Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 415


After a few minutes, Lee figured out that Gaara could withstand his Taijutsu attacks, so repeated attacks won’t work. Lee turned his eyes to the stands. 

After some hesitation, Guy heavily modded.

Kakashi noticed the two’s interaction and asked. “Hey, Guy! What are you doing?” 

Guy didn’t reply, but he put on a serious expression. 

Obtaining Guy’s permission, Lee closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Suddenly, there was a change in his body. 

Lee’s change surprised Ao and quickly opened Byakugan under his blindfold. With Byakugan’s help, Ao could clearly see the power flow inside Lee’s body.

Ao sweated heavily. “Ho… Hokage-sama… this… is this… Hachimon Tonkou?”

At this time, Hatake Sakumo was surprised. He didn’t expect Guy to teach Hachimon Tonkou to a child. 

“Hachimon Tonkou? What is that?” Onoki asked in puzzlement. 

Glancing at Hatake Sakumo, he nodded. It was giving Ao permission to explain. “Hachimon Tonkou was discovered before the Third Shinobi War. After the Third Shinobi World War, this Jutsu became a taboo in Konoha and Kirigakure because it’s too powerful, and the training is tough. It became a taboo in Kirigakure because back then, a Konoha Genin used this Jutsu to end Kirigakure’s Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.”

Hearing this, Onoki was startled. “A Genin? The Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist disappeared because of a Genin?”

Sakumo Nodded with a serious expression and a little respect. “That’s right. He’s called Might Guy. He was the lowest ranking on Konoha that year…”

Hatake Sakumo recounted Ryo’s narration. And both Pakura and Onoki were speechless. After a while, Pakura recovered from her shock and asked. “Hokage-sama, is it true?” 

Hatake Sakumo hadn’t replied yet, but Ao on the side spoke. “According to Master Biwa Juzo, who survived with Kubikiribochi back then, the Genin’s blood erupted.

The amount of Chakra reached dozens of times the normal state, and the speed was also faster than lightning…

…The Genin kicked a total of 5 kicks. The previous 4 kicks had claimed the lives of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist members that were Elite Jounins. The last kick failed because the remaining Swordsmen fled.”

Onoki and Pakura were silent again and turned their attention towards Lee in the arena.

Lee’s speed and strength, which had opened the first Gate of Opening, had made him more powerful.

Gaara, who finally could resist his attacks, fell back to the previous state of being beaten.

But Gaara had Shukaku’s help. After adding Shukaku’s Chakra to the sand, he formed sand to surround him, blocking Lee’s attack.

After a moment of hesitation, Lee kicked the sand that wrapped Gaara mid-air. Then untied the bandage wrapped around his arms and tied Gaara’s body tightly with fast speed.

Then, he rotated his body, and with the rotation’s force, Gaara’s sand defense hit him inside. 


Lee successfully broke through Gaara’s sand defense. Lee breathed heavily, looking at the now exposed Gaara.

Then he breathed out, mobilizing the strength in his body again, and opened the second Gate of Healing. 

The second Gate of Healing didn’t give him stronger attack power, but he used Chakra flow to break through his physical strength limit with force and quickly restore his physical strength. 

After using all his power to open the first gate, using Front Lotus was already his limit. The price to continue attacking is very severe.

Lee endured the pain and forced himself to open the Third Gate. But when he saw Gaara’s calmness, he clenched his teeth and opened the fifth Gate of Limit. 

After opening the fifth gate, an amazing amount of Chakra erupted inside Lee. Gaara’s expression changed drastically; he quickly controlled the sand for defense.

But it was too late. In the blink of an eye, Lee appeared in front of him, kicking him again mid-air. Lee stepped mid-air and attacked Gaara.

Gaara had no sand defense. As long as he fell, he would lose. The observing Ninja understood this, and Gaara also knew it.

He tried his best to use Shukaku’s Chakra beyond his body’s limit to communicate with the sand on the ground.

After being smashed to the ground, the sand formed a thick sand wall, removing most of the impact. With Shukaku Chakra’s protection, Gaara received Lee’s final blow. 

Lee’s final blow didn’t work. At this point, his body had reached the limit. He could only gaze with an unwilling feeling at Gaara.

Glancing at Lee, who was lying on the ground, Gaara turned his eyes to Hayate Gekko. 

Hayate Gekko recovered from his shock and declared Gaara’s victory. 

As soon as the duel result was announced, Konoha’s medical Ninja quickly carried Lee to the stretcher. Gaara still maintained his calm look.

As Lee was about to be taken away, Gaara nodded at him. Lee froze and smiled and lost his consciousness. 

Kakashi looked at Guy’s worried expression and persuaded Guy. “Guy, let’s go and see him! Ryo is here, so there won’t be an accident! You can relax!” 

Hearing this, Guy turned to look at Ryo, which Ryo returned him with a smile and nodded. Guy jumped from his seat and followed the medical Ninja to Konoha Hospital. 

With Gaara and Lee’s duel ending, the third stage exam was done. 

Among the 30 Genin returned from the Forest of Death, only 13 people remained.

From Konoha, Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Choji, Ino, Shino, and Neji advanced to the next round.

Iwagakure had 3 Genin. Sunagakure had Gaara and Temari. While Kirigakure had a Genin.

After announcing the promotion list, Hayate Gekko continued. “Congratulations to the Genins who passed. In order to make everyone in their full condition at the next exam, we decided to take a rest before the next exam.” 

Hearing this, the promoted Genin gazed at their opponent with a serious expression. They knew that a month later, they would face a more difficult battle.

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