Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 418


While Naruto learned the Summoning Technique from Jiraiya, Sasuke also began his training.

Kakashi told him that he was going to learn an A-rank Ninjutsu, Chidori.

In the beginning, Sasuke wasn’t really interested in that Jutsu. The Uchiha Clan’s Jutsus are rich, and they have a lot of Ninjutsu.

 Although A-rank Ninjutsus are rare, the Uchiha Clan has 5 or 6 Jutsu at this rank. But when he learned that Chidori is an A-rank Raiton Ninjutsu, he became interested.

All of Uchiha Clan’s A-rank Ninjutsu is Katon.

Sasuke, who had two attributes of Thunder and Fire, couldn’t find any Raiton Ninjutsu in the clan. 

“You can combine Chidori’s shape…” Kakashi told Sasuke while demonstrating Chidori Senbon and Chidori Stream. They’re advanced Chidori Ninjutsu.

Sasuke looked at the Jutsu with shining eyes. He knew that these Jutsu suits him well. 


Meanwhile, at Konoha Prison.

Uchiha Fugaku took Hatake Sakumo and Yamanaka Ryo to Kurotsuchi’s cell.

Sakumo glanced at Kurotsuchi. As soon as she realized Sakumo was looking at her, she stubbornly turned her head and closed her eyes.

Frowning, Sakumo asked. “Have you got any useful information?” 

Ryo shook his head. “She had a special seal in her brain, Yamanaka Clan’s Secret Jutsu couldn’t read her memory. Ibiki tried different interrogation methods as well, but she’s stubborn and won’t tell us anything.” 

“As far as I know, she’s Onoki’s granddaughter.” Fugaku softly spoke. 

“Un! Not just his granddaughter, but also his disciple. Her innate talent is the best among Iwagakure youngsters. The only Deidara could match her.”  

Frowning at the strange name, Fugaku asked. “Deidara? Who is that?”

Ryo laughed, “Deidara was also Onoki’s disciple who makes bombs with a special clay. He…” 

Sakumo interrupted Ryo’s words. “Alright, people. Let’s talk somewhere else; let’s return to the office.”

Ryo nodded and teleported back to Hokage’s Office with Sakumo and Fugaku.


Upon returning to the office, Tsunade asked. “Sakumo-senpai, did you meet that woman?”

“Un! She’s indeed a stubborn person. It’s hard to extract any information from her.” Hatake Sakumo replied. 

“That’s it! You should stop treating her as an ordinary prisoner! Just treat her as a hostage.” Tsunade spoke indifferently. 

“She’s Onoki’s granddaughter. The older the person is, the softer his heart will be. How could he not care about his granddaughter?” Fugaku spoke. 

Sakumo nodded. “Well, let’s stop talking about her. Let’s talk about the upcoming exam instead. Onoki did nothing during the previous 3 exams. I’m sure he’s going to detonate the Explosives Tags in the next exam next month.”

Ryo agreed and said, “It’s About time. The Explosive Tags buried under the village is an old type of Explosive Tag, which requires a hand seal to detonate. These Tags took a few seconds to detonate. These seconds are enough for me to use Hyoton and freezes most of the Explosive Tags. After the remaining Tags explode, we will make our move..”

“…Tsunade-sama and I will rescue the civilians. Uncle Jiraiya said he would help. Uncle Sakumo, you should handle Onoki. In the next month, we should be careful with Iwagakure Gobi.”

After listening to the plan, Sakumo sighed. “Plan is just plan. I hope nothing bad will happen, and everything will go well according to plan.”

Ryo laughed and didn’t answer. He knew Sakumo’s concern, but he was confident everything was under control. 

“Ah, right, Ryo! One more thing, where did Shisui go?” Hatake Sakumo suddenly asked.

Ryo snapped and coughed twice. “Ahem… about that, I just remember Lain asked me to do something. So, I’ll take my leave!” Ryo’s silhouette disappeared. 

After Ryo left, Sakumo glanced at the picture on his table and snorted. “Hmph! That brat! He turned away such an important battle strength!” 

“Hokage-sama, please relax. Shisui is no longer under any influences.” Fugaku advised. 

“Un, I understand. Clan Leader Fugaku, Tsunade, please go ahead. I want some time alone.” 

Tsunade and Uchiha Fugaku exchanged glances and then left Hokage’s Office.


Country of Fire border.

Ōnoki shouted to an Anbu Ninja next to him. “What?! You can’t find Kurotsuchi?!” 

The Anbu Ninja braced himself and nodded. “Tsuchikage-sama, before leaving Konoha, we entered Konoha’s Forest of Death under the guise of retrieving corpses. I searched the whole forest for Kurotsuchi-sama but couldn’t find her. Is it possible that these Genins saw it wrong?” 

Hearing this, Onoki immediately turned his attention to the Genin, who quickly spoke. “Tsuchikage-sama, we really saw Kurotsuchi-sama in the Forest of Death. She had encountered Uzumaki Naruto.”

The guard near Onoki spoke. “Tsuchikage-sama, we can’t find Kurotsuchi-sama in the Forest of Death. And these Genins were sure that they saw Kurotsuchi-sama make a move. Then, there’s only one possibility left. Konoha held Kurotsuchi-sama.”

With a pale expression, Onoki spoke. “Impossible! There were only a few Jonin and some Anbu Ninja in the forest. They can’t possibly beat her. Besides, she has the Kage’s, Split Art. She will split her body to escape a dire situation.”

“…What if it was Yamanaka Ryo? Tsuchikage-sama, we didn’t see Ryo from the beginning. And he could conceal his own Chakra. It’s possible that he hid in the Forest of Death from the beginning.” Onoki’s guard kept talking.

The guard’s words made Onoki realize he hadn’t seen Ryo from the beginning. Now, it all became crystal clear. 

With a pale expression, Onoki spoke. “Yamanaka Ryo! Of course! He’s the reason why Konoha had her! Tch!

“Tsuchikage-sama, what should we do now?”

 “Of course, we will save her! I believe she won’t spill a word even when she’s being held. We just need to find where she was imprisoned. And then use the underground Explosive Tag to create chaos and take the opportunity to rescue her.”

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