Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 409


The Great Fireball burned Kurotsuchi’s clone to ashes.

Both Naruto and Sasuke thought she was incinerated to death, so they were relieved. “Finally, it’s over. This woman is strong!”

“Let’s recover our Chakra first. Don’t forget. There’s still those 3 Iwagakure Genin nearby. We-“

“You brats… you think I’ll die from that kind of attack?” Sasuke’s sentence didn’t finish when suddenly Kurotsuchi appeared in front of them.

Naruto was stunned by her sudden appearance. “You…you… how is it possible? It’s not Shadow Clone Jutsu, how did you survive?”

Hearing this, her face reddened with anger. If she hadn’t learned the Body Clone Secret Jutsu created by Nidaime Tsuchikage, she would be incinerated by their Great Fireball.

Although she managed to escape with the clone, she used a lot of her Chakra so she couldn’t use large-scale Ninjutsu.

However, her enemy’s status was also not good. She chose to come out and deal with them.

“Naruto, she can resist our Ninjutsu, it’s impossible to defeat her, but her strength should have dropped a bit. Don’t you have Kyuubi’s power? It’s up to you now.” Sasuke whispered.

Naruto nodded and borrowed Kyuubi’s Chakra. Red Chakra bubbles began to appear around his body; gradually, the bubbles formed Bijuu’s coat.

Seeing this, Kurotsuchi coldly snorted. “Hmph! The information was right. You can use Kyuubi’s power.”

Naruto didn’t reply and directly rushed to Kurotsuchi. Taking her Kunai, she fought with Naruto.

Naruto’s speed improved with Ichibi Biju’s coat, but he still can’t beat Kurotsuchi.

She was the first Tsuchikage’s descendant and the Third Tsuchikage’s disciple –With her talent and strength alone, she was the strongest Ninja of her generation in Iwagakure.

Coupled with her father, Kitsuchi, and grandfather Onoki’s teaching, she was incredibly powerful.

Naruto’s power with Ichibi Bijuu coat still can’t match Kurotsuchi’s half of the remaining strength.

Seeing Naruto on the losing end, Sasuke was a little anxious. He opened Sharingan to see her movement, reminding Naruto when to dodge.

Hearing this, Naruto stopped attacking. He dodged all the way through. Hoping to deplete some of her physical strength to let himself recover.

At this moment, Naruto talked with Kurama, “Kurama, can you lend me more power?”

Shaking his head, Kurama said. “With your current physical strength and Willpower, Ichibi Bijuu’s coat is already the limit. If you use more of my Chakra, you’ll be consumed by negative emotions.”

“But if you don’t lend me your Chakra, I’ll be dead!” Naruto spoke bitterly.

“Don’t worry, Naruto. I sense someone else here aside from Kurotsuchi. Based on his Chakra, he should be someone from Konoha. I think he’s protecting you.”

“What? Someone else is here?” Hearing this, Naruto was surprised. But saw no one here.

“Just relax, just focus on dealing with her! Now I’m going to sleep.” After saying that, Kurama closed his eyes and ignored Naruto.

Learning someone nearby was protecting him, Naruto felt relieved. He stopped evading and continued attacking Kurotsuchi.

Kurotsuchi wondered why Naruto wasn’t running away, but it’s a good thing because she can finally get rid of him. Despite a bit of hesitation and anxiety, Kurotsuchi hadn’t given up on her task yet.


Orochimaru secretly observed the situation. Seeing Naruto’s change in action, he knew that Kyuubi had somehow discovered him.

After hiding in the tree for the whole time, he licked his lips excitedly and jumped off the tree.


Orochimaru’s sudden appearance surprised Kurotsuchi. She didn’t expect there would be someone else nearby.

Kurotsuchi immediately stopped attacking and kept her distance from Naruto and Orochimaru. She saw his outfit and realized he’s not from Konoha.

“Who are you?” Kurotsuchi cautiously asked.

“I’m Orochimaru.”

“You … You’re Orochimaru, one of the legendary Sannin?” Hearing this, Kurotsuchi’s complexion greatly changed. She turned around and ran away.

Orochimaru murmured, “I don’t think it will be good to let you run away.” Orochimaru rushed out. With a confused expression, Naruto looked at Kurotsuchi and Orochimaru, rushing out.

“Naruto, did that man just say his name is Orochimaru?”

“Un! Sasuke, do you know who he is?”

Sasuke nodded, “Orochimaru is one of Sandaime-sama’s disciples, one of the legendary Konoha Sannin. They were famous during the Second Shinobi World War because of their powerful strength. It is said that his summoned beast had the same power as a Bijuu.”

Naruto didn’t quite understand the meaning, but with ‘Bijuu’ as a comparison, he finally got a good grasp of it. “I didn’t expect Uncle to be so strong!”

“I know, but my father said the three Sannin are monsters!”

“But Sannin should be three people, right? So who’s the other two?” Naruto asked.

“You know who they are. One of them, well, you’ve seen her many times. It’s Tsunade-sama, who is often in Konoha Hospital, the other one is Jiraiya, a best-seller author. I heard Kakashi is a fan of his works.”

While the two were chatting, Orochimaru had almost caught up with Kurotsuchi. Knowing she can’t escape him, she simply stopped and talked to Orochimaru. “Orochimaru-sama… I heard you left Konoha and established a new village. Your village and Iwagakure had no conflict, why would you do this?”

Orochimaru laughed, “Because my friend asked for my help. I don’t have many, let alone someone who asked for my help. He’s my dear friend.”

Kurotsuchi’s expression became solemn. “It seems Orochimaru-sama wants to fight with us!”

Ignoring her, he turned his hand into a giant snake, instantly entangled Kurotsuchi. “It’s too troublesome to keep you alive, bad idea to kill you. Just forget it!” Orochimaru controlled the snake and bit on her neck.

Kurotsuchi felt her eyelids getting heavier, and her consciousness drifting away.

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