Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 428


At the same time, the news of Iwagakure’s attack had reached Konoha Hospital. According to Tsunade’s plan, Shizune took the medical ninjas at Konoha Hospital and immediately started the plan.

Tsunade unlocked Yin Seal and handed sealed with both hands, tried her best to summon 10% of Katsuyu’s body.

In the original manga, Tsunade had to work together with Sakura to achieve such a thing. Now, she can do it alone by Awakening Mokuton.

Katsuyu’s huge body sensed Yamanaka Ryo. He transported Katsuyu’s Body Clone to Konoha through the teleportation ninjutsu prepared by Konoha Hospital.

As soon as Katsuyu entered Konoha, she divided herself into countless little Katsuyus and slithered on the ground.

Although Kyuubi and Kushina could handle both Gobi and Han easily, Onoki had already run out of the arena.

Onoki resisted the severe pain on his waist, drifted in and sealed with both of his hands, detonating the Explosive Tags under Konoha.


Deep in the Forest of Death, Ryo sensed Onoki’s Chakra was transmitting to the ground.

He immediately teleported to the center of the village and used his ice jutsu to seal nearly half of the Tags with Korin’s power.

Most of the remaining active Tags around Konoha were already taken care of. Hatake Sakumo had already prepared to evacuate civilians living in the area by Uchiha Fugaku.

Ryo also sensed countless Katsuyu Body Clones pouring into the ground at the moment the Explosive Tags detonated. They immediately rescued the civilians and protected them.

He was completely relieved and waited for the explosion to occur.

After a few seconds, the ground shook violently.

Loud noises were coming from every corner of the village, and the sounds gradually came together. They were becoming a violent explosion sound that sounded throughout Konoha.


The raw power of the explosion made Ryo feel chill. The shockwave from the explosion destroyed most of the buildings.

Ryo’s expression drastically changed.

He never expected that the explosion’s power would be this strong. He immediately entered the Sage Mode to strengthen his senses and took a panoramic view of the entire situation in the village.

At this time, the most central buildings in the village were alright because Sakumo had taken out the Explosive Tags before. But the rest of the village had become a ruin.

Fortunately, most of the villagers were protected by Katsuyus. Some of them were slightly injured, but no one was truly in danger except for some of the villagers who were deeply wounded.

After returning to the Forest of Death, Ryo teleported to Lain and Jiraiya. He took a deep breath and used Korin’s power to create hundreds of Body Clones.

Ryo’s real body and his clones teleported to Konoha and began rescuing the wounded villagers.


“It’s time to start, Lil girl! Kakuzu will fight you with all his power, be careful!”

“Relax, Jiraiya-sama!” Lain’s silhouette disappeared from Jiraiya’s sight.

Jiraiya gazed at Kurotsuchi, who was sealed with Chakra. She showed a dangerous killing intent in her eyes. When he was about to get rid of her, Orochimaru suddenly appeared to stop him.

Seeing Orochimaru, Jiraiya frowned. “Why did you stop me?”

“It took a long time for me to catch this woman. I will use her to change something from that old man Onoki.”

Hearing this, Jiraiya coldly snorted and turned around to leave.

After Jiraiya left, Orochimaru looked at Kurotsuchi, excitedly licked his lips. “I do hope you can help me get that thing. Otherwise death may be a kindness to you.”

Orochimaru then summoned a giant snake and said, “You, observe her. If someone comes to save her, kill him. But don’t kill her.”

After saying that, Orochimaru moved towards Konoha. Leaving Kurotsuchi alone in the Forest of Death, shivering.

Being accompanied by a giant snake.


In the training stadium, the battle between Sakumo and Kitsuchi reached the climax.

Kitsuchi’s strength was far below his father, Onoki. But he’s younger and agile. His powerful Doton gave Sakumo a headache.

On the other side, after defeating Gobi, Kushina was getting ready to help Sakumo defeat Kitsuchi. Suddenly, there was a noise from the outside, and the training stadium began to tremble.

Kushina’s expression drastically changed. The villagers inside were still evacuating.

The training stadium was destroyed by Onoki’s Jinton. And part of the wall was demolished by Gobil. The shockwave blew the entire area.

“Kurama, let’s get over there and hold the wall to ensure the villagers could evacuate safely!”

“Alright, let’s do it.”

After that, Kyuubi rushed towards the broken wall and tried his best to resist the wall that was about to collapse.

“Kakashi, quick! Move! This wall is about to collapse! We can’t last long!” Kushina shouted to Kakashi who was helping the villagers to evacuate.

Un, I got it. Kushina-sensei, hold on for a minute!”


On the other side of the stadium, Rasa gazed coldly at the scene.

After hearing the loud explosion, Rasa had already guessed Onoki’s trump card. He didn’t expect he would do something crazy like this.

After this, there’s no way Iwagakure and Konoha would ever reconcile.

Rasa hesitated again. If he helped Konoha now, undoubtedly, it would be the best opportunity.

After all, a dying camel is still bigger than a horse. Rasa doubted this explosion could destroy Konoha.

If right now Sunagakure abandoned them, when Konoha had finished rebuilding their village, Sunagakure would have to endure Konoha’s anger.

Unfortunately, contrary to his expectation, Rasa had not yet stepped out of the training stadium. But suddenly, Gaara burst into red Chakra bubbles.

Rasa’s expression greatly changed. A kunai moved towards Garaa’s neck, aiming for him.

With Ichibi’s Chakra protection, Gaara was immune from Rasa’s attack.

Jiraiya, who just arrived at the arena, witnessed the scene. Looking at Rasa’s anxious movement, Jiraiya’s expression greatly changed, and quickly realized Ichibi was going berserk.

Jiraiya sighed helplessly.

Another problem has arised.

In a panic, Rasa saw Jiraiya and quickly shouted. “Jiraiya, something’s wrong with Gaara! Come and help me!”

Jiraiya didn’t want to see Gaara’s Bijuu in the village, so he had no choice but to help.

After inspecting Gaara, Jiraiya sighed. “Rasa, get him out of here first! This kid’s consciousness can no longer suppress Ichibi. The Bijuu would appear any time soon.”

Rasa nodded, carried Gaara, and ran out of the village with Jiraiya.

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