Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 402


After Yamanaka Ryo left, the three kids tried to challenge Ryo’s Shadow Clone Jutsu over and over again, all ending in failure.

His Clone’s Chakra pool was the same as Chunin’s. They couldn’t use big Ninjutsu. But Team 7 was already having a bad time dealing with his Clone’s Instant Lightning Body and Taijutsu. Feeling helpless after another defeat, Team 7 chose to temporarily halt the battle.

On the sides of the 3rd Training Stadium, Sasuke spoke to Naruto, “Hey! Naruto, you know him well, right? Think carefully for his Weakness.”

“Weakness? Does he even have one? Kurama, do you know any?” Naruto threw the question towards Kyuubi.

“I don’t know his Weakness. But the Clone’s Weakness is its Chakra.” Kyuubi lazily answered.

“I know about that! That’s useless!”

“Useless? How is that useless? Having a limit on Chakra means that this Shadow Clone can’t use a lot of Ninjutsu. And using Instant Lightning to avoid your attacks is already the limit. As long as you can see the Instant Lightning trajectory and landing area, you have the chance to win!”

“How is that even possible?!” Naruto twitched his mouth.

“Stupid! If he uses the Instant Lightning on his real body, of course, it’s impossible! But it’s just a Shadow Clone whose Chakra pool was like a Chunin! It won’t be as fast as the original body. Doesn’t that Uchiha kid over there have Sharingan? No matter what, if you guys cooperate, you have a chance to win!” Kyuubi closed his eyes and ignored Naruto.

Naruto relayed Kyuubi’s words to Sasuke and Sakura. After a brief discussion, they’re ready to challenge Ryo’s Shadow Clone again.

“Naruto, you’re the fastest one, this time, you should restrain his movement. Sakura, listen to me. Listen and wait for my order. In the meantime, do whatever you can.”

Sakura nodded, “Un! Got it!”

Naruto glanced at Sasuke without saying anything, and then quickly rushed. Seeing this, Sasuke quickly opened his Sharingan and firmly stared at Naruto and Ryo’s Shadow Clone.

After some time, he relaxed. What Naruto told him was right. His Sharingan could really capture Ryo’s Clone trajectory movement. Just now, he was dazzled, but suddenly feeling annoyed because he couldn’t think of it.

“Sakura, Naruto, and I will lead him to the left corner of the stadium. Prepare for an ambush once the Clone gets there.”

“Okay! I’ll go now!”

After setting up Sakura, Sasuke also joined the battle. Sasuke’s Sharingan can see the trajectory and landing point of the Instant Lightning body.

Every time the Shadow Clone Jutsu used the Instant Lightning body to dodge, Sasuke immediately arrived at the landing point. Forcing the Shadow Clone Jutsu to go to the left corner.

Sakura looked at the approaching Shadow Clone Jutsu. Feeling nervous, she took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.

She understood that this plan’s outcome depends on whether she can kill it in one hit or not. She’s the key to this operation, so she must not fail.

The Shadow Clone was getting closer and closer to Sakura. After exchanging glances, Naruto and Sasuke incensed their attack intensity so that the Shadow Clone was distracted so that it won’t notice Sakura.

A few seconds later, the Shadow Clone Jutsu appeared in front of Sakura. She clenched her teeth and leaped with Kunai in her hands. She was stabbing the Shadow Clone’s neck. Hitting its fatal point, the Clone disappeared.

At the same time, Ryo, who was chatting with Yamanaka Nori in their house, received the Shadow Clone’s memory. “Hah, these three brats aren’t stupid, after all.”

“Mom, I’ll head back to the Third Training Stadium.” Soon after, Ryo’s silhouette disappeared.


Team 7 was sitting on the ground, tired after their battle against the Shadow Clone.

“I’m so tired. I never expect a battle against a Shadow Clone would be this difficult.”

“Yeah! It’s so hard! This time, we can’t win if Naruto didn’t tell us about the Shadow Clone’s Weakness.” Sakura implied.

Glancing at Naruto, Sasuke said, “What? I think it’s Kyuubi inside him that told him about it! With such a low IQ, how can he know about it?”

“Kyuubi? What’s a Kyuubi?” Sakura wasn’t a clan member from a Great Clan. Naturally, she didn’t know about it.

Sasuke glanced at Naruto, who nodded. With his approval, Sasuke explained Kyuubi to Sakura, “Kyuubi is a powerful creature that has the power to destroy everything. My dad said that the Kyuubi inside Naruto could easily destroy the entire village.”

Sakura didn’t expect the Kyuubi inside Naruto to be such a fearsome creature. She turned around, anxiously looking at Naruto and whispered. “Um… is Kyuubi terrifying?”

Shooking his head, Naruto said, “Nope, not at all. Kurama is very friendly, and he’s my friend!”

“Friend? Can such a powerful creature be friends with humans?” Sakura asked, feeling puzzled.

Ryo’s silhouette emerged from thin air, he smiled, “It’s not possible before, but it is now.”

Naruto was used to Ryo’s sudden appearance, but Sasuke and Sakura weren’t. It startled both of them.

“Ryo-sama, your sudden appearance scares me!” Sakura complained softly.

Sasuke didn’t say anything, but he looked like he agreed.

Ryo smirked, “As a Ninja, you should get used to surprise. A Ninja should always calm in all situations. What kind of Ninja would you be?”

Sakura was unconvinced, “You… why are you so shameless?”

Ryo ignored her but looked at Sasuke on her side. “Sasuke, do you think so?”

“Ryo-sama, your sudden appearance would be scary!” Sakura complained softly.

Sasuke pondered and finally shook his head.

Ryo laughed, “Sakura, if I was your enemy, and I teleported behind you like I did just now, and you went on full panic, what would happen?”

Sakura froze and sweated. Patted her shoulder, Ryo said. “It seems like you already understood my second lesson. A ninja must remain calm at all times. No matter what, only by thinking calmly and clearly can we win.”

“Second lesson? What was the first?” Naruto asked.

“Stupid! The first lesson is teamwork. None of us can defeat Ryo-sama’s Shadow Clone unless we work together.” Sasuke said with a serious expression.

Hearing this, Ryo laughed, “Hahaha! As expected from an Uchiha! In this aspect, you’re better than Naruto!”

“In this aspect? What are you talking about?”

Glancing at Naruto, Ryo helplessly said, “IQ!”

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