Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 398


Jashin’s Immortal Body had something in common with Edo Tensei.

Edo Tensei used a living person as a sacrifice and added the dead Ninja’s DNA to summon the dead Ninja’s soul into this world and imprison it on the sacrificed body.

Jashin’s Immortal Body also imprisons the soul, but it imprisons the person’s own soul in their own bodies and strengthens both the body and soul with a large number of life forces and Spiritual Strength.

Once completed, the body and soul will assimilate. The body can be separated and reorganized again according to the soul. As for why it’s called Jashin, it was the name of the Ninja that developed this Jutsu.

(Ps: The author made this up.)

Yamanaka Ryo told Pakura and Jiraiya about the Jashin’s secret, both of them looked gloomy. From Ryo’s explanation, they understood that thousands of commoners’ lives were needed to complete an Immortal Body.

Jiraiya snorted coldly, “Hmph! There’s no reason for this organization to continue existing.”

“Jiraiya-senpai is right!” Pakura nodded, agreeing with Jiraiya.

“Yo, can you find a way to drive the commoner away from here?” Jiraiya asked.

“I don’t know, but let’s try it!” Ryo teleported, observing a few commoners. They found out that the commoners and the Jashin leaders were all insane.

Their Spiritual status was very messy. It’s as if they’re being brainwashed. Frowning, Ryo continued to observe the commoners.

In the end, Ryo found out that in addition to the ‘not brainwashed’ 2.000 people, the rest had already become die-hard Jashinist. Informing the two of his observations, both of them were silent.

After a while, Jiraiya finally sighed, “Well, let’s take the commoners who haven’t been brainwashed! The rest…”

“Un! I got it!” Ryo nodded and began to move the unbrainwashed commoners.

After going back and forth for an hour-long, Ryo sent most of the people away. Jiraiya glanced at the rest of the commoners, who had lost their minds. His eyes became solemn.

The three of them left Jashin’s headquarters. When they had reached the exit, Jiraiya called the toad of Mount Myoboku with Summoning Jutsu and set the headquarters on fire.

Because of the recent Jashin stuff, Pakura lost her interest in vacation, so Ryo escorted her back to Sunagakure.

As soon as she reached her office, she saw her disciples holding stacks of documents with furrowed brows. Frowning, Pakura asked, “What happened? Why do you look anxious?”

“Sensei! You’re finally back. Just now, Kazekage-sama received an invitation from Hokage-sama. So that Suna Ninja took the Chunin Exams.

“Chunin? Where’s the document?” Her disciple quickly passed the documents to Pakura. After quick reading, Pakura turned at Ryo, flustered, “Ryo, I’m sorry. It seems I have no time to accompany you for the next few days. Wait for me at Konoha, alright?”

“Un! Now that the Chunin Exam is about to start, it’s time to return to Konoha. Alright, I’ll wait for you in Konoha!”

Pakura smiled, nodded, “Un!”

After bidding Pakura goodbye, Ryo teleported back to Yugakure and met with Jiraiya, and returned to Konoha.

They teleported to the Third Training Stadium. Looking around, Jiraiya smiled. “I haven’t been here for years! Nothing has changed!”

“Un! I stopped the village when they wanted to renovate the Third Training Stadium. Minato nii-san, Kushina nee-san, and I all got stronger here together. It’s the witness of our growth. So, I don’t want anything to change.” Hearing Namikaze Minato’s name, Jiraiya had a bitter expression.

Noticing his expression changed, Ryo felt something was wrong, ‘Did Uncle Jiraiya didn’t know Minato was resurrected? Although Minato stayed in Mount Myoboku for years, it’s possible that Jiraiya Uncle didn’t know about it because he hadn’t returned there for years!’ Thinking of this, Ryo asked, “Uncle, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I didn’t expect your kids to be this old!” Jiraiya deliberately changed the subject.  Hearing this, Ryo understood that Jiraiya hadn’t heard of Minato’s resurrection. Ryo smirked, “I’m old? Maybe that’s true. It’s because I can’t stand some people. By the way, I haven’t told you something, uncle.”

“Told me what?” Jiraiya asked.

“Minato-nii san was resurrected a few years ago. After years of cultivation, his strength had returned.”

Startled, Jiraiya asked, “Ryo, you’re speaking the truth? How is that possible? Resurrecting the dead… did you and Orochimaru really did it?”

Ryo smiled, “Uncle, haven’t you returned to Mount Myoboku recently?”

“Mount Myoboku? You mean… Minato is there?”

“Un! He was training there for the last two years.”

“I see… I rarely visited there these years. I haven’t used Summoning Jutsu that much recently. I had no Idea Minato was in Mount Myoboku all these years!” Looking at the delighted Jiraiya, Ryo just laughed.

After a while, he spoke to Ryo with a solemn expression, “Ryo, thank you!”

Ryo waved and said, “You shouldn’t. Minato nii-san is important to me as well.”

“Haha! Well then, I haven’t returned for years. I’ll go look around the village.”

“Un! Uncle, please be careful. Konoha’s Anbu is better than before, don’t be caught for peeping!”

“You brat, don’t order me around!” Jiraiya left without looking back.

After Jiraiya’s departure, Ryo teleported to Hokage’s office. Right now, Konoha’s Jonin gathered at the office to discuss the Chunin Exam.

Having held the exam many times, they weren’t worried. But they were anxious if they should invite the other three Great Ninja Villages for this exam.

“Hokage-sama, the three other villages didn’t come when we invited them back then. We don’t have to invite them now.” Asuma spoke first.

Kurenai frowned, “I don’t think we should think that way. After we invited them, coming here or not is their choice. We don’t have to worry about that.”

Hatake Sakumo pondered and said, “I think what Kurenai said made sense. This time, we will send the usual invitation to the three Great Ninja Villages. They can choose to visit us or not.”

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