Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 433


Outside Konoha village, the battle between Ichibi and Jiraiya with Gamabunta had come to an end.

Jiraiya and Gamabunta was an old partner for many years. The two of them worked together very well.

That was why the stormy Ichibi was soon suppressed without the help of the Jinchuriki.

The Odama Rasengan slapped on Ichibi’s body, making it gradually began to crumble. Rasa saw a brilliant opportunity to control the Gold Dust and hit Jiraiya’s back heavily.

The vast impact knocked Jiraiya from Gamabunta’s head. Gamabunta was shocked and rushed to catch Jiraiya.

Gamabunta looked at Jiraiya, whose face was white with blood coming out from the corners of his mouth, and became furious. He drew his sword and questioned Rasa, “Bastard! What are you doing!”

Rasa coldly snorted, “What am I doing? Can’t you see? Of course, I’m going to kill him!”

Cough cough! For… what? Sand… aren’t Sand Ninja and Konoha an alliance?”

“Because Konoha is too strong! You said we’re allies, but in fact, Sand Ninja is a subsidiary of your Konoha. At least an alliance must be equal to each other! Killing you, plus Konoha’s loss this time, the terms of the alliance is considered to be true!”

Gamabunta snorted, “Jiraiya, ignore this madman! I’ll take you back to Mount Myoboku first, and we’ll talk about the rest later.”

“Do you want to leave? Do you think it’s possible? Since I’ve made my move, I won’t let you guys escape.”

“I had prepared a lot for Yamanaka Ryo, but I never thought I would have to use it in advance today,” Rasa said as he took out a scroll from the Ninja Tool Pouch. He opened the scroll and made a seal with both hands.

“This is not good. That scroll… Gamabunta, hurry up. This … this is the Scroll of Ninjutsu that interferes with time-space. Hurry… hurry up, let’s go back to Mount Myoboku. Cough!”

“Haha! Did you say leave? It’s too late! My Jutsu is already activated! Summoning Jutsu is a ninjutsu that interferes with space. So, how are you going to leave? Let’s die here together!” Rasa said with a big smile.

“It’s not that easy to kill my master! Jiraiya, leave it to me here!” Gamabunta said as he opened his mouth and put Jiraiya in his mouth.

Humph! A mere summoned beast!” Rasa controlled Gold Dust and rushed towards Gamabunta.

Gamabunta waved his sword to prevent the Gold Dust from surrounding himself.

Once the Gold Dust surrounded him, he would be completely trapped and squeezed to death by the Gold Dust with chakra added. 

Gamabunta tried his best to resist Rasa’s Gold Dust, but a layer of Gold Dust slowly built up under his feet. With a sneer, Rasa increased the amount of Gold Dust, making Gamabunta gradually buried by the Gold Dust.

“Stinky toad! It’s over! SAND WATERFALL FUNERAL!”

The Gold Dust squeeze made the blood vessels on Gamabunta’s body start to burst, and blood seeped out from his skin.

In the nick of time, Kakashi arrived.

Kakashi looked around and found Ichibi was still standing there nicely, but no sign of Jiraiya. The only thing that was left was something that was wrapped in Rasa’s Gold Dust.

Kakashi thought of something. He skimmed the scrolls at the bottom of Rasa’s feet and looked at the Gold Dust with a pale face.

Kakashi used Instant Lightning to teleport in front of Rasa, stepped on scroll with one foot, then pulled out a short blade and hit Rasa’s neck.

The sudden appearance of Kakashi startled Rasa, making him subconsciously backed up.

Without Rasa’s control, the Gold Dust also stopped squeezing. Gamabunta struggled to swing his sword to get rid of the Gold Dust.

Kakashi looked at the bloody Gamabunta, whose face was blue, “Rasa, do you have anything else to say?”

“Haha! Another one to die. Hatake Kakashi, let me see you take after your father…”

Halfway through Rasa’s sentence, his sweat suddenly stood erect, sensing a deadly threat.

He subconsciously dodged towards the left. However, he was still a step too slow, and his right hand was inexplicably twisted off.

“This… What’s going on here?” Rasa was too surprised that he forgot about the pain.

Kakashi ignored him and appeared in front of Rasa in a flash of lightning and punched Rasa in the stomach.

Kakashi used a lot of power in this punch, making Rasa covered his stomach and squat. Kakashi grunted and swung his short blade at Rasa’s neck.

Jiraiya, who came out of Gamabunta’s mouth just in time to see this scene, hurriedly stopped, “K… Kakashi, wait… wait a minute! He is Kazekage, after all!”

Kakashi frowned, the short blade stopped in the air. After a moment of hesitation, Kakashi slapped Rasa and knocked him out.

After finishing Rasa, Kakashi rushed to Jiraiya’s side, “Jiraiya-sama, are you all right?”

Jiraiya shook his head, “I’m fine. I just need to get rest for a while. The problem is Ichibi. Kakashi, can you handle it?”

“I’ll try!” Kakashi said, creating a Shadow Clone.

The Shadow Clone and the main body use Raikiri simultaneously and then conduct chakra to each other.

The Shadow Clone and the main body ran towards Ichibi. The Lightning Transmission instantly sliced through Ichibi’s body.

Kakashi’s main body opened its Sharingan. He took a deep breath, and the three tomoe rotated wildly. A unique pattern appeared in Kakashi’s eyes.

The space in Ichibi’s head suddenly twisted up. In the blink of an eye, his head was twisted off by Kamui.

Ichibi, who had lost his head, didn’t stop moving. The surrounding sand automatically surged towards his feet.

“Does it possess Immortal Body? It’s truly troublesome!” Kakashi muttered to himself.

After resting for a while, Jiraiya was in a much better state, and he slowly said, “Kakashi, this is useless. Find a way to awaken the Jinchuriki!”

“Jinchuriki? But Jiraiya-sama, this is not the Feign Sleep Technique. Waking Jinchuriki is useless!”

“Ichibi’s Jinchuriki still has some influence on Ichibi. Just now, that kid has been suppressing Ichibi.”

“Okay, I’ll try to do as you say!” As Kakashi used Sharingan to enter Ichibi’s consciousness, Kakashi found Gaara deep in Ichibi’s consciousness.

At this time, Gaara’s expression was heartrending.

Kakashi, who saw this, frowned and helped Gaara resist the pressure from Ichibi. After a moment, Gaara slowly opened his eyes and looked around in some confusion.

He then suddenly remembered something and ran desperately towards the depths of Ichibi’s consciousness. Kakashi hesitated for a moment, but then he followed.

After Gaara reached the depth of Ichibi’s consciousness, he launched a blast of Spiritual Strength.

After seeing this, it dawned on Kakashi that this should be the reason for Ichibi’s rampage.

He quietly helped Gaara disperse this Spiritual Strength with Sharingan’s eyes power, and then retreated from Ichibi’s consciousness.

Outside, Ichibi, without the interference of Spiritual Strength, quickly calmed down.

The sand slowly gathered new heads. Ichibi looked around, grunted coldly, and withdrew his chakra.

Shukaku’s body gradually disintegrated, and Gaara appeared a moment later.

Kakashi sighed in relief at sight, “It looks like it’s over!”

Jiraiya smiled and said, “Well! This little kid is not bad; he can really control the consciousness of the Ichibi. It looks like the Sunagakure is going to have its perfect Jinchuriki.”

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