Bye, Ryo!”

“Goodbye!” Ryo bid Xiaoyin goodbye, and Pakura reluctantly waved her hands.

Ryo took Pakura and teleported in Yu no Kuni. The couple found a random hot spring hotel. Because Ryo didn’t want to share the water with strangers, he booked the entire hotel for the two of them.

Hearing Ryo wanted to book the entire hotel, the owner was unwilling. But after seeing Ryo’s money on the table, the owner’s attitude quickly turned 180 degrees, and quickly went out to negotiate with the other guests. After a while, the previous hotel guests went out one after one with dissatisfaction.

The owner brought Ryo and Pakura into the hotel. When they entered the hotel, Ryo felt something wrong, as if someone was staring at them.

Frowning, Ryo released his Spiritual Strength to scan his surroundings. Surprised, he found no Ninja nearby. Still relying on his sixth sense, he knew someone was observing them in the dark.

Thinking of this, Ryo told Pakura, “Pakura, I have something to do first.”

“Alright! Then I’ll change my bathrobe first.”

Ryo quickly stopped her, “No, wait! You can change after I return!”

Pakura was puzzled, but eventually nodded,

Walking out of the hot spring hotel, Ryo condensed the air’s moisture into two small ice cubes. He controlled the ice cubes under his feet and flew.

Ryo opened his Sharingan mid-air and found the pervert.

A white-haired middle-aged man was peeping at Pakura through the roof gap with a perverted smile on his face.

Ryo facepalmed at Jiraiya. He snorted and condensed the moisture in the air into 1.000 ice needles and shot at Jiraiya.

Jiraiya, who was busy peeping, suddenly felt a powerful cold aura behind him. His expression greatly changed, and he formed some hand seals. His white hair shielded him from Ryo’s 1.000 ice needles.

“Who was that? Who dared to land a sneak attack on the Gama Sennin?!” Jiraiya got up from the roof and exclaimed in annoyance.

“It’s me! Uncle Jiraiya, you’re shameless!”

“Shameless?! The Gama Sennin is doing research! How dare you disturb my research!”  

Hearing this, Ryo’s expression darkens. He coldly snorted, “Uncle… Do you know who was the subject of your ‘research’?”

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