Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 416


To celebrate Naruto and Sasuke that had successfully passed the Third Stage Exam, Kakashi took Team 7 for a barbecue.

Halfway through the meal, Kakashi suddenly said. “You two passed the Third Stage. But your opponent will be harder next time. So until then, you will train. Naruto, starting from tomorrow, you’ll train with Ryo. My fighting style doesn’t suit you. Sasuke, you will train with me starting from tomorrow. Sakura, you will follow Nohara Rin that will teach you medical ninja knowledge.”

Naruto nodded. Sasuke agreed, but Sakura hesitated for a moment before deciding to go to the Konoha Hospital. 


Early the next morning, Naruto arrived at Yamanaka Ryo’s house. Hearing Naruto’s arrival, he looked at him helplessly. Ryo thought it’s better to spend the time with Pakura. 

Pakura, on his side, whispered, “Ryo, isn’t Jiraiya-sama around?” 

Hearing this, Ryo’s expression brightened. How could he forget about Jiraiya??

Ahem! Naruto! I’m busy this month, so I have no time to teach you, so I found another sensei for you instead.”

“Who? Is it someone greater than Kakashi-sensei?” Naruto asked. 

“His name is Jiraiya. He’s much better than Kakashi.”

Naruto had heard about Jiraiya. After a moment of hesitation, Naruto asked. “Jiraiya? You mean my father’s missing Sensei? Isn’t he out of the village?” 

“Who said that? No, he already returned some time ago. Naruto, go to Konoha’s hot spring hotel and search at the public Sento. He has white hair and ‘Oil’ headband.” 

“Hot spring and hotel? Does he like bathing?’

Ryo just laughed and didn’t say anything. He let Naruto discover it by himself. 


After leaving Ryo’s house, Naruto went to the nearest hot spring hotel and searched Jiraiya’s existence. When he couldn’t find him here, he went to another hotel. 

After searching at five hotels, Naruto finally found him on the roof of Konoha Sento. 

At this time, Jiraiya was looking at the beautiful women bathing in the Sento. The mist in Sento covered the women’s body. The hazy mist made Jiraiya nosebleed. 

Naruto was annoyed to see Jiraiya’s inappropriate act. “Sensei? He’s clearly a pervert! A voyeur!” 

After saying that, Naruto climbed up the roof quietly and kicked Jiraiya’s ass. But he didn’t expect that when he kicked him, Jiraiya turned into a piece of wood. 

“Body Replacement Technique? Since when?” Naruto was startled. He didn’t notice when Jiraiya used hand seals. 

Jiraiya patted Naruto’s shoulder from behind and said. “Hey, kid! Who are you? Why did you bother me with my research? If you do this, it will postpone my next work! My readers will be angry!” 

“He’s obviously a pervert, but he said he was a writer.” Naruto turned and muttered quietly. 

Seeing Naruto’s expression, he had a reminiscent look in his eyes. After a while, Jiraiya recovered back and spoke. “Boy, did you come to be trained?” 

Naruto nodded. “I was told to be trained by you.” 

Jiraiya smiled, “It’s not easy to be my disciple.” 

Hmph! Who wants to be a pervert’s disciple? I thought you were strong, but it seems you just lied to me!” 

“Hey, boy! Does power have anything to do with pervertedness? I’m not peeping. I’m doing research! You see, it’s my book!” Jiraiya spoke, taking out an ‘Icha-icha Paradise.’

Glancing at the book in Jiraiya’s hand, Naruto was a bit surprised. “Huh? It’s your book?” 

“Boy, have you read my book? How old are you?”

“Who said I’d read it? It was Kakashi-sensei who always read it every day! So, of course, I recognized it!” 

Jiraiya laughed. “Hah, so Kakashi did read this book! When he was a child, he was a serious kid! Now, he’s more relaxed, I see.” 

“What exactly is written in this book? Why did Kakashi-sensei like it so much?” Naruto asked out of curiosity. 

Suddenly, Jiraiya’s expression became serious. “Boy, you’re too young for this. Someday, you’ll understand. Now… Let me see if you’re qualified to be my disciple.” 

Naruto liked to be challenged. “That’s right! I also want to see if you fit to be my Sensei!” 


Soon, the two went to the nearest forest. 

“Boy, don’t let Gama Sennin bully you. I won’t duel with you directly. You can pass the test if you win against it!” Jiraiya summoned a toad. 

Naruto underestimated the Toad, “Tch. isn’t it just a toad?!” 

“It seems you agree. Let’s get started! Iron arm toad” Upon Jiraiya’s order, the Toad, leaped towards Naruto. Naruto’s eyes widened, he kicked the Toad as soon as it landed on the ground. 

“It’s strong!” Naruto just kicked the Toad’s arms, but he felt like he was kicking an iron bar. 

“Hahaha! Boy, the Toad’s arm defense is solid.”

“Hah! I won’t believe it! Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu!” Naruto created dozens of Shadow Clones Jutsu in one breath and attacked the Toad.

Unfortunately, Naruto’s Clones didn’t last long. 

Grr! Kurama, lend me your power!” 

Kyuubi whispered. “Naruto, calm down! The Toad’s defense is too strong. Even with my help, you can hardly break his defense.” 

“But how can I defeat him without breaking his defense?”

“The best way to defeat a summoned beast is to defeat the summoner.” 

“But that old man is too strong!” Naruto said, somewhat helpless. 

“Hahaha! If it’s another man, I can’t do anything about it. But you can defeat him with your Sexy Jutsu!” 

Naruto froze, “Kurama, are you being serious?”

“Of course! Just try it, and you’ll understand!” 

Naruto nodded and created dozens of Shadow Clone Jutsu again. 

“Haha? Is it the same Jutsu again? It’s useless. Huh? Did he actually target me?” Jiraiya was surprised to find that the Clones actually surrounded him. 

“You can’t break the Toad’s iron defense, so you turned to me? Unfortunately, you’re mistaken. How could you defeat the Gama Sennin?” 

Naruto ignored Jiraiya’s words and sealed both hands. And the Shadow Clones all turned into beautiful women.

Jiraiya froze, and then he had nosebleeds. And then fell down due to excessive blood loss. 

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