Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 403


For the next few days, Yamanaka Ryo was training the Team 7 kids. Naruto and Sasuke’s strength was overall good. But they lacked control of their Chakra, so Ryo trained their Chakra control.

As for Sakura, being the weakest one in the team with no specialties, Ryp began training her medical ninja skills. Hoping that she could help her team before the Chunin Exam began.

After a few days of training, Ryo had to admit that Sakura’s medical ninja talent was excellent. She was even better than Rin. After several days of hard work, she had mastered her Healing Technique entirely.

Also, she had a deeper understanding of the medical ninja knowledge. Satisfied with her result, Ryo thought the whole team would progress better now that Sakura had her own role.

At the same time, Kakashi returned from Kirigakure and now reporting back the situation over there to Hatake Sakumo.

Hearing that they were willing to send someone to take the Chunin’s Exam, Sakumo’s expression changed. 

According to Ryo’s plan, along with Kakuzu, Iwagakure will use the danger lurking at Konoha at the Chunin Exams to attack. Now, Kirigakure takes the Chunin Exam too, which adds a lot of participants.

With this in his thought, Sakumo said to Kakashi, “According to the information we had, all other villages will participate except for Kumogakure. It’s problematic!”

Hearing this, Kakashi was also surprised. “What? Why did Iwagakure participate?”

“That’s…” Sakumo then explained Iwagakure’s reason for participating.

Kakashi’s eyebrows furrowed, “Father, isn’t that too risky? Without mentioning the civilians’ safety, the danger hidden in Konoha is too powerful!”

“I had the same thought. But Ryo and Tsunade-sama had promised that there wouldn’t be any casualties. I know Ryo, he won’t do something he isn’t certain of, and so is Tsunade-sama. So, I agreed.”

After a moment of silence, Kakashi spoke, “Since you’re so confident, it must be true. But it doesn’t change the fact that this is an emergency. Father, please leave the village’s defense to me.”

“Un! Once the Exam begins, the village will task Hyuga to guard the outside, while you and Uchina guard the inside.”

“Un! I’ll head to Uchiha Clan residence and find Clan Leader Fugaku.”

“Fugaku doesn’t know about this plan. Kakashi, you must speak carefully.” Sakumo urged.

“I understand.” Kakashi nodded and turned to leave.

As the Chunin Exams was about to start, more and more Ninjas with different headbands from other villages appeared in the village.

Most of them came from Small Ninja Villages scattered across the Country of Fire. The only exception from the small villages is Otogakure, led by Anko.

Anko and Ryo were classmates, they had a good relationship with most of the students before she left Konoha. Returning to the village after years, she finally saw the familiar faces she used to know.

“Anko? Is that you?” A man in tight green suits with bob cut hair exclaimed.

The surrounding people were surprised when they heard Anko’s name was mentioned, “Anko? The girl that followed Orochimaru-sama?”

“Yeah, she’s Orochimaru-sama disciple.”

“Tch, that man is a traitor to our village. It’s Hokage-sama’s kindness that saves him.”

There were still a lot of people who respected Orochimaru. Hearing this, they scolded the person, “Who are you to criticize Orochimaru-sama?”

Looking at Konoha Ninja, Anko said helplessly. “Guy, I haven’t seen you for years! I’m so happy to meet you again. But please, can you speak a little slower?”

Guy realized his mistake, “Ah, sorry about that! I’m just very excited to see you. Then, Anko, me, and Kurenai let’s have Dango for dinner tonight.”

“Dango?” As soon as she heard it, her eyes sparkled. Fortunately, after working under Orochimaru for years, her self control was exceptionally good.

Shaking her head, she said, “Sorry, Guy. I’m an Otogakure Ninja now. It’s a bit inappropriate.”

Hearing her words, Kakashi, who happened to be passing by, asked, “What’s wrong? Guy, let’s invite her! Anyone who disagrees will have to talk to me.”

“Yosh! I’ll call everyone.”


In the evening, several people came to the Dango shop. Anko, Kurenai, Asuma, Guy, Kakashi, and Ryo. Seeing this lineup, the shop owner was terrified.

“Boss, give me 50… no, 100 Dango!”

“Anko, you’re going to eat all of that?” Kurenai asked with a smile.

Anko waved her hand, “It’s alright. I haven’t eaten it for years. Let alone 100 sticks of them. I can even eat a whole basket of Dango!”

Soon, the Dango was served, and Anko ate a lot of the sticky rice dessert. Looking at Anko’s appetite, Ryo remembered Anko’s last look in the original manga. He couldn’t help but shivered.

Ryo whispered, “Anko, you’ll get fat if you eat that much.”

“Ryo, it’s rude to say that to a lady!” Kurenai glared at Ryo.

Asuma followed her words and yelled at Ryo. “Kurenai is right. Ryo, you shouldn’t do that.”

Ryo laughed awkwardly. “Ah, you guys… forget it, I’m too lazy to say anything. Boss gave me 50 sticks of Dango too!”

“Me too!” Hearing this, the other also started to order Dangos.

Their evening was filled with laughter.


At the same time, Sarutobi Clan residence.

Orochimaru escaped the guard’s surveillance and sneaked into the Sarutobi Clan residence.

He was there so many times, so he knew how to avoid the guard’s gaze and ran to the Third Hokage’s house.

The Third Hokage hadn’t slept yet. Not knowing what to do, Orochimaru raised his hand to knock, but he hesitated and chose to give up.

He could see the familiar figure’s silhouette through the thin paper window. His visions blurred, he sighed and turned to leave.

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