Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 404


With only two days to go before the Chunin exam, Sunagakure, Kirigakure, and Iwagakure have arrived.

Sunagakure’s team was led by Pakura and Baki, Kirigakure was led by Ao. Iwagakure was different; Onoki led the team himself.

This surprised Konoha’s Jounin. At the same time, they secretly raised their vigilance.


The day before the Chunin Exam, five people gathered in front of Hokage’s Office. Hatake Sakumo, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Ryo, and Kakashi.

Previously, Jiraiya had wandered around various Sentos in Konoha during the day and ate and dined at Tsunade’s house.

Shizune was displeased with Jiraiya’s behavior. But Tsunade said nothing about it, so she remained silent.

Ryo brought Pakura to the Yamanaka Clan resident to introduce her to Yamanaka Nori. Thank goodness, they got along quite well, so Ryo sighed in relief.

After Kakashi’s return from Kirigakure, he took the initiative to take over the village’s security during the Konoha Chunin Exam.

Recently, he patrolled with the Uchiha Clan every day and became the busiest person in the village.

“I called everyone today because I have something to say,” Sakumo spoke in a serious tone.

Seeing the others were all silent, Jiraiya asked, “What is it?”

Ryo explained. “Uncle, some time ago, Onoki bought information about our village. The information contains the location of our locations of buried Explosive Tags in the village.”

Hearing this, Jiraiya’s expression changed. “Explosive Tags? When did this happen?”

Kakashi replied, “Maybe 30 years ago. We have captured the terrorist, but we haven’t cleared all the Tags yet.”

“But why? The Chunin Exam is about to start. If the Iwagakure Ninja detonated the Tags, the casualties would be severe!” Jiraiya asked.

“Don’t worry, Jiraiya. Ryo and I plan to use the Chunin Exam to promote our new medical ninja system. Explosive Tags are also part of our plan.”

“What did you say? Tsunade, are you crazy?!”

“Jiraiya, calm down. Boy, continue.”

“Un! Uncle, we plan to let Iwagakure detonate a part of the Explosive Tags. They won’t cause much damage to the village, but they will certainly injure some people. At that time, Tsunade-sama will let Katsuyu protect the civilians in the explosive area. I will lead the medical team to treat the injured person…

…By then, the medical ninja’s population will increase. The villagers will feel grateful to the medical ninja.  Therefore, it will promote the new medical ninja system, stimulate their interest and fundamentally change and improve the medical ninja’s status, so the number will increase…

….In this regard, Konoha’s survival rate will increase in future wars to come.”

Hearing Ryo’s explanation, Jiraiya was shocked. He didn’t expect Ryo to have such a carefully developed plan. A few moments later, Jiraiya recovered from his shock.

He stared at Ryo and the rest of the people. “Can you truly guarantee there won’t be any casualties from this plan?”

Ryo nodded, “Absolutely. Tsunade-sama and I will be responsible for saving the civilians. Still, we can’t possibly deal with Iwagakure Ninjas and Kakuzu. So…”

“You can relax. As long as you can ensure the villager’s safety, I’ll help to deal with Iwagakure.” Jiraiya knew what Ryo wanted to say and said without the slightest hesitation.”

Hearing this, Ryo relaxed. “Good. With Uncle Sakumo, Kakashi, and Uncle Jiraiya, there’s nothing you can’t do. Also with Kushina nee-san. This plan will be perfect!”

Jiraiya coldly snorted. “Hmph! I hope what you said is true. If the civilians are harmed, it’s your fault!”


After the meeting, Ryo changed himself into an ordinary person with Henge no Jutsu and teleported to a hotel near Otogakure.

Standing at the hotel door, Ryo sensed and searched for Orochimaru’s location and walked straight in.

At Orochimaru’s door, Ryo lifted the Henge no Jutsu and knocked at the door.


“Come in!”

Ryo pushed the door and walked in and froze at the scene. He would never guess that Orochimaru was talking to Hyuga Hiashi.

“Ryo, why are you here?” Orochimaru asked.

“Uncle, I’m the one who should be asking you. Why are you here with Clan Leader Hiashi?”

“Well, I saw Orochimaru-sama wandering around and decided to follow him.” Hyuga Hiashi explained.

“Really? Is something wrong?” Ryo looked at Orochimaru, glancing at Hiashi, who nodded.

With Hiashi’s approval, Orochimaru said, “Hiashi wanted to ask me about Kurama Clan’s Kekkei Genkai.”

After a moment of contemplation, Ryo asked, “Kurama clan? Hiashi-sama, as far as I know, Byakugan shouldn’t be able to use that Genjutsu! Why would you need the information about Kurama Clan’s Kekkei Genkai?”

“Ryo-sama, Orochimaru-sama, I hope you can keep this a secret.”

Orochimaru and Ryo exchanged glances and nodded in unison.

Seeing their reaction, Hiashi immediately tells them. “After we lifted the Caged Bird from the Branch House, we didn’t expect that a child from our clan had Kurama Clan’s Kekkei Genkai instead of Byakugan. The Elder sent someone to verify it and found that this child’s mother was married to a Kurama Clan, but the child’s parents had died…

…. This mutation stirred panic among our clan. Some people thought that because this child had awakened the Kekkei Genkai, the child should be sent back to the Kurama Clan, but Hizashi rejected the idea. He was born into the Hyuga Clan, so he was our clansmen. After some argument, the Elder finally agreed to leave the child alone. But we still have to figure out what to do with the Kekkei Genkai. The only person I can think of is Orochimaru-sama, who I accidentally saw this time, so I decided to ask him.”

Ryo and Orochimaru were surprised after hearing Hiashi’s story. It’s Byakugan! Otsutsuki’s gene was suppressed by another Kekkei Genkai? This is unbelievable!”

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