Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 430


Once the barrier was breached, Ryo immediately sensed it. In Sage Mode, his sense ability could cover the entire Konoha village. 

“Someone’s coming, and his Chakra is unknown. I wonder who will it be?” Ryo muttered to himself.

“Ryo, what’s wrong? Is Something wrong?” Rin asked.

“Nothing. Relax, I’ll go and check it out.”

“Ryo, wait! You’ve created hundreds of clones. With your current energy and Chakra, can you handle the enemy?”

Ryo laughed. “It’s fine. I’m just going to check it out and confirm their identity. I’ll defeat him if I can, but if I can’t then, I’ll escape. Don’t worry.”

Ryo’s silhouette disappeared. 


On the other side, Jiraiya and Rasa, who were carrying Gaara, reached the border of the village. Ichibi’s form had begun to take shape on Gaara’s body.

Looking at Rasa, Jiraiya hesitated to enter Sage Mode.

Rasa lowered his head, thinking of the situation. He didn’t notice Jiraiya’s gaze aimed towards him.

He thought, ‘We’re alone. Once Ichibi fully transforms, Jiraiya will fight him. He would concentrate on defeating Ichibi, so a sneak attack would be enough to kill him. After Jiraiya died, Konoha will lose a big portion of their strength. Which means weakening Konoha, it’s very profitable for Sunagakure.’

After thinking about that, Rasa couldn’t help it anymore. He started to wish Ichibi would go berserk soon so he could begin his plan.


On the training ground, Kakashi and the Anbu Ninja finally finished evacuating the audience. Seeing this, Kushina was relieved and stopped supporting the wall.

After Kitsuchi saw Kakashi and Kushina finished their job, his expression drastically changed.

He was already at his limit fighting with Hatake Sakumo. Now, Kyuubi Jinchuuriki and Hatake Kakashi will be added as his opponent? He will be dead soon!

Kitsuchi had retreated. He glanced around, looking for an opportunity to escape. 

“Kakashi, I’ll leave this to you. Just now, I saw Jiraiya-sensei and Yondaime Kazekage left the village together. I’m going to check on them because I felt somehow uneasy.”

Kakashi shook his head. “Kushina-sensei, let me do it instead. First, my speed is faster than you. Second, Gobi’s power is too strong. If he suddenly wakes up, I can’t hold him for too long.”

Kushina pondered, thinking what Kakashi said was right. “Well then, I’ll leave it to you!”

Un! Kushina-sensei, I’ll get going now!”

Suddenly, Kushina remembered Something. “Wait! I almost forgot!”

Kakashi stopped and looked back at her.

“I saw a Kirigakure Ninja just left the training ground. Kyuubi told me before that the young Kirigakure Ninja was Rokubi Jinchuuriki and that a Jinchuuriki went berserk.”

“He’s really Jinchuuriki? Sensei, don’t panic. Clan Leader Fugaku and Guy are in the village. They won’t let anything bad happen!” 

“Well, that’s a relief.” 

“Then, I’ll get going now. Sensei, please wait here.” After finishing his words, Raiton Chakra flashed on Kakashi’s body, and his silhouette disappeared. 


At the same time, Lain and Kakuzu’s chase game was over. Kakuzu’s running speed couldn’t escape Lain’s Sage Mode. Lain controlled Mokujin and quickly stopped him.

Kakuzu knew he couldn’t escape, so he stopped running and waited for Hidan’s arrival instead.

Lain had no idea Kakuzu had called for reinforcement. Even if she knew, she wouldn’t have to worry.

Lain’s Mokujin in Sage Mode was too strong. She alone could kill him in a matter of seconds. 

Mokujin lifted its fist and hammered it down at Kakuzu’s location. His expression greatly changed. He quickly evaded to the right.

The ground where Mokujin’s fist just landed was smashed into a huge pothole—shaking the earth. 

Seeing the hole, Kakuzu swallowed his saliva, “How could a Mokujin no Jutsu be this strong?! Damn it! Konoha managed to hide a strong Mokuton Ninja!” 

Lain laughed as she controlled Mokujin to continue attacking Kakuzu. Kakuzu rushed and attacked it with Ninjutsu.

Unfortunately, his Ninjutsu couldn’t harm the Mokujin. Instead, it only drained his Chakra.

After a while, Kakuzu was exhausted. He squatted down, breathing heavily. 

“This is your limit? What a shame, today you’re going to die here!” After finished her words, Lain controlled Mokujin to raise its foot and stepped on Kakuzu.

Kakuzu wanted to run away, but his body had reached the limit. Kakuzu was trampled by Lain’s Mokujin.

Hidan, who just happened to witness the scene, quickly turned away and ran. He knew very well. Among them, Kakuzu is way stronger, so if he was killed by an enemy, what chance can he have?

Hidan desperately rushed out of the village, but he bumped into Ryo’s ice wall before he even got to the village border.

“Huh? What’s this? It wasn’t here when I came!” Muttering to himself, Hidan got up from the ground and knocking the Ice Wall.

Ryo laughed midair and teleported to Lain.


Seeing Ryo, Lain excitedly pointed at Kakuzu on the ground. “Nii-san! Look at this! It’s Kakuzu! I did it!”

“Good job! But your task is not over yet. Just now, I blocked his companion’s exit. Fight him.”

“Kakuzu’s friend? Wow! Is this a buy one get one sale?”

“Something like that. Go and get him.” Ryo said, taking Lain and teleported to the ice wall.

Hidan was startled by the sudden appearance of the two Ninjas. Especially after seeing Lain, his face showed a grave expression.

Yosh! Lain! I’ll leave this guy to you. He had an Immortal Body, so he can’t be killed. Just separate his head from his body, and I’ll do the rest when this is all over.”

Yosh! Nii-san, leave it to me!” Lain performed hand seals with both hands, and dozens of flowery trees emerged from the ground.

“Oh? Are you using this Jutsu? Nice idea.” Ryo left after finishing speaking. 

As soon as Ryo left, Lain controlled the flowers on the tree. The yellow gas coming out of the flowers immediately enveloped Hidan.

Hidan knew the gas was dangerous, so he held his breath and tried to escape. Unfortunately, Lain wouldn’t allow him to escape.

She sealed Wood-Dragon with her hands and surrounded him.

Seeing no way out, he waved his scythe to destroy the trees. But his movement only accelerated the pollen to reach him. After a while, he lost consciousness.

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