Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 399


Now, after he decided to invite the three other Great Ninja Villages, Hatake Sakumo quickly dispatched someone to send the invitation letter.

The people who deliver the invitation shouldn’t be weak, at least a Jonin. If he can afford it, he should send an Anbu Squad Leader.

Glancing at the Ninja below, he thought about Anbu. And finally, Guy will be the one sending the invitation to Iwakagukre, and an Anbu Squad Leader to Kumogakure.

As for Kirigakure… Sakumo turned his eyes to one side.

Hatake Sakumo was about to announce it when Kakashi interrupted his words, “Hokage-sama, let me take it to Kirigakure!”

Frowning, Kakashi once served as Anbu Captain. With his capacity and strength, he shouldn’t be sent to Kirigakure.

The slightest accident could cause a misunderstanding at Kirigakure’s side. It would make them think that Konoha sent Kakashi to oppress them so they’d participate in the Chunin exam. With this in mind, Sakumo immediately refused, “Kakashi, it’s not proper for you to go there!”

“I know, but I don’t just intend to send an invitation to Kirigakure. I planned to take care of Zabuza anyway. He will be our trouble.”

Hearing this, Sakumo remembers the two kids from Team 7 who went out on a mission. “There’s been so many things happening recently that made me forget about him. It seems he’s Kirigakure’s Forbearance.”

Kakashi nodded, “Un! He’s a Ninja from Kirigakure, and the girl with him is also Yuki Clan’s orphan from Kirigakure.”

“Alright, then let’s leave Kirigakure to Kakashi.”

“Kakashi, when you departed, what about your student? You’re planning to let them join the Chunin Exam, right? If you’re gone now, it will affect their training!” Next to Kakashi, Asuma whispered.

“That’s alright, I planned to…”

Before he could finish his words, Ryo suddenly appeared and interrupted, “What about you leave these three brats to me?”

Upon seeing Ryo, Kakashi was surprised, “Ryo?! You’re back?”

“Our village is going to have a Chunin Exam. Why shouldn’t I return?”

Hearing this, Kakashi smirked, “I’ve never seen you being so excited over a Chunin Exam before. Is it because of Naruto?”

Laughing, Ryo said, “That’s right!”

Originally, Kakashi was going to leave Naruto’s training to Ebisu. But now that Ryo offered himself to train the team, he couldn’t miss this opportunity. “Alright, then I’ll leave Naruto’s team to you!”


After the meeting was finished, everyone else but Sakumo and Ryo left the Hokage Office.

“Ryo, what are you planning to do?” Hatake Sakumo asked him directly.

Ryo scratched the back of his head, feeling awkward, “Ahaha, I can’t hide anything from you, right? Well, in fact, I have a plan with the Chunin Exam.”

Sakumo scanned Ryo’s face and said, “Alright, just don’t cause trouble. Say, what are you planning to do this time?”

Getting down on business, Ryo’s expression changed, “Uncle, what I want to do right now has something to do with the medical ninja system I just built. I asked Tsunade-sama two years ago for this matter.”

“The medical ninja system? Was that the one recently being implemented at Konoha Hospital?”

“Un! I’ve been in contact with Tsunade-sama for this matter and finally implemented the new medical ninja system in the hospital. Next, I’m planning to implement the system for the village. I think the Chunin Exam is the best opportunity to introduce it.”

“Tell me the details, what are you going to do?” Sakumo continued.

“I’m planning to use the exam to create a mess in the village, to highlight the importance of medical ninja.”

“Highlights the importance of medical Ninja? Ryo, are you planning to hurt the Genin taking the exam?!”

Shaking his head, “No, not just the Genin, but also the civilians.”

“What? You will involve the civilians?!” Sakumo was surprised.

“Un! But please rest easy, I’ll be with Tsunade-sama. There won’t be a problem.”

Frowning, Sakumo felt Ryo’s plan was too bold. The possibility of casualties from his villagers made Sakumo hesitant. He believed in Ryo and Tsunade’s capability, but what will happen if there’s an accident? Ryo hadn’t even said how he planned to plunge the village into chaos. He would never agree if Ryo’s way involved a lot of casualties.

Having known Sakumo for years, Ryo knew what the old man was thinking. He immediately explained his plans.

Ryo’s plan was to create damage in Konoha village with Orochimaru’s Otomi and the Sand Ninja like in the original manga.

When he lifted Obito’s seal, Obito told him about Kakuzu and Onoki’s latest plan. During the Battle of Kikyo Pass in the Third Shinobi War, Kakuzu was recruited by Onoki to help him deal with Konoha. With this recruitment, they had a certain deal.

After Kakuzu joined Akatsuki, the deal still existed. He often helped Onoki taking care of Stone Ninja and also Iwagakure.

Just a few days before Obito’s seal was released, Onoki met with Kakuzu again, hoping Kakuzu would help him disrupt Konoha’s Chunin Exam.

Hearing this, Kakuzu refused. When he invaded Konoha during the Kyuubi accident, he almost couldn’t make it out alive, and he didn’t want to try his luck again.

But when he saw the information Onoki had, and the price he offered, Kakuzu was delighted. After verifying the truth of the information, Kakuzu agreed. At the same time, he told Obito about it, and Obito relayed it to Yamanaka Ryo.

Upon learning this information, Ryo immediately decided to use Iwagakure and Kakuzu to promote the new medical ninja system. He couldn’t explain all of this to Sakumo, so he changed the details.

“Ryo, is what you’re saying true?” After learning that Iwagakure hired Kakuzu to disrupt the Chunin Exam, Sakumo’s expression hardened.

“Un! an Uncle, rest easy. I will handle everything, and I guarantee there won’t be any casualties from the village!”

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