Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 427


“Don’t worry about me. My opponent is just Onoki. Now go to tell Kakashi and let him evacuate the audience inside the training stadium.” Hatake Sakumo told the Anbu Ninja.

Hearing this, the Anbu Ninja nodded and ran towards Kakashi. 

The people sitting on the higher stage also noticed something wrong as they watched the Ninjas running around. 

An Anbu Ninja teleported to Kakashi and said, “Kakashi-sama, Iwagakure is starting their plan. It will start as soon as Onoki leaves the arena and reaches the open space. Hokage-sama instructs you to evacuate the audience first.” 

Kakashi replied, “I got it. You send someone to Konoha Hospital to inform Tsunade-sama about the situation and Uchiha Clan Residence and tell Clan Leader Fugaku to close the village. No one is allowed to go out. The rest of you follow me to evacuate the audience.”

Receiving his order, the Anbu Ninja nodded and quickly left. 

Kakashi teleported to the stage to announce the stop of the exam and inform everyone to evacuate. 

The audience already noticed something was wrong, so without any hesitation, they started to evacuate. 


At the highest point of the stage, Hatake Sakumo and Onoki already started fighting.

Light flashed on the White Light Chakra Sabre, and the blade exuded white light rays. Without hesitating, Sakumo directly appeared in front of Onoki, swinging his blade. 

Onoki made some hand seals with both hands and erected an Earth Wall in front of him, “JINTON! GENKAI HAKURI NO JUTSU!” 

Sakumo knew Jinton’s power, so he didn’t dare to directly face Jutsu. He dodged to the right, avoiding the Jinton. Instantly, the stand attacked by Jinton was reduced to dust. 

Sakumo snorted coldly. Jumping in the air with the help of the raging Raiton Chakra concentrated on his blade, he slashed it. A Thunder Beast powered by Raiton Chakra pounced towards the enemy. 

“Is it a Blade Technique combined with Raiton Chakra? As expected from Hatake Sakumo. Unfortunately, it’s useless against me.” As he finished his words, Onoki’s Jinton devoured the Thunder Beast. 

Seeing this, Hatake Sakumo activated the Thunder Beast’s self-detonation system. Raiton Chakra instantly spread out inside the Jinton, busting into Lightning Spark. 

Onoki increased the power output on his Jinton, causing the Raiton Chakra to disappear. Onoki smirked, and he lifted the Jinton Jutsu. Just as he lifted it, the white blade appeared in front of him in a heartbeat.  

Onoki’s expression greatly changed. He just used Jinton and couldn’t possibly use Doton mid-air. Onoki clenched his teeth and used the Light-Weight Rock Technique to increase his weight. He quickly dodged Sakumo’s attack. 

Because of his weight, he fell. His bones couldn’t bear the weight of his body, so his waist was injured. He got up from the ground. 

“Tsuchikage-sama! Are you okay?” Onoki’s guard rushed to support him. 

Sakumo glanced at Onoki and his guard. And faintly said, “What’s wrong? Where’s your arrogance just now?” 

“Tsuchikage-sama, the situation is bad! Let’s retreat for now!” 

Un! Han and Kitsuchi are here. Let them cover my retreat.” 

“Yes, Tsuchikage-sama!” After finishing speaking, Onoki’s guard sent out a signal flare.

Seeing the signal. After seeing it, a man lurking in the area took Bijuu and moved towards the exam area. 

Gobi smashed down the wall and went to Onoki’s place while Kitsuchi followed behind. 

Seeing Onoki’s condition, Han teased him. “Onoki, what happened? You looked screwed.” 

Onoki snorted coldly. “Hmph! Stop talking nonsense. Take me away. Kitsuchi, deal with Sakumo.”

Un! Leave it to me!” Kitsuchi stood in front of Onoki and fought Hatake Sakumo.

At this time, Kushina, who followed the escaping audience, immediately noticed Gobi’s Chakra. After a moment of hesitation, she turned around and returned to the arena.

Gobi put Onoki on his back and rushed out. Sakumo wanted to stop him, but Kitsuchi’s interference wouldn’t let him. 

Seeing that Onoki was going to escape, a red silhouette appeared in front of Gobi. Wrapped in Bijuu’s coat, she punched Gobi. 

“Kushina!” Sakumo was excitedly surprised to see her. 

Kushina laughed, “Sakumo-senpai, leave Gobi to me!” 

Sakumo nodded and focused back on Kitsuchi.

“Uzumaki Kushina? How is that even possible? Hasn’t Kyuubi been transferred to her son? You’re no longer a Jinchuuriki; why can you still use Kyuubi’s power?” Onoki asked in surprise. 

“I don’t know. But she’s using Kyuubi’s Chakra.”

Tch! Han, you take care of this. Stop her. I’ll detonate the Explosive Tags first. Once it explodes, our goal will be finished. Konoha will be destroyed.” 

Han nodded, “I’ll do my best. Kyuubi’s power is too terrifying. I don’t know how long I can resist.” After finishing speaking, Han left Onoki and rushed towards Kushina. 

“Kurama! We haven’t fought together for a while now! Let’s work together today!” 

“Great!” Kyuubi nodded, fusing his Chakra with Kushina. 

A moment later, a Kyuubi smaller than Gobi appeared in the arena. 

“Huh? This Kyuubi is unusual.” Gobi said in surprise after seeing smaller sized Kyuubi.

“Unusual? What do you mean?” Han asked quickly.

“The size and Chakra amount are half less than the usual. It seems someone had divided Kyuubi into two and left the half inside the woman’s body to save her life. Their combat strength isn’t that strong. We can still stand a chance.” 

Hearing this, Han was overjoyed. He suddenly got his confidence back. He controlled Gobi and rushed towards Kyuubi, aiming for the stomach.

What he didn’t expect was that Kyuubi actually blocked his attack. 

“Haha! Kokuo, since when did you become so arrogant? You dare to challenge me?” Kyuubi grabbed Gobi’s neck and flung him out. 

Gobi struggled to get up and asked, “Kurama, weren’t you split into two? Why are you still so strong?”

“Split? Hah, even if I’m divided into three, I’m not something you can easily ignore! You can’t defeat me!” 

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