Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 408


“Is she really coming for Naruto? …Hey Naruto, Sakura, be careful with this woman!” Sasuke nervously said. 

“Sasuke, she looks like 16… it looks like she’s not that old”, Sakura said softly. 

“Did you see that Iwagakure Genin just now? They respected her. Power is everything in Ninja World. So if they respected her that much, she might be on the same level as Kakashi.” 

Startled by Sasuke’s words, Sakura quickly asked, “Sasuke… you mean this woman is an Elite Jounin?” 

Shaking his head, “I’m not sure. It’s just a guess.”

“Stop talking! We’ll find out when we fight her!” Naruto was a bit impatient. Forming a hand seal, he created dozens of Shadow Clone Jutsu rushing towards Kurotsuchi. 

Tch.. as expected from the Uzumaki Clan. Unfortunately, it’s useless. Suiton! Great Waterfall Technique!” 

A water stream poured down in torrents, destroying Naruto’s Shadow Clones into white mist. 

Naruto pointed to Kurotsuchi and asked, “She… isn’t she from Iwagakure? Why did she use Suiton?” 

With a solemn expression, Sasuke quietly spoke. “Who said Iwagakure couldn’t use Suiton? This woman can create such a massive Suiton without any water resources available. I think she’s not just an Elite Jounin.” 

Hearing Sasuke’s words, Kurotsuchi sighed. “As expected from an Uchiha Clan.” 

“Huh? Who are you? And why do you want to kill me?” Naruto asked, confused.

The woman gazed at Naruto. “You’re dead no matter who I am anyway. So listen, my name is Kurotsuchi, a discipline of Sandaime Tsuchikage. As for why I want to kill you, the reason is clear. For two rival Ninja Villages, do you need a reason to kill the opponent village’s Jinchuuriki?”

“It won’t be that easy to kill me! Sasuke, Sakura, let’s do it!” After saying that, Naruto created two Shadow Clones to rush forward. Sasuke and Sakura glanced at each other and decided to cooperate with Naruto. 

“Huh? Is it Shadow Clones again? Boring!” Kurotsuchi disdainfully spoke, picking up her Kunai to deal with Naruto’s Clones. After the Shadow Clones dissipated, Naruto used Futon Breakthrough to Kurotsuchi.

Escaping Naruto’s Futon, she moved towards Naruto, attacking Naruto’s neck with the Kunai. After that, she realized. “That was… afterimage?” Kurotsuchi was surprised, seeing an opportunity, Sasuke formed hand seals, “Katon Great Fireball Technique!”

“Troublesome kids! Doton Earth-Style Wall!”

Kurotsuchi blocked Sasuke’s Great Fireball with an Earth-style Wall. But the afterimage behind her moved. She didn’t realize it until Naruto kicked her. 

When she got up from the ground, her expression became serious. She thought, ‘The afterimage actually moves. It’s Uchiha Shisui’s Body Flicker Technique. The information didn’t mention that Naruto knew this Jutsu. And Uchiha Shisui’s dead, no one else knows this, Jutsu.’

With that in mind, Kurotsuchi decided to play a mind trick on Naruto, “Naruto, aren’t you from Uzumaki Clan? Why do you have Uchiha Shisui’s Jutsu?”

Seven of Naruto’s afterimage in the forest made a sound at the same time. “Who said that? It’s my Uncle’s Jutsu.”

“Ah, you mean Yamanaka Ryo?” Just now, she realized that it was Ryo who taught Naruto. It’s not surprising because of Ryo’s closeness with Uzumaki Kushina. 


On the other side of the forest, Sasuke asked in amazement, “Naruto, when did you learn this Jutsu?” 

“Hehe! I actually just learned it, so I can only make 6 or 7 afterimages. And the teleportation speed isn’t that fast. If it wasn’t for her looking down on us, I wouldn’t stand a chance.” 

“Based on the afterimages in the first, how long will it take for you to move to that afterimage?” Sasuke pointed at the afterimage near Kurotsuchi.  

“3 seconds or so! What’s wrong, Sasuke?” 

With a serious tone, Sasuke said. “3 seconds is good enough.”

“Sakura, we will restrain the woman for a while. Try to distract her, and don’t let her move. Then you both wait for my signal… As soon as I speak, Sakura, use your Genjutsu on her. It won’t affect her, but it will create a chance for us to escape. And you, Naruto, teleport to the afterimage and wait for my Great Fireball, then you use Daitoppa. We will combine our Ninjutsu.”

Sakura nodded, “Un! I understood.”

“Alright, let’s do it.” Sasuke rushed out with Sakura. 

After receiving the attack, Kurotsuchi kept her distance from Naruto’s afterimage. Sasuke and Sakura’s sudden appearance made her raise her vigilance.

She wanted to keep a distance from the afterimage, but the two kids had already arrived in front of her. Sasuke used Sharingan and was able to see her movement clearly. 

Right now, Sasuke’s so much stronger than in the original Manga. Because he can see her movement, she can’t resist.

Sasuke and Kurotsuchi engaged in close combat while Sakura intervened.

Annoyed by the two kids, she wanted to deal with them as soon as possible. But Sasuke had Sharingan. He can always avoid her attacks because he can see her movement. 

After a while, Kurotsuchi became more impatient. She felt it was a shame for her to be played, moreover by Genins, for so long.

Sasuke didn’t know what she was thinking, but judging from her attacks, he saw the opportunity. 

“Sakura, now!” Sasuke shouted to Sakura. She nodded and used Genjutsu on Kurotsuchi. Naruto, who kept his distance, heard Sasuke’s signal and began to move.

Just like Sasuke said, Sakura’s Genjutsu could only be used for her to escape because Kurotsuchi lifted her Genjutsu in a split second. But in this split second, Naruto had teleported to the afterimage. 

“Katon Great Fireball Jutsu!” 

“Futon Breakthrough!” 

Wind and fire, Sasuke’s Great Fireball and Naruto’s Breakthrough complement each other, and a huge fireball flew towards Kurotsuchi. With their distance, she had no time to react, and the Fireball hit her. 

However, neither Sasuke nor Naruto saw that she formed her hand seals just before she was hit by the Fireball and split her body into two. 

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