Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 434


“Huh? Why does Ichibi’s seal look familiar?” Kakashi said suddenly.

Jiraiya froze, then thought of something, “Kakashi, bring Jinchuriki to me to see.”

Kakashi picked up Gaara and placed it next to Jiraiya. After looking at it for a long time, Jiraiya reluctantly said, “Don’t you feel familiar? This seal is built with Ushumaki Clan’s Shisho Fuin as the main body.”

“Sand Ninja don’t know the orphan of Uzumaki Clan, and Kushina will not be idle to help Sand Ninja seal Jinchuriki. This seal is probably from Ryo.”

“Ryo? How do I say it! Fuinjutsu of Sunagakure is so bad that it is almost impossible to have a perfect Jinchuriki. So, it turned out to be that way. He is still very generous, and he is not afraid that Sunagakure will use Jinchuriki to deal with us.”

Gamabunta, who had been listening to the two for a long time, snorted coldly, “Humph! He is not generous. This kid is confident in his strength. Even if it is perfect Jinchuriki, it will not pose a threat to him in his eyes. That’s why he helps Sand Ninja.”

Jiraiya and Kakashi smiled; they glanced at each other and nodded their heads. They felt that Gamabunta had a point.

“With this guy around, I shouldn’t be needed here anymore. Jiraiya, I’ll go back to Mount Myoboku first.”

Jiraiya nodded, “Well! Sorry about this time, Gamabunta. I’ve let you suffer such a serious injury.”

“It’s okay. It’s a small thing.”

After saying that, Gamabunta returned to Mount Myoboku.

Kakashi created two Shadow Clones. One Shadow Clone picked up Gaara, and the other carried Rasa. His main body was supporting Jiraiya and slowly walked towards Konoha.

On the way back, Kakashi and Jiraiya exchanged “Icha Icha Paradise.”

One was a loyal reader, and the other was a writer. Both of them soon showed a wry smile on their faces.

After chatting about the book for a while, Jiraiya suddenly remembered one of Kakashi’s jutsu and asked with interest, “Kakashi, what jutsu did you use just now to cut off Rosa’s arm and twist off Ichibi’s head?”

Kakashi froze, hesitated for a moment, and then said, “I used Sharingan’s Dojutsu.”

“Did you say Sharingan’s Dojutsu?”

“Well, I turned on Mangekyou Sharingan.”

Jiraiya sucked in a breath of cold air, “Kakashi, you’re a genius! I didn’t expect that you, a Hatake clansman, could open Mangekyo!”

“My Dojutsu is called Kamui, is it…”

“Wait, stop it!” Jiraiya interrupted Kakashi. “I just want to know what technique you used to injure them heavily. I’m not interested in the specifics of this Jutsu.”

Kakashi nodded and didn’t say anything further.

At the same time, at the training stadium, Hatake Sakumo had taken down Kitsuchi, while Han and Gobi were under Kushina’s supervision and didn’t fight.

Since then, except for Onoki, all experts who dived into Konoha have been taken down this time.

Kushina personally sealed the chakra of Han and Kitsuchi. She then walked to Hatake Sakumo and said, “Sakumo-senpai, what should we do now?”

Hatake Sakumo looked around, he sighed and said, “Wait! Let’s wait until Fugaku cleans up the Iwagakure Ninja lurking in the village.”

“As for this old man, Onoki, I guess he has left Konoha.”

“Leave Konoha? Why?” Kushina asked in surprise.

Hatake Sakumo laughed and said, “Let’s say he is also a Kage of a village. Regardless of the success of this plan, he must ensure his safety. A Village Kage problem has too much impact on the village.”

Kushina scratched his head and said, “Understandably, political things are really troublesome! Sakumo-senpai, then these people will be entrusted to you. I’ll look around and get some medical ninjas.”

“Okay, keep up the good work.”

Kushina waved and left the training stadium.


At this time, the rescue work of the Konoha Village had reached the most critical period.

The population of the Konoha Village was too large. Thanks to the protection of Katsuyu by Tsunade, the proportion of injured people was less than 20%, even when it was not a small project.

All medical ninjas at Konoha Hospital were dispatched. Various clans, commoner ninja, medical ninja, and surgery ninja also joined the rescue under the medical ninja’s command.

In addition, there are hundreds of Ice Body Clones from Yamanaka Ryo and Katsuyu from Tsunade. They were responsible for saving critically ill patients.

During the hours of the explosion, there was no news of a commoner’s death in the Konoha Village.

The rescue operation lasted for two days and two nights. All the commoners affected by Konoha were rescued safely, and none died.

After the rescue was over, many medical ninjas sat down and fell asleep.


In the basement of Konoha Hospital, Tsunade slumped on the ground. To maintain Katsuyu’s existence these two days, she used chakra stored in the seal for many years, making her skin a little loose.

For now, Tsunade had no mood to care about her image; she just wanted to sleep well.

In Konoha Village, Yamanaka Ryo was not much better. He had thick dark circles, unkempt, and a hollowed body.

In fact, Yamanaka Ryo’s current appearance was mainly due to the excessive consumption of Spiritual Strength.

The creation of several hundred Body Clone was based on the power of chakra.

Although it didn’t affect Yamanaka Ryo, controlling these hundreds of Body Clone to participate in the rescue was not easy.

After confirming that the villagers were all stable, Yamanaka Ryo teleported back to Yamanaka Clan. He went to his room and then lifted the Ice Body Clone.

A lot of Body Clone’s memories flooded into Yamanaka Ryo’s brain. Yamanaka Ryo lay and closed his consciousness, shut these memories out of the door, and fell asleep.

As he slept, a whole day has passed.

Yamanaka Ryo’s excessively exhausted Spiritual Strength gradually recovered. He opened his eyes and stretched his waist, teleport to Hokage’s Office.


In Hokage’s Office, Hatake Sakumo was working on the document stacked as the hill in front of him.

Konoha experienced such a big explosion. The village was mostly destroyed, many villagers’ accommodation problems were not solved, and Hatake Sakumo was stressed.

Seeing Yamanaka Ryo, Hatake Sakumo’s eyes lighted up. He put down many documents and said to Yamanaka Ryo, “Ryo, I remember you said that you would help Minato represent Hokage for some time. However, many years have passed, and it’s time to come back! “

For a moment, Yamanaka Ryo didn’t expect Hatake Sakumo to raise the issue suddenly.

“Most of the village was destroyed in this Chunin exam. I will take the blame and resign. When the time for the new Hokage, you’ll find a solution.”

“Eh? Uncle Sakumo, don’t tease me!” Yamanaka Ryo was startled and said quickly.

Hatake Sakumo said seriously, “Do you think I was making a joke?”

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