Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 419


In the next few days, Sakumo personally directed Konoha’s Anbu operation. Allowing them to secretly clean up the spy lurking in the village.

Basically, once they catch a spy, they can find out the rest of the spies.

After a few days of cleaning most spies in Konoha and couldn’t find anything else, he made sure no one found out about this.

After making sure the information was safe. Sakumo arranged for his most trusted Anbu team to enter the village underground from below the Hokage Building and took out all the Explosive Tags at the bottom of the dense population residential area.

Ryo said nothing when he heard Sakumo’s action. After all, he did this to ensure the villagers’ safety.

Before he started, he already knew about the spies in the village, so he was careful not to let any information leak, which could affect the plan.

After clearing out the Tags, Sakumo felt relieved, and the situation in the village calmed down.


At this point, Hyuuga Hiashi met Orochimaru again and invited him to the Hyuuga Clan residence to see a particular Hyuuga Clan member.

Orochimaru didn’t hesitate and delighted and accepted the invitation. Orochimaru summoned a little snake and told Ryo about it.

After a few minutes, Ryo teleported to Orochimaru’s place, and they both went to the Hyuuga Clan residence.

Ryo saw a change in atmosphere at the Hyuuga Clan residence than when he came here last time. Children were happily playing in the yard while the adults talked and relaxed.

“Thanks to you and Tsunade-sama, the Hyuuga Clan has changed a lot. If you didn’t lift the Caged Bird, our clan would never be able to truly unite. Now we can sit and chill like this.” Hyuuga Hiashi glanced at Ryo with a smile.

Ryo just laughed and didn’t answer. He continued walking deep into the Hyuuga Clan residence.

A few minutes later, Hiashi took the two men to a courtyard door. “Masters, the child is here.

But the Kurama Child’s Kekkei Genkai had fully Awakened. Every move can get people into Genjutsu. Please be careful.”

After exchanging glances, Ryo and Orochimaru nodded at the same time and pushed the door, walking in. As soon as he entered the door, he felt a Spiritual fluctuation in the room.

“Uncle Snake, this Hyuuga child is powerful. His Spiritual Strength has surpassed most of Yamanaka Clan Jounin.”

Hearing this, Orochimaru’s expression changed. He understood Yamanaka Clan Ninja has been training their Spiritual Strength since childhood.

Yamanaka Clan Jounin’s Spiritual Strength was far more powerful than in the original manga.

However, just now, Ryo said this child’s Spiritual Strength is stronger than them, so he raised his vigilance.

Ryo and Orochimaru gradually approached the house, and the person in the house also noticed them.

In a split second, Ryo felt his vision darkened. When he opened his eyes, everything was dark. He was falling mid-air.

Ryo laughed as he entered Ice Element and the darkness dissipated. He ‘returned’ to the house scene again.

Kurama Clan’s Genjutsu controlled all five senses. Yamanaka knew about it, so he entered the Ice Element and integrated with the natural Chakra. With the huge natural Chakra, he regained all his five senses.

Unfortunately, Orochimaru, on his side, had no such ability. His eyebrows furrowed tightly as cold sweats were constantly dripping from his forehead.

Ryo immediately formed hand seals and infused his Chakra into Orochimaru, releasing the Genjutsu. Soon, Orochimaru woke up.

After he was awake, Orochimaru glanced at the surroundings and relaxed. He spoke in a serious tone. “Is this the Kurama Clan’s Kekkei Genkai? It’s truly powerful. His Genjutsu could manipulate all five senses in a human’s body.”

“Uncle, it’s more than just controlling five senses. This type of Kekkei Genkai could awaken other people’s most inner fears. I’m afraid of heights, and suddenly I was falling mid-air. Uncle, you should also see something you’re afraid of!”

Orochimaru froze, recalling the previous scene he saw in the Genjutsu. And nodded.

“Yosh! Let’s go in!” Ryo walked inside with Orochimaru, following closely behind.

The two walked into the backroom to see the Hyuuga Clan member who lacked Byakugan.

Just like Hiashi said, although the child in front of them was wearing Hyuuga Clan clothing and the same hairstyle, his eyes were not milky white.

Ryo immediately teleported behind the child, grabbed the child’s arm in his left hands, and took the Ice Scalpel from his Ninja Tool Pouch with his right hand.

The scalpel cut through the child’s palm, and Ryo condensed an ice bowl to take a few drops of his blood.

“Uncle, take this blood sample. I will check this child’s condition.” Ryo handed the ice bowl to Orochimaru and put his hands on the child’s forehead. The Spiritual Strength entered the child’s body.

Ryo originally thought the child would resist. But the child had no resistance and let Ryo’s Spiritual Strength inside him.

The inspection process was smooth, but he wasn’t satisfied with the result. Instead of finding the Byakugan’s bloodline, all he felt was the child’s powerful Spiritual Strength. The Byakugan had disappeared.

Ryo informed Orochimaru about the result, and he was also surprised. Otsutsuki Clan’s bloodline was actually suppressed by Kurama Clan’s Kekkei Genkai and even disappeared.

“Ryo, do you have any idea?” Orochimaru whispered.

Shaking his head, Ryo was a bit flustered. Otsutsuki Clan’s bloodline was the strongest one in Ninja World. Senju and Uchiha Clan both come from this bloodline.

Although Byakugan wasn’t Rikudou Sennin’s descendant, they were Otsutsuki Hamura’s descendants. How could Kurama Clan’s bloodline suppress it?

Orochimaru was also confused. After pondering, he spoke to Yamanaka Ryo. “Ryo, it’s better to summon your Juubi and ask. Maybe she knows something.”

“Juubi? Do you mean Korin? Alright, I’ll ask her.” Ryo said, waking up Korin, who was sleeping in his Ninja Tool Pouch.

Korin rubbed her eyes and spoke. “Ryo? What is it?”

Ryo didn’t say anything; just let her see the Hyuuga Clan child. 

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