Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 431


Outside the village of Konoha, Ichibi’s Chakra completely erupted as the sand beneath the ground moved towards Gaara. Moments later, a big beast appeared in front of Jiraiya. 

Once Ichibi came out, he didn’t announce his return excitedly as before. Instead, he looked around, saying. “Where? Where?”

Ichibi knew Jiraiya. After all, he had dealt with Ichibi’s berserk many times after the Second Shinobi World War. They were old enemies.

Jiraiya’s brows knit tightly as he asked Rasa on his side. “Do you really don’t know the reason for his berserk?”

Jiraiya’s question interrupted Rasa’s thought, and he immediately answered. “I don’t know. Really.” 

Jiraiya sighed. Summoned Gamabunta. He planned to stop Ichibi with Gamabunta.

Rasa, on the other hand, retreated from the fighting range. He wanted to finish off Jiraiya, but now’s not the right time.

He would wait until Jiraiya was exhausted from the fight and would find a chance to strike. So he could kill Jiraiya and seal Ichibi again. It’s basically killing two birds with a stone.

Jiraiya had no idea of Rasa’s intention and focused his attention on Ichibi.

In the manga, Naruto summonsed Gamabunta and was able to fight against Shukaku for a while. But that time, Gaara used Feign Sleep Technique to temporarily let Shukaku control his body.

Now, Ichibi was on top of the complete Bijuuization stage. That means Jiraiya and Gamabunta had to work hard to defeat him.

The only good thing was even though Ichibi went berserk if it was Bijuuized by Jinchuriki, he had to enter Sage Mode to fight it. 


Meanwhile, in the Konoha village, the Kirigakure group was stopped by Konoha’s security forces.

“Kirigakure, do you need any assistance?” Uchiha Fugaku asked with a smile.

Ao didn’t give a coated answer. “No need. We just don’t want to participate in the conflict between Konoha and Iwagakure. And the training field is about to collapse. We can’t stay here, waiting for our death.”

“I see. My apologies. You, take some people with you and escort our guests from Kirigakure away from Konoha!” 

Ao frowned. “You’re already busy. Do you really have to spare manpower just to escort us? We can take care of ourselves.”

“No, it’s not like that. You’re our guests. It’s our responsibility to keep you safe.”

Ao’s face sank. “So Konoha couldn’t believe us?”

“We just don’t want any additional trouble. Please cooperate with us.”

The two had been silent for a while, and Yugao was getting impatient on the other side. She looked at Uchiha Fugaku and said. “Cooperate? So you can do as you please? Ao, step aside. I’ll deal with these people.” 

Hearing this, Ao quickly stopped. “Yugao-sama, please be patient.” 

“Shut up. Didn’t Terumi Mei say we should wait for the opportunity? Now, half of Konoha was ruined. And Sunagakure’s Jinchuriki also caused a scene with his Genjutsu. What are you waiting for?”

Yugao’s words startled Fugaku. “What did you say? Ichibi Jinchuriki got Genjutsu?”

Hmph! There’s nothing to hide. Just now, Jiraiya and Rasa had left Konoha with Ichibi Jinchuuriki. They had lost an ally. Hatake Sakumo was busy with Kitsuchi, Uzumaki Kushina was busy dealing with the Gobi. Yamanaka Ryo had created lots of Body Clones, so he lost his fighting strength, so was Tsunade. Your strongest ones are busy, so why did you want us to cooperate?”

After talking, red Chakra Bubbles appeared from Yugao’s body. Her whole body was enveloped in red Chakra, directly using the Second Stage of the Bijuu’s power. 

Fugaku looked at the woman with a pale face. “Rokubi Jinchuuriki! Hmph! You Mist Ninja really are unbelievable!” 

Ao sighed. In fact, he couldn’t make a decision until Yugao said it. She’s the one that decided everything, even if it means they would be enemies with Konoha.

“Clan Leader Fugaku, please back away. You can’t stop Yugao-sama. We just want our things back.”

“Yours? What’s in Konoha was yours?”

Ao laughed and said, “You should ask Yamanaka Inoichi, Clan Leader of the Yamanaka Clan. His wife was from our village, don’t you know that? When they married, we were in the Third Shinobi World War. We, Kirigakure and Konoha, were also at war. Don’t you ever wonder why the Third Hokage forced people to agree to their marriage?” 

Hearing this, Fugaku fell into deep contemplation. Indeed, it was all too strange. Now it seems that the Third Hokage had accepted the marriage for a reason.

“It seems Fugaku-sama already understands what it was. So, please step aside. There’s no need to harm the entire Uchiha and Hyuga Clan for the Yamanaka Clan.”

“As if we’d let you. If it weren’t for Ryo-sama, our fate wouldn’t change. I will not let you harass Ryo-sama’s Clan.” Said a Hyuga, who was apparently a former Branch Family Clan Member. 

Uchiha Izumi gave the Hyuga Clan member a cold glance. “Hmph! As if we Uchiha would just stay silent about this.”

Hearing this, Uchiha Fugaku laughed and said. “As if I would let it too!”

“You’ve chosen death. Don’t blame us for it. Yugao-sama, I’ll leave it to you!”

Fugaku laughed, “Ao, you’re too confident. Is Jinchuuriki invincible in your eyes? Have you forgotten that Sharingan and Senju’s Mokuton were Bijuu’s Nemesis from the previous war?”

Ao said in disdain, “Nemesis? That only applies to the legendary Mangekyou Sharingan! Yamanaka Ryo isn’t here, so there’s no need to worry. And Mokuton? Since when did Konoha have a Mokuton Ninja?”


“Who said Konoha didn’t have a Mokuton Ninja?” Fugaku’s words were interrupted by someone’s sudden appearance. 

Seeing Lain, Uchiha Fugaku was surprised. “Lain? Weren’t you dealing with Iwagakure’s backup?” 

“It’s done. There were 2 people in total. I killed one, and onii-san said I can’t kill the other one. I’ve been carrying him for a while. It’s so tiring. Uncle Fugaku, I’ll leave him to you.” Lain as he threw Hidan’s body towards Fugaku. 

Fugaku took over Hidan’s body and gave it to the security team member behind him, sealing Hidan’s Chakra. 

“Lain, it won’t be easy for you to deal with them. You step back and leave it to me.” Uchiha Fugaku said. 

Lain waved her hand. “Uncle, I’m not stupid. I have Mokuton. And the most important thing is Chakra, and this is our Yamanaka Clan’s specialty. Let me do it!”

Ao, who had never seen Lain before, frowned and aside. “You’re Yamanaka? Who are you? A member of the clan?”

Lain ignored the question and said, “It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is I just heard you want to cause trouble with the Yamanaka Clan. Let me tell you something. You’ve just made the dumbest decision in your life.”

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