Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 401


They teleported near Kirigakure. Kakashi took Zabuza and Haku to a short walk to the entrance of Kirigakure.

What made him feel puzzled was that Kirigakure looked different from what he had imagined. Except for the guards at the door, only a few Ninjas were seen. Kirigakure was isolated from the rest of the world, so words rarely heard about the village. Kakashi didn’t know about the current situation in the village and hesitated to go in.

Zabuza saw Kakashi’s concern and started talking, “Under Yondaime Mizukage Yakura’s bloody rule, the Kekkei Genkai clan in the village and the Ninja against him were massacred. Now, Kirigakure’s Ninja numbers were less than half they had during the Third War.

The newly appointed Godaime Mizukage adopted a series of policies, sending a lot of Ninja to look for the Kekkei Genkai clan from Kirigakure. That’s why the village looked empty.”

Kakashi was enlightened by Zabuza’s explanation; he thanked Zabuza and took them to the entrance. The two guards, seeing Kakashi approaching in Konoha Ninja attire, were nervous.

After they exchanged glances, the left one started talking, “Who are you? What are you doing at Kirigakure?”

“I’m Hatake Kakashi, a Ninja from Konoha. I’m hereby Hokage-sama’s order to send a Chunin Exam invitation letter and to hand over Momochi Zabuza to Guimura.” Kakashi kept it as simple as he could.

“Zabuza?” The two guards were startled when hearing Zabuza’s name. The Ninja on the left stole a glance at Zabuza, who’s behind Kakashi, and nodded to the Ninja on the right. The Ninja on the right turned around and ran into the village.

A few minutes later, the Ninja on the right brought Terumi Mei’s subordinate, Ao, to the village entrance. Glancing at Kakashi, and then Zabuza behind him, who quickly snorted after seeing Ao, “Hmph! I didn’t expect to see your face as a familiar face when I returned to the village!”

“I didn’t expect I could still see your face after years.” Ao’s expression was complicated. After that, Ao turned his eyes towards Kakashi, extended his hand, and spoke professionally. “Hello! I’m Ao, a Mizukage-sama consultant!”

Kakashi reached for his hand and shook it, “Hello, Hatake Kakashi here!”

After confirming Kakashi’s identity, Ao took Kakashi into the village. “I’ve heard about your accomplishment. Genin at 5, Chunin at 6, Jounin at 12, and you’ve become the Anbu Captain for years. Very impressive!”

“I’m honored. When can I see Mizukage-sama?” Kakashi didn’t want to waste time in Kirigakure and spoke directly, “Our Hokage-sama had specifically instructed that I deliver the invitation letter and Zabuza personally to Mizukage-sama.”

“Ah, yes! Please wait for a moment, I’ll contact Mizukage-sama right away.” Ao turned around and walked away.

A moment later, Kirigakure Anbu took Kakashi’s team into the Mizukage’s Office.

Looking at the beautiful woman sitting in front of him, Kakashi was surprised to find that Godaime Mizukage was a woman. But he didn’t expect her to be this beautiful.

“Ahem…” Ao coughed dryly.

Kakashi then realized his impoliteness. “Good afternoon, Mizukage-sama. I’m Hatake Kakashi.”

“Un! Thanks to Konoha, we can catch Zabuza this time. I thank you on behalf of Kirigakure.”

“You’re welcome,” Kakashi answered quickly.

“From Ao’s words, I hear you have a mission at Kirigakure?” Terumi Mei asked.

“That’s right. Hokage-sama instructed me to deliver the Chunin Exam invitation letter to you.” Kakashi reached out for the letter in his Ninja Tool Pouch.

Ao took the letter and gave it to Mei. Opening the letter, she glanced at Kakashi, “Please return and tell the Hokage we will send someone from Kirigakure for the Chunin Exam.”

Kakashi was surprised. The village was isolated from the outside world, but they’re actually willing to accept the invitation.

Noticing Kakashi’s puzzlement, Mei continued. “You have helped us to catch Zabuza, so of course, we will return the favor.”

Hearing this, Kakashi nodded. “I will deliver Mizukage-sama’s words honestly to Hokage-sama.”

Terumi Mei nodded and didn’t continue. Kakashi understood their conversation was over and immediately turned around to leave.


After Kakashi left, Ao quickly asked, “Mizukage-sama, why did you agree to help the Chunin Exam?”

“I said it before. To return the favor. I don’t want to owe Konoha anything.”

“Just because of Zabuza?”

“Of course not. I only care about the kid behind him.” Terumi Mei stretched her body lazily.

Hearing this, Ao was surprised. “Mizukage-sama, is there something special with the kid?”

Mei smiled, “That kid has Hyoton Kekkei Genkai on him.”

“Hyoton? Is he the Yuki Clan orphan?”

“I’m not sure, but he’s important to us. Konoha helped us to find the kid, so we owe them a favor.”

“I see.. Mizukage-sama, for the Chunin Exam candidate…”

“You take care of this. Just find 2 Genin from the class.”



At this time, in Konoha’s 3rd Training Stadium. Ryo was looking at Team 7 with a disgusted look. Just now, Team 7 had a duel with Ryo’s shadow clone and was almost killed.

“You’re too strong!” Naruto complained as he laid on the ground.

“I’m not. You’re just too weak. Especially you!” Ryo pointed to Sakura.

Sakura lowered her head. She knew she was the one holding back their team.

“Naruto, Sasuke, you have a big problem too! Naruto is too stupid and only knew raw power. And Sasuke had no teamwork at all. My Shadow Clone Jutsu had the normal amount of Chunin Chakra Pool. Yet the three of you working together couldn’t defeat it?!”

“Ryo-sama, even if your Clone is only at Chunin Chakra volume, but your battle experience isn’t. So how can we win?” Sasuke looked at Ryo.

“That’s right. But that’s something a weak person would say. I don’t care how you do it, but for the next few days, your mission will be to defeat my Shadow Clone.” Ryo’s figure disappeared. I was leaving Team 7 alone with his Shadow Clone.

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