Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 426


Kakashi put away the seal Scroll and fiercely knocked Naruto’s head, “Naruto, if your Rasengan hit Neji’s Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven, you won’t be winning or losing.”

Naruto couldn’t understand Kakashi’s words. 

“I just said it before. Your Rasengan will kill Neji. Neji is your friend, and you almost killed him!” 

Just now, Naruto could understand the meaning of Kakashi’s words and look at his hands with shock.

He had never expected his Rasengan, integrated with Kyuubi’s Chakra, to be this powerful. He just wanted to break through Neji’s defense. 

Kakashi pat Naruto’s head, comforting him, “Yosh, yosh. It’s just an accident. But as a punishment, Hayate. I want you to declare Naruto’s defeat.”

“Wait a minute, Kakashi-sama. Thank you for saving me. But losing is losing. I will not make any excuses. Naruto, you win this time.” Neji bowed to Kakashi and walked away from the duel arena. 

Hayate Gekko glanced at Kakashi, and he helplessly nodded. Soon, Hayate announced Naruto’s victory. 

Kakashi, still looking at Neji’s figure, murmured to himself, “As expected from a Hyuuga. His moral standard is excellent!” 

“Kakashi-sensei, you mean my teaching isn’t good enough?” Kakashi suddenly heard Kushina’s voice behind him. 

Kakashi was startled. Sweat dripped from his forehead. He turned around and explained slowly, “That’s… that’s not that I mean, Kushina-sensei. I just said that casually. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

Kushina laughed and ignored the man. She crouched and touched Naruto’s head, “Naruto, you’re doing great. Mom is very proud of you!” After that, she stood up and left.

Kakashi coughed and spoke to Hayate Gekko, “Hayate, please continue the exam!” 


At the highest point of the stage, Rasa and Onoki’s expression was solemn.

“Hokage-sama, I didn’t expect your son was this powerful. The Teleportation just now was mesmerizing!” Onoki said, full of envy.

“Indeed, it seems his Teleportation can be compared with the Fourth Raikage. With this speed and calmness, another great Ninja had risen from Konoha.” Rasa also expressed his amazement towards Kakashi. 

Hatake Sakumo laughed, “He’s still had a long way to go!” 

“Hokage-sama is really humble,” Onoki spoke with a dark expression. 

Rasa just laughed and didn’t say anything. Kakashi’s performance just now was truly amazing, and it made him startled. 

Initially, he wanted to take advantage of their misfortune. But looking at Kakashi’s performance just now, it’s basically impossible.

Kakashi is too strong. Rasa himself couldn’t even defeat him, let alone the other Ninja from Sunagakure.

Thinking of this, Rasa unintentionally glanced at Onoki. To his surprise, Onoki wasn’t nervous at all. He was very calm and composed.

‘What is exactly his trump card? Why is he so calm?’ Rasa was confused. After hesitating for a long time, he still couldn’t make up his mind and just wanted to watch what would happen next.

In his hesitation, Shikamaru and Temari’s duel was over. 

This battle showed everyone how to beat a genius. Just when Shikamaru was about to win, he suddenly flushed and panicked. 

Temari took the opportunity to break free from Shikamaru’s control. Shikamaru looked at Temari with a guilty look, admitted his defeat, and then escaped the duel arena.

The audience on the stands was outraged by the outcome. It was a fun duel, but with a weak ending. Obviously, he could win, but why did he choose to admit his defeat right now?

Asuma was equally shocked, “What the hell is Shikamaru doing? I’ll talk to him!” 

Kurenai was also curious as to the reason for Shikamaru’s defeat and followed along. 

The Genins were also surprised by Shikamaru’s behavior. Choji stayed silent while Ino grabbed Shikamaru and asked, “Oi! What are you up to? Why did you surrender?” 

Shikamaru sighed. He knew it won’t be good without a reasonable explanation. After pondering, Shikamaru said, “Because it’s impossible for my physical strength to continue the fight.”

The two kids looked at Shikamaru and saw that he was flustered. Ino also sensed his Chakra and found something different. 

Choji reluctantly said, “Shikamaru, you’re lying.”

Shikamaru was about to explain when Asuma said, “Shikamaru, you better give me a reasonable answer.” 

Shikamaru froze, then looked at his friends, and finally sighed. “Okay, I will. But I will only speak to Asuma-sensei alone.”

“What? Why can’t we know about it?” Naruto coaxed.

“Shut up, Naruto!” Shikamaru gave him a serious look. 

Asuma looked at Shikamaru in puzzlement. He doesn’t usually have this expression, “Alright then, Shikamaru, come with me.”

Shikamaru followed Asuma out of the arena and whispered the reason to his sensei.

Hearing this, Asuma smiled and pat Shikamaru’s head, “Shikamaru, you’ve grown up!”

After that, he turned around and left. Leaving Shikamaru standing alone there. 


The next duel was Choji vs. Iwagakure Genin.

Choji’s raw strength is stronger than the Genin. So he chose the safest method to win this fight.

Because of his Clan’s Secret Jutsu, Choji had no agility. The Genin quickly gained the upper hand and led Choji to the trap he had set.

Finally, Choji was trapped by Yomi Numa and had no choice but to surrender. 

There are only two remaining battles in this exam. First is Shino vs. Iwagakure Genin, and the last one is Sasuke vs. Gaara. 

Shino and Iwagakure Genin had just entered the duel arena when Onoki’s guard and Konoha Anbu Ninja returned almost at the same time. 

Onoki’s guard approached his master and said, “Tsuchikage-sama, everything is ready. Please prepare to leave.” 

Anbu Ninja teleported to Hatake Sakumo and told him everything he had seen.

After listening to the report, Hatake Sakumo glanced at Onoki with a pale expression. Onoki smiled and said, “Hokage, by now, you understand what I was going to do, right? Now, what are you going to do?”

Hmph! Like I’m going to let you do as you please!” Hatake Sakumo pulled out a short blade and glared at Onoki with vigilance. 

Seeing this, the Anbu Ninja also took out his weapon and prepared to fight alongside Sakumo.

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