Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 407


As soon as Yamato left, the Genins gathered together with the candidates from their village. 

Team 3, 7, 8, and 9 looked at their surroundings with caution. But for now, they had nothing to do. 

“We’re friends, don’t be nervous. Woof!” Akamaru barked on Kiba’s arms. 

“Kiba is right. We should work together. It’s because… they’re looking at us!” Shino pointed at Iwagakure Genin behind them.

Everyone followed Shino’s direction and noticed the Iwagakure Genin was looking at them like a tiger watching his prey.

Their gaze made the Konoha Genin feel nervous. After a while, Hyuuga Neji looked at Shikamaru. “Nara Clan, what do you think?” 

Shaking his head, Shikamaru said, “I’m not sure what they want, but they’re watching our every move.” 

“If that’s so, let’s make an agreement! In the trial, we agreed to help each other. What do you guys say?” Hinata whispered. 

Everyone exchanged glances, but the nine students nodded in unison. But they were still worried about Team 3. Hinata gathered her courage and said. “That… that Neji nii-san is my elder cousin. He’s a trusted person, not a bad one!”

Hearing this, Naruto smiled. “If it’s Hinata’s cousin, then it’s fine!” 

“If Naruto and Hinata believe him, then I will too!” Choji agreed. 

“If Choji agrees, then so do Ino and I.” Shikamaru agreed on Ino’s behalf. 

“Hinata is in our Team 8. There’s no reason to reject it.” Shino agreed too.

“Well, what about you, guys?” Kiba looked at Sakura and Sasuke. 

Sakura secretly glanced at Sasuke, seeing he had no objection, she softly said. “I agree!” Sasuke just remained silent and only nodded. 

After the discussion about Team 3, they decided on a temporary alliance. “Alright, now that we’re working together, let’s see what you guys have in the Scrolls!” Shikamaru said as he took out Team 10’s Scroll.

Everyone also showed their Scrolls; to their surprise, they all had the same Scroll, a Scroll of the Earth.

(PS: The author intentionally changed it. What Scroll it was in the original Manga didn’t matter.)

“What! We have the same Scroll! Such a troublesome thing! It seems that we have to take other villages’ scrolls to find a way out.. but we shouldn’t take each other’s!” Shikamaru turned and glanced at the Genin from other villages, which already spread out. 

“Shikamaru, they separated. Should we also separate?” Ino asked nervously.

“We should spread out. Our alliance has 12 people. And even if we don’t have the Scroll, we should work together! I hope you all remember our agreement!” Shikamaru said calmly.

“Un! I understand!” Neji took Team 3 and chased after Iwagakure. 

“Then… Shikamaru. We’ll go first!” Kiba waved and tracked the Genin from the other village with Shino. 

“Naruto, I’ll be going! You… good luck!” Hinata glanced at Naruto and left, following Kiba and Shino.

“Well, there are only two teams left. Naruto, we will go to the Mist Ninja and see. What about you, guys?” Shikamaru asked

“Sasuke, where should we go?” Naruto asked Sasuke. 

“To the Stone Ninja! I want to know why they were staring at us just now.”

“Un! Then let’s do it! Shikamaru will go first.” Naruto’s team also left. 


Ather the Konoha Genin separated, a young woman lurking in the forest smirked.

“Ryo was right about Iwagakure! Hehehe!” Orochimaru smirked after the woman left. 

Team 7 had no idea someone was chasing them. The three kids went straight to the Stone Ninja Genin. They traveled fast. It didn’t take long before they could catch up.

“Naruto, stop them!”

Nodding, Naruto used the Body Flicker Technique to block the Stone Ninja team’s path. To his surprise, the team didn’t rush, but rather agitated.

After glancing at Naruto, the three people exchanged glances. One of them asked, “You’re Uzumaki Naruto?” 

Naruto was stunned. He didn’t expect a Genin from Iwagakure would know his name. 

Hearing this, the Iwagakure kids were excited. They quickly rushed towards Naruto. The sudden attack made Naruto have a hard time because he was unprepared. Fortunately, Sakura and Sasuke arrived in the pinch. 

“Naruto, what’s wrong? Why did they suddenly attack?” Sasuke whispered. 

Naruto shook his head, “I’m not sure. They just attack after asking my name.”

“Asking your name? Did they ask your name on purpose?”

“Un! I find it weird!” 

Hearing this, Sasuke coldly snorted. “Hmph! It seems their true target from the beginning is you!” 

“Ah, so there’s someone smart from the Konoha Genin. So what? You can’t escape!”  

“Can’t escape? With just you three? Don’t exaggerate yourself!” Sasuke snorted. 

Iwagakure Genin smirked. “Haha, maybe we’re just three. But who told you that there were only three people here?” 

“Not just 3, right?” Sasuke opened his Sharingan. With Sharingan’s help, he found Kurotsuchi hiding in the brush.

The woman was surprised to see Sasuke’s Sharingan. But she knew she was busted. She walked out of the bush and looked at Sasuke with interest. “2 tomoe at such a young age? Looks like the bounty today will be great!” 

Seeing the young women, one of them ran over and said. “Kurotsuchi-sama, I can confirm he’s Uzumaki Naruto!” 

“Un! It will be impossible for you, so just go.” 

After talking to Kurotsuchi, the Genin glanced at Naruto. “Uzumaki Naruto, Yondaime Hokage and the former Kyuubi Jinchuuriki’s son, Konoha’s current Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, who can already use a part of Kyuubi’s power, right?”

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